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April 30, 2013


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Massachusetts - poll on name recogniition for possible 2014 guernatorial candidates Repub State Sen Bob Hedlund and Dem U.S. Sen Mo Cowan

Anthony Kreis

Does Elizabeth Colbert-Busch's support for extending civil marriage rights to gay and lesbian couples make you more more likely to support her, less likely to support her, or no difference?


Massachusetts: Would you support or oppose allowing conservative states to peacefully secede from the union?



In a few weeks, it will be the 9th anniversary of gay marriage in MA. Please ask the "has gay marriage had an impact on your personal life" question. But this time, ask that question first, not after the generic support/opposition question on SSM.


I think it would be interesting to ask values questions, considering that Sanford's unrepentant adultery is playing a major role in this special election. I would ask:

- Do you believe the Bible is literal Word of God?

- Do you believe the Bible's teaching on adultery?

- Would you vote for an adulterer for elected office?

- Would you vote for a homosexual for elected office?

- Would you vote for an atheist for elected office?

- Would you vote for a Muslim for elected office?


In Mass, poll the approve/disapprove of the response to the bombings.

Nationally, poll baseball? summer? SCOTUS to establish a baseline before the gay marriage decision?


SC-1: Would you rather have a child who was gay or who was a union organizer?
(This question inspired by the fact that Elizabeth Colbert Busch said she was proud to live in a right-to-work state but also endorsed same-sex marriage at the debate.)


SC-1: Just thought of another- if the race was between Mark Sanford and Nancy Pelosi, who would you support?


In the national poll lets try,
Pot legalization, for or against.
Abortion, generally speaking would you consider yourself to be Pro-Life or Pro-Choice.
2nd Amendment, favorable or unfavorable opinion.
Obama-Care, favorable or unfavorable opinion.

Josh Mizesko

MA Governor-
Mike Capuano
Steve Grossman
Scott Brown
Richard Tisei
Charlie Baker
Kerry Healey?


Ask about Deval Patrick's tax measure here in MA, the 2014 governor's race (Senate might be confusing obviously), whether voters want Warren and Patrick to run for President, marijuana legalization, and opinions on legal casino gambling.

Candidate suggestions (governor):

Dems: Steve Grossman, Martha Coakley, Carmen Ortiz, Mike Capuano, Donald Berwick, Joe Avellone, Stephen Lynch (assuming he loses today)

GOP: Scott Brown, Charlie Baker, Tagg Romney, Bill Weld, Richard Tisei, losers of today's primary

Samian Quazi

I sort of wished you guys had held off Massachusetts polling until tomorrow, since Primary Day's today! But anyway, I have several questions pertaining to politicians and the Boston Marathon bombings...

Do you approve or disapprove of President Barack Obama's response to the Boston Marathon bombings?

Do you approve or disapprove of Governor Deval Patrick's response to the Boston Marathon bombings?

Was the enforced shutdown of the Greater Boston area an appropriate response to the Boston Marathon bombings? >

Some other Massachusetts questions...

Do you approve or disapprove of former Governor Mitt Romney?
Do you approve or disapprove of former Senator Scott Brown?
Do you approve or disapprove of Martha Coakley?
Do you approve or disapprove of same-sex marriage?


Do you approve or disapprove of same-sex marriage?
Are you for or against the legalization of marijuana?
Are you for or against the legalization of adult prostitution?

Off beat polling topics...

Ideal vacation destinations!

Thomas Nicholas

2014 Massachusetts gubernatorial election
Democratic primary
Steve Grossman vs. Mike Capuano

Republican primary
Scott Brown vs. Charlie Baker
Charlie Baker vs. Richard Tisei vs. Bill Weld

General election
Steve Grossman vs. Scott Brown
Steve Grossman vs. Charlie Baker
Steve Grossman vs. Richard Tisei
Steve Grossman vs. Bill Weld

Mike Capuano vs. Scott Brown
Mike Capuano vs. Charlie Baker
Mike Capuano vs. Richard Tisei
Mike Capuano vs. Bill Weld

2016 Democratic presidential primary
It's more interesting to see one on one match-ups as the likelihood of several candidates still being in the field around the time of the Massachusetts primary is very small.

Elizabeth Warren vs. Hillary Clinton
Elizabeth Warren vs. Joe Biden
Elizabeth Warren vs. Andrew Cuomo

It's really not necessary to poll any general election match-ups I don't think.

Also, ask the qurstion as to whether or not Scott Brown's speculation about running for the Senate in New Hampshire makes one more or less likely to vote for him in the future.


Should Deval Patrick run for President in 2016?


Can you include some possible third-party candidates in a national general election poll? Here are some names to consider:

Michael Bloomberg
Jesse Ventura
Gary Johnson


Please try third-party options in 2016 like Bloomberg and Ventura. It would be interesting to see what people want early on at this point.


Also, I suggest testing Colbert Busch's and Sanford's strength for 2014 in the event they win.


I figure Romney's approval in Mass would be interesting.

Thank you so much for adding Eugene Platt in your last poll in SC-1. I hope you will again this time.

Also since Busch made news recently talking "badly" about obamacare, I think asking approval of that would be a good question in SC-1.

On the conspiracy stuff you could do the Boston-False Flag thing.

And for food you could do the labeling GMO issue or ask if voters think diet drinks are cancerous or whatever.

Also like the commenter above me I'd love to see some third party people like Bloomberg or Ventura being ran against GOP/Dem


Ask if Marco Rubio's immigration bill makes them more likely or unlikely to vote for Rubio in 2016.


For Massachusetts, test a hypothetical run by ex Senator Brown against the Dem nominee along with the other candidates, then run his name in a governor's race. Would be a good gauge of where his approval stands at now.

In the South Carolina race, test next year's governor's race and the 2016 race for Hillary Clinton. If Democrats are doing well in that district in those races then it has some serious implications for the whole state politically.


Clinton vs. Rubio
Clinton vs. Paul
Clinton vs. Ryan

Biden vs. Rubio
Biden vs. Paul
Biden vs. Ryan

O'Malley vs. Rubio
O'Malley vs. Paul
O'Malley vs. Ryan


National: Poll to see how many people believe Islam is a threat to national security


Joe Kennedy II, the former representative, for MA-Gov, because there are some rumors about him.

He polled strongly in 2009, before the special senate race, and he would be a formidable candidate for Governor.


I agree with the other people that Bloomberg and Ventura should be tested as third-party choices for 2016.

Augustine Rietsema

I would see how Jon Huntsman fares nationally. I think he could surprise people - representative of what the Republicans need to become.


Do you approve or disapprove of Mark Sanford flying airplanes at his children?


National poll: Favorite/Most hated NBA team/player.


National: Include Ted Cruz in the GOP primary and in a matchup against Hillary Clinton.


MA Governor-

Democratci Primary -
Mike Capuano
Steve Grossman
Stephen Lynch

Republican Primary -
Richard Tisei
Kerry Healey
Dan Winslow

Also, a Senate poll for the 2013 race would be nice.

Also Republican Primaries (Include Scott Brown) and Democratic Primaries, and...

Head to Head:
Hillary Clinton v. Chris Christie
Hillary Clinton v. Rand Paul
Hillary Clinton v. Marco Rubio
Hillary Clinton v. Scott Brown

Elizabeth Warren v. Chris Christie
Elizabeth Warren v. Rand Paul
Elizabeth Warren v. Marco Rubio
Elizabeth Warren v. Scott Brown

Deval Patrick v. Chris Christie
Deval Patrick v. Rand Paul
Deval Patrick v. Marco Rubio
Deval Patrick v. Scott Brown


I think my first (serious) proposal may not have made it through, but for the national poll, I would ask (worded properly, of course):

a) Have you heard about Jason Collins
b) What do you think
c) Do you consider yourself a pro sports fan?

I'd x-tab a & b against c.


SC: Approval/disapproval and re-elect numbers for Haley in SC-01.
MA: Approval/disapproval of Elizabeth Warren.


How about some 2nd term polling of republicans to see if any change for the numbers of birthers?

Also with superhero movies coming in the summer how about a poll of favorite superheroes: Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Wolverine, the Hulk


poll for MA-5
State Senator Will Brownsberger, State Senator Katherine Clark, State Rep. carl sciortino


This is just the suggestion. If possible , distinguish between different races ( don't use white and other) and generations ( don't lump millennial and X generations together). Also, if possible could you please cross between ideology and generation since I really want to know how young conservative views current hot topics.


Do Scott's, Haley's, and Graham's endorsements make you more or less likely to vote for Sanford? (I'd suggest asking these as separate questions). Do these endorsements affect your views of Scott, Haley, and Graham?

Stephen Wolf

For the national poll, ask respondents whether they think the state legislatures should draw legislative/congressional districts or whether a non-partisan independent body should. There has been some past debate over at DailyKos Elections as to whether such measures could pass at the ballot box in states like Ohio and Michigan and I would imagine it's broadly a very popular idea. Survey USA just asked that sort of question in North Carolina and found 71% of voters preferred a non-partisan body to the legislature. Given how aggressively gerrymandered congress is and how little research is being done, this seems like a valuable question to ask.

Also, could you ask a Generic D vs Generic R presidential match up before all the Clinton, Biden, Christie, etc? It would be nice to get a generic read that doesn't rely on individual candidates strength or weaknesses and I'm guessing generic D still leads but no one is asking this question.

Additionally, you could ask whether respondents know that Democrats won the popular vote for the House yet Republicans remained in control and whether they think this is fair.

For a more off beat topic, how about asking people their religion, how religious they are if at all (maybe churchgoing frequency or something) and whether they would vote for a Jew, Catholic, Muslim, or Atheist for president.

Tom Latham for Iowa

SC1: Vincent Sheheen vs. Nikki Haley. We can extrapolate the results from there.

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