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April 02, 2013


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Thanks for the tipoff on the lizard people. I had been completely unaware of them.


What percentage of 'educated' people believe statistical data presented to them without reading the actual study parameters, methods, style, etc.?


As much as 1/3 of all "conspiracy theories" have been proven TRUE in later years. An additional 10% might also be true, without enough proof to back them up.


Your question 9/11 was an epic fail, because it is PROVEN that Bush lied.

Please, rephrase next time as follows:
Do you believe that the terrorists were manipulated by Americans, if yes:
-highest level US government official
-mid level (CIA/NSA/FBI)
-corporate America, mercenary companies.
-leftwing groups
-rightwing groups

Like many have said, your question on Aliens was a missed opportunity
Next time rephrase like this:
-Do you believe some sort of Alien life, even bacteria, exists? (My guess 99% yes)
-Do you believe that sentient life exists somewhere in te universe? (my guess 80% yes)
-Do you think we will see it in the next 100 years? (my guess 100% no)


@ZoeBrown - Actually the influenza vaccine contains mercury. And many others still do too. Since the 1930s some vaccines have contained the preservative thiomersal, which is metabolized or degraded to ethyl mercury.

Captain Yossarian

Public Policy Polling is widely known to be an owned
subsidiary and action arm tool of the Illuminati,who
are simply trying to deflect attention from themselves
onto a series of glittering distractions so that their
management of the human race can continue unobstructed.
100% of the reptile people will affirm this fact under

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