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April 03, 2013


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She isn't really liberal enough for my tastes, and I don't love the idea of another Clinton White House, but she's probably the one with better than even odds of holding the White House for the Democrats, which is vital, particularly from a judicial and foreign policy perspective.


Why are you polling Rick Perry but not Ted Cruz, who placed ahead of Perry (and Jindal and Martinez) in the CPAC straw poll?


Too bad Ted Cruz can not apply for that office. Wait a minute, can Pelosi check on him like she did for Obama. He might be able to make it then.


It looks like Kirsten Gillibrand at 7% w/o Hillary is up from the last survey. I hope she will continue to increase her national profile and run in 2016. I would definitely prefer her to Hillary.


Haven't you people had enough liberalism? Our country is in shambles and you want someone to finish the job? Lets go back to the Constitution. I'm tired of liberal dictators giving orders and circumventing the people.

John Cashin

Excuse me but you say Rubio who is not a "Natural Born Citizen" is leading in the polls! How can this be? Senator Rubio was born in Florida in 1971 to TWO Cuban parents whom did not Naturalize until 1975! Then again Mitt Romney's dad George Romney was born in Mexico and not sure when he or if he ever did Naturalize! Then the current POTUS we are at this moment not sure whom his real dad is! Will you please vet these potential candidates before you start doing such polls please?

Diane H. Fabian

That's certainly discouraging.Hillary Clinton has a long record of supporting right-wing policies, most notably those that have taken such a heavy toll on the working class. Ah well, the important thing to today's middle class is how the candidate is packaged and sold, not what his/her agenda actually is.

Diane H. Fabian

Dale, are you serious? Since the 1980s, govt has maintained a strategy of upward wealth redistribution that has been wiping out the country. You know, the old "trickle down economics." Republicans gave us massive job outsourcing, shrinking wages, etc. Between disappearing jobs, extreme economic disparities and government's war against our poor, the country has been in a downward spin for many years. Today, we lead the world ONLY in negative terms -- the highest percentage of people in prison, the worst rates of poverty among all modern nations, an education and jobs system that has pushed the US far behind all the modern nations. By now, I don't believe a single person in politics thinks the US can be saved, so the main objective has been that of getting as much public money into the bank accounts of the elite as possible, before the US collapses.

brian fruman

My prediction is Susan Martinez will run if Hillary does. Polls show them pretty close in the polls edging out a 1 percent edge for Clinton. The one thing the GOP has is young more liberatian style canadates. The democrates don't truly care about the issues anymore than the old republicans they pander to the issue to get votes. All any party needs to do is support sane, reasonable government and the framework is clearly laid out in the Constituion. Right now we have niether on either side of the Isle or in the White House.

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