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April 29, 2013


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Thank you for sharing this little spot of bright news.
Once again, the public is way ahead of our "leadership."


Please add South Dakota to your places to poll this weekend.

Troy Powell

I do not think those who were polled were given enough information to clearly understand what was proposed. The people I talked to were not even aware of the background checks currently done, they assumed that none were done. Certainly no one knew that very little prosecution was pursued on violations identified as a result of current background checks or how little prosecution was being done in violation of gun laws currently on the books. Everyone needs to strive for a clearer understanding of what they are talking about. An honest effort to enforce the laws currently on the books would go a long way in support of efforts to control guns from getting into the hands of criminals and those with serious mental issues.


And where was these polls conducted and who was asked?

Liane Norman

Nothing in the Constitution says gun nuts get to shoot up the rest of us. In fact, the Preamble to the Constitution guarantees citizens LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.


"PPP is described as one of the "most accurate" polling companies[3][4] and as a "Democratic-leaning"[5] polling company because in its private client work, it conducts polls only for Democratic campaigns and progressive organizations."

Enough said. More polls to support what ever agenda the pollster are looking for. In this case, they want everyone to believe that voting against gun-control is bad.

Let us get on with what people really are concerned about, economy, budget, immigration, marriage equality, etc. Let us not believe what the democratic party wants us to hear.

Marcia Smith

Georgia's Saxby Chambliss is retiring and could have done the right thing even in a Republican State, but he didn't. Maybe this action will open the door for a Democrat to fill that seat.


"Hubris is invariably followed by nemesis." (many sources)
November 2014 will tell.


This article is a joke on anyone that believes these numbers.

There is overwhelming support for those senators that both joined the filibuster and voted the measure down.

This is part of a media blitz by the talking heads and scribblers.

Let's here about the numbers on the democrats who voted against the gun control measure. The media is careful to protect them, especially in the "battleground states." Please, please! The Obamites in the press can just forget this latest ploy. We will not give up our rights guaranteed by the 2nd amendment. Call us all the names you wish. We will protect and defend ourselves especially in these times of drones and flash mobs. You may not recognize the dangers but, don't try to blind us. F--- the numbers.


I also want stricter gun laws in the United States. However, criminals have never in the past, and they will not in the future, ever purchase their guns or weapons from somewhere that a background check would be required. All the bill that failed in it's current form would have accomplished would be to force working people such as myself to pay more for the guns they want to purchase. In addition, the verbiage within the current bill that failed singles out guns/rifles that have a pistol grip,or a large capacity clip. I totally agree with introducing smaller capacity clips going forward. Although, just because a rifle has a pistol grip doesnt' make it powerful. Evidently, it does make it more desireable and sellable as it looks more military then the guns of past decades. For example, several semi automatic assault type weapons can still be purchased that don't have a pistol style grip also. However, a larger caliber weapon that doesn't have the secondary pistol grip towards the front of the weapon, can be purchased all day long. Someone please tell me where the good sense in that verbiage, and justify what it will continue to allow to happen in gun stores across our nation, etc.? We should consider forcing the legislators to actually have individuals that are extremely knowledgeable about firearms assist with writing a great piece of legislation. We need to remember that there are already over 300,000 guns on the streets, and in the homes of America. Once a gun bill is passed, it will take several years to make any marked, or measureble progress in this area of every American's life.

john kokovay

I would love to know how the rest of my state(Indiana) feels about Senator Coats. Although this state is generally very conservative I would like to have accurate polling data from a reputable organization like yours, in the hope that a trend of large proportion would show nationally, not just in five states. Please do the country a favor and let all of us know whether our senators are really in the pockets of the NRA and ignoring their constituents or if our state is truly that different than the rest of the country on this issue. The airing out of this issue could truly change the way our senate works in perpetuity, in my opinion.


Re: Rob Portman's declining poll numbers, it's worth mentioning that the decrease is due to his flip-flop on gay marriage, more so than his vote on background checks for all gun purchases.


And will the public remember their disfavor in anothe 2 weeks, or 2 months? Doubtful, but we can always hope. Here today, forgotten tomorrow.


I'm really looking forward to head-to-head polls in those seats … ;)


Senator Portman's approval ratings dropped more as a result of his flip-flopping stance on gay marriage. There is a strong conservative base in his constituency that is now very disallusioned with the senator, and his vote on gun control was not the catalyst that sent his approval rating into a spiral.


The individuals on here commenting and complaining that NUMBERS lie , and that PPL is left leaning , and that Americans don't really care about this issue...and that PPL only ask questions THEY deem appropriate...yada yada yada is such NONSENCE !!! These complainers are the same people who I would dread EVER... going into politics or being anywhere near our Congress...as they seem to approve of the DISFUNCTION and OBVIOUS Disregard for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that goes on there ANYWAY. So I feel that if you choose to comment on a site...and then turn around and endorse the nonsense of our Congress...Spineless Senators, and the NRA , while all the while trying to SPEAK for a MINORITY...not a MAJORITY. Then you should be a lot like Congress....Rush Limbaugh....Donald Trump...Ted Nugent...FOX news...and last but not least the NRA... in the future ! "Not Relevant Anymore"

Jesse Galvan

I'm waiting for the next election for Texas Senator John Cornyn and I'll be knocking on doors and registering people to vote him out of office.

Gun Banners See What they Want


Sorry, but this is right up there with the Romney people looking into polls what they want to see as the liberal author in the above article demonstrates.

Funny how the WA Post showed it where 47% of the public was angry or disappointed, yet 39% was happy. Gallup shows a whopping 4% of the public puts gun control as a big priority. That would not be causing these huge 20% point swings, but who am I to stop PPP from completely discrediting themselves on a national stage Karl Rove/Foxnews style? Just because all of the other polling companies are showing completely different results than PPP doesn't mean PPP is wrong or anything?

Now that the obama fans and Dems have embraced all of the George W Bush police state and war policies, now is the time to start embracing the Romney and Rove style polling.


And then to say that the Liberal Media , is not covering the Dems that voted NO on the commmonsense Gun Legislation , is also NONSENSE talk. I surely hope they also GO DOWN with the other SPINELESS SENATORS. Especially Heidi Heitkamp and the Numb Nuts who fell for her Con. The biggest SWINDLER there is... North of the Mississippi as far as I'm concerned. She conned her way into Office...and then Flip Flopped 100x faster than Mitt Romney could've gotten ONE of his Cadillacs on the Elevator Shaft. So DEMS....lets work to get her out as well. I'm from Cali...but I'll do whatever I can to campaign against her. Let's send her on a trip down that ol' Disgusting Keystone Pipeline she's so in FAVOR of! She also supports Sludge over LIVES !Sick Sick SICK....and Sad Sad SAD....that these people are being paid by us taxpayers.... to OBSTRUCT !


Those 45 Senators have violated their oath of office and the trust of the American people. WE WILL NOT FORGET. The government is supposed to be of the people, for the people, and by the people and not of the lobby, for the lobby and by the lobby. Those Senators who voted against this bill, that would have saved thousands of innocent lives, will pay the price the next time they come up for election. They have lost our trust and the right to represent us. If they vote against legislation that has a clear mandate from the people, just what other legislation have they voted for or against that was not in the best interest of their constituency? http://www.wewillnotforget.org


We hear the "enforcing the laws on the books" crap all the time. What laws aren't being enforced? I've asked this question a million times and no one can provide examples that would point out a trend toward non-enforcement. It's a red herring. Earlier in this string Troy Powell said "The people I talked to were not even aware of the background checks currently done, they assumed that none were done". Here's the problem, when you don't require background checks for every sale, criminals and mentally deranged folks can just go to a gun show. Problem solved. I didn't know Republicans were so soft on crime. Background checks by the way are not "stricter gun control" or any form of gun control. It doesn't limit the kind of or number of guns you, as a law abiding citizen, can buy. This is criminal control. The idea that we shouldn't make sure someone is a criminal or mental patient prior to buying a deadly weapon defies all logic.

PPP = Karl Morris


Addressing those who defended PPP's 18-point error by claiming that the race shifted in the last week, Pratt asked: "How is it then that PPP is pronouncing doom on Senator Kelly Ayotte's race in 2016 and Jeff Flake's race, which is five and a half years away?"

“Although PPP's questionable ‘robo-call’ methods had some success in candidate head-on-heads during the 2012 elections -- where questions were difficult to fudge -- PPP has, since then, prostituted itself to the gun control crowd,” Pratt said. “And its credibility has gone down the toilet in the process.

“The Sanford debacle has exposed PPP for the political hacks that they are,” Pratt concluded.

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