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April 04, 2013


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For a primary against McConnell, try John Kemper or a generic 'more conservative candidate'.

In the general, try Alison Lundergan Grimes, Ben Chandler, Ed Marksberry, and Matthew Barzun; also try a generic 'Tea Party Republican' against these four.

Beshear v. Paul for 2016

I'd appreciate if you could do a full poll of the Governor's race, even though it's in 2015.

For Dems I'd suggest trying:
Alison Lundergan Grimes
Adam Edelen
Crit Luallen
Jack Conway
Jerry Abramson

For Reps:
James Comer
Ernie Fletcher (really)
Brett Guthrie
Thomas Massie
Phil Moffett

Thanks, as always, for these.

Also, I'd suggest adding Arkansas to the vote choices since both the Senate race and governor's race are potentially competitive.


Besides 2014 Senate, also poll 2015 Gubernatorial.
Also, you could poll Rand Paul's favourability and whether they want him to run for president in 2016.


I would like to see some way of comparing McConnell to Paul head to head other than favorability. Maybe ask which one you would rather be the Senate Minority Leader.


Who is KY's better Senator - Paul or McConnell?

Would love to see if Paul is winning Dems and GOP (likely) and see how likes him more (when compared to McConnell).


Also, who is your favorite college sports team - Kentucky, Louisville, or Western Kentucky?


I'd be interested to see Jack Conway's favorables, and how he would do in a matchup w/ McConnel and a rematch with Rand Paul

Samian Quazi

Gov. Steve Beshear (D) vs. Sen. Mitch McConnell (R)


Paul by far and I'm a dem; as for sports I'm a loyal student so T O P S TOPS TOPS TOPS!

Darth Jeff

Kentucky would be a good state to do the city approval poll given there's a lot of perceived tension between Louisville and the rest of the state.

Another fun question would be whether voters consider Kentucky a Southern state or not.

A hypothetical Senate match up between Steve Beshear and Rand Paul would also be worth looking at; it's unlikely but Dems would love this to happen. In any event, it would be worth seeing how any popularity Beshear has translates into a more partisan federal race.


hmm...I would be interseted to see some how Clinton and Biden would do against Marco Rubio in 2016, also, how long until we see a poll of Mark Pryor's chances in Arkansas for 2014

Drew Boggess

I would be curious to see if they would want to replace Mitch McConnell with another Tea Party candidate or at least if they thought McConnell is too moderate.
Maybe a question about whether they think McConnell compromises too much.


Rand Paul vs Clinton and Biden


Approval rating of Rand Paul
Tea Party challenge to McConnell including Thomas Massie
Opinion of Paul's filibuster
Approval of Dem governor
Jack Conaway challenge to McConnell.


Dems: Grimes, Luallen, Conway, Beshear, also throw in Ashley Judd just to see what might have been.

Republicans: Massie, Moffett, Fletcher, Guthrie.

Josh Smith

Generic legislative ballot: Let's see if local Dems are still outrunning national Dems, as they have been in the state House.


Won't even bother with 2014 at this point.

How about some Rand Paul 2016 prospects?

Rand Paul vs. Ashley Judd
Rand Paul vs. Steve Beshear
Rand Paul vs. Jack Conway
Rand Paul vs. Alison Grimes


You could throw on Ben Chandler as well for the Democrats.

Thomas Nicholas

2014 Senate election
Alison Lundergan Grimes vs. Mitch McConnell
Adam Edelen vs. Mitch McConnell

2015 gubernatorial election
Democrats: Jerry Abramson, Jack Conway, Ben Chandler (don't test Alison Lundergan Grimes, a positive poll for her in this election could disuade her from running against McConnell, and she is our best candidate!)
Republicans: Brett Guthrie, James Comer, Ernie Fletcher

2016 Senate election
Steve Beasher vs. Rand Paul
Jerry Abramson vs. Rand Paul

2016 presidential election choices are obvious I think haha

kay y

Did Kentucky fight for the Union or Confederacy? And I second the city favorable ratings.


2016 head-to-heads, gay marriage and pot legalization.


Please poll same sex marriage.

Chris S.

2016 GOP presidential primary question, to see if Paul has a significant "favorite son" lead.

Also, it would be interesting, in the wake of this poll showing a majority nationwide now in favor of marijuana legalization:http://www.people-press.org/2013/04/04/majority-now-supports-legalizing-marijuana/
to see what kind of support that has in a tobacco producing state like Kentucky.


Poll Rand Paul's favorability ratings and test him with some matchups for a possible 2016 Senate campaign. You guys should also poll the 2016 race, doing the primaries and matching Paul up against Clinton and Biden.


Have Thomas Massie as a primary competitor to McConnell.


Do 2016, like the primaries and such, as well as some general election match-ups.


Please have some 2016 stuff done in Kentucky.


-Do a hypothetical primary for McConnell, going up against someone like Massie or Guthrie.

-Numbers on Rand Paul would be pleasant. Do favorability ratings, as well as 2016 primaries and general election.


Let's also look at social issues. See how Kentucky voters feel about gun control and same sex marriage. For some teasers, add a question on interracial marriage to see if there's still alot of racist sentiment there. As well, it's been 10 years since Lawrence nullified criminalizing homosexuality,


Gay marriage and the congressional generic!

Granny T

Since Huckabee has been hinting at running again, could you start putting his name on polls as a choice in the GOP 2016 Presidential race and in head to head against Hillary and Joe? I'm curious how a "hard-core conservative" with name recognition would do.

Devon Whorter

Since you will no longer respond to basic question about your polling methodology, including why you have varied your question format on gay marriage, I don't see why I or other PPP blog readers should take our time to suggest questions. The conversation is supposed to be a 2-way street.

Also, by refusing to respond at all, you have shown real disrespect to your LGB supporters, many of whom look to your polling on this issue to determine how close they are to achieving their civil rights in their respective states.

Thomas P

Definitely city favorables -- and city/rural gay marriage acceptance (Lexington mayor's an openly gay man, and curious to see how many of his constituents would be fine with him marrying).

For that matter, Grey vs. Andy Barr in a possible 2014 election for the 6th district.


Please poll the 2016 election.


Only one state? Ohh, this is a lot less fun in an entire week.


Generic Democrat vs. McConnell, 2016: Hillary vs. Chris Christie, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio. Gay marriage. Approve or disapprove of immigration reform.


I'd like to see you ask Democrats in Kentucky what they believe Alison Lundergan Grimes should run for: Senate against McConnell in 2014, Senate against Paul in 2016, or Governor in 2015.

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