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April 02, 2013


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Nickie Michaud Wild

This is great! I teach a class on 9/11 and another one on Conspiracy theories. I talk about these things a lot but lacked truly up to date research on beliefs.

John Gordon

"29% of voters believe aliens exist" If you include entire universe that would be 98%+ of astronomers and biologists. Did you mean aliens hanging out on earth?


In a nutshell, anything the the mainstream media doesn't report is considered a conspiracy theory.


About the 10th one listed...
The belief that aliens exist by itself definitely does not qualify as a conspiracy theory. Given the sheer number of planets and galaxies and accounting for the time lapse between their actual current states and the states we observe them to be in (because they're thousands or even millions of lightyears away), it's not at all unreasonable to believe that somewhere out there is another planet with intelligent life.


Well the government lied about the air being breathable on 9/11, which it wasn't, there were tons and tons of pulverized asbestos in the air and they knew it. So if they lied about something so small as the being safe to breath, you really have to wonder what else they lied about, covered up, and knew prior to 9/11. The 9/11 commission set up to fail.

Days until an investigation:
Pearl Harbor: 9
Kennedy assassination: 7
Challenger disaster: 7
9/11: 411.

Budget for investigation in millions:
Challenger disaster: 75m
Columbia disaster: 50m
Clintons 'indiscretion': 40m
9/11: 9m.

Wow, it's almost as if nobody really wanted to find out the truth. For more information about 9/11, watch Loose Change on YouTube if you possess any amount of critical thinking ability.


This article is part of the conspiracy man..

Tyler R.

Ask ridiculous questions and you might just get ridiculous answers.

chris lundry

Perhaps the poll itself introduced a new conspiracy. The white mist that appears at the wingtips of planes in flight is not exhaust at all, but rather contrails made up of water and caused by pressure differences.


Paul McCartney eh...wonder why that number is so low. Could it be because he's going on tour this summer?


You probably refrained out of respect for the dead (and a wish not to alienate respondents), and I completely understand that, but I'd love to know how many people believe the theory that the Sandy Hook massacre was faked/engineered to generate support for gun control. Bet it's a plurality of Romney voters.


My Dads best friend works for the secret service and he's told my dad some classified information when he was drunk that will blow your mind. I'm not going to say what's true and what's not but most conspiracy theorists are ahead of the game.

Jim at PPP

You are correct Nomoremister, we considered that question and decided to refrain.


Believing there is a possibility that alien life exists is not the same as believing in aliens (and in most cases, when you say "alien life" to a scientist there is more often the thought of unicellular things like bacteria and not multi-cellular intelligent beings flying UFOs). Saying 98%+ of scientists believe in aliens is demonstrably false and misleading. Don't make up statistics for fields that you don't understand... and just to clarify, I don't include "cryptozoology" and "pseudoscience" when I consider scientists.


Dylan, what has your dad's friend talked about? I'm really curious.


15% across the board is the tipping point. A vast majority of the population are spoon fed 'news' through the television and acquiesce to their idols on the idiot box.

9% of voters think the government adds fluoride to our water supply for sinister reasons (not just dental health) - this had one of the lowest 'Do' responses. Yet, the pollster refers to the question as coming from 'the darker corners of the internet' - but the reality is that is 1 in 10 people; that's a pretty damn high percentage for 'the darker corner.'

Honest people are winning the boots on the ground war on information against the media machine and big brother establishment.

The tide is turning and I will reiterate that the tipping point is near. It's a startling experience to see the world with new eyes. It's daunting and so very rewarding to find yourself standing with principles in a maze of deceit.

Mark Jackson

"13% of voters think Barack Obama is the anti-Christ, including 22% of Romney voters"

I'd like to know the percentage of voters who think Obama is the anti-Christ and *still* preferred him to Romney.


I agree with Danny on Loose Change. If you look past loose change you are either brain dead or living in a cave.

Mark A.R. Kleiman

Since when is the well-documented fact that the Bush Administration rigged intelligence results about WMD in Iraq a "conspiracy theory"?


I vote Lizard People every election. We never win! Clearly we have a distribution of support issue.

(See also: http://www.baconforbirds.com/?p=243 )



By sharing that information, you would help educate and empower the people of this country, opening their eyes as to how they've been tricked, used, and abused by powerful people. There are too many of us dying or living in poverty and hunger due to ignorance.

Knowledge is power. How will you choose to use it?

Axl VanJovi

I don't believe flying saucers have ever landed and gave prostate exams to rednecks. However, I am very interested in the advanced craft that experienced pilots see that are then confirmed by the ground. Sometimes that "ground" is NORAD. The stealth was designed decades before we saw it in Iraq. Today, I'm pretty sure we have air craft that could easily be mistaken for something from an advanced civilization other than human.


@John Gordon "If you include entire universe that would be 98%+ of astronomers and biologists. Did you mean aliens hanging out on earth?"

Perhaps Astronomers and biologists are the 29% of voters :P

Yankee Buzzard

They should have tracked responses with support for Ron Paul. He provides the entry level cognitive dissonance for people who end up barking at clouds in the sky, AKA 'chemtrails'.


You missed the big one, find out what percentage of Americans believe in some fictional fairytale deity. Even though there is zero proof of any existence of one, never has been, and when you call him or her out, no matter, what time or place or condition, nobody or nothing answers back or appears.

Ian Hartman

On April 17, 1986, the Reagan Administration released a three page report acknowledging that there were some Contra-cocaine connections in 1984 and 1985, arguing that these connections occurred at a time when the rebels were "particularly hard pressed for financial support" because U.S. aid had been cut off. The report admitted that "We have evidence of a limited number of incidents in which known drug traffickers have tried to establish connections with Nicaraguan resistance groups." The report tried to downplay the drug activity, claiming that it took place "without the authorization of resistance leaders."


Why is this considered a "Shocking Number of Americans"? We have been lied to so consistently, mislead, distracted, and indoctrinated since birth. Later in life realizing that what we learned was false or misinterpreted. These percentages are shockingly low in my opinion.


"15% of voters think the medical industry and the pharmaceutical industry “invent” new diseases to make money" Ever heard of gingivitis?


Interesting how quickly people accept this poll as valid research. No one is questioning any of the research techniques. Who were these "voters" and how were they chosen? How big was the sample? What part of the country did the respondents live? How was the poll conducted?


"15% of voters say the government or the media adds mind-controlling technology to TV broadcast signals (the so-called Tinfoil Hat crowd)"

This technology is commonly known as "commercials".

David Icke

"Dylan" is a good example of a common element in Urban Legends: The guy whose dad/brother/wife/friend knows a friend who saw first hand the thing that the urban legend is about. It's like the Major I served with in the Army who swore his buddy in the Secret Service witnessed Hillary Clinton engaged in a lesbian act. Damn, those Secret Service agents are gossipy!
You try and track down first hand accounts and no one ever turns up to say, "Yeah, I was stationed at Roswell and I gave the aliens their lunch and chatted with them about their kids back on Zergon 5."
Conspiracy theories are fanfic for the overly credulous.

Mike Black

Guys, guys - this represents ONLY voters. How many people do you know that don't vote? Around where I live it's often no more than 60%. So what you're all discussing here misses a huge chunk of the population, which throws the whole discussion out of whack. This poll only polled people who vote. It doesn't represent societal averages.


How many of the respondents were just messing with you? (Serious question actually -- I expect some not-insignificant portion of, say, the "4% of voters [who] say they believe “lizard people” control our societies by gaining political power" are just kidding.)

Mary Hediger

I'm an over 60 educated, female white Democratic and was a respondent on this poll, and the aliens question was the only one that I said "yes" to, because like global warming being real there is undoubtedly life on other planets. I thought that question was a ringer.

Michael Merkabaman

He said 5% believe that the exhaust from airplanes is toxic chemicals but he doesn;t say anything about how many people know about the TOXIC CHEMCIALS that are being sprayed fromt he airplanes. They are doing it practically every week here in San Francisco. They make a grid in the sky and you would have to be a blind idiot to not notice that it is NOT exhaust.


Aliens existing isn't exactly a conspiracy theory unless your talking about on earth. I'm actually disappointed only 29% of voters believe aliens exist.


A good test for Democrats would have been:

-Do you think Ronald Reagan was responsible for the AIDS and Crack Cocaine epidemic?

-Larger conspiracy behind the murders of Bobby Kennedy and MLK?

-Conspiracy behind Iranian Hostage Crisis w/ Ronald Reagan?


To those nitpicking the "aliens" question, sure, it's highly probable that extraterrestrial sentient life exists somewhere. They would not, however, be defined as "aliens" unless they're here on Earth. A Romanian in Romania is not an alien.

John Best

We have been 100% certain that mercury in vaccines causes autism since 1999. The fact that 51% don't know this and accept it as fact is testimony to the power of TV and the lies that are presented to us. This is not any sort of "conspiracy theory". Babies are still having their brains mangled by mercury because TV won't tell the simple truth.


Wow- so glad SOME of the population is awake as to what is REALLY going on in the world. And I agree- this article is definitely part of the conspiracy.


Of course.... They, and im talking about the puppet masters pulling the strings of world government,have a vested interest in the status quo. They have a system so corrupt and damaged that its sole purpose is to funnel wealth to the top. With quadrillions of dollars at stake, you can bet your bottom dollar they will lie cheat and steal to prevent anyone from believing the truth. Distractions, misdirection... and yes especially public ridicule are used as a way of keeping we the goyim in line mentally. If you dont buy their lies and deceit... you are labelled a conspiracy theorist. Is this an article that means to increase the ridicule factor??? or expose it and bring them down??? Do your own research... there is a ton of factual evidence waiting to be learned... Just dont expect the facts in mainstream media. Their sole purpose for existence is to disseminate propaganda and lies.


In plane sight.... Thrive....Sirius rising.... As in the case for loose change... these are a few other documentaries that bring the truth forward. We as a society are plagued by an epidemic of apathy. Too many of us have chosen a mentality of willful ignorance. The information presented cannot be explained away. it can only be covered up and lied about. Time to wake up. Humanity shall live as slaves no longer. Why are so many still clinging to the false rhetoric of a global debt slavery system??? TIME TO WAKE UP!!!!


I used to believe strongly that the so-called conspiracy theorists were kooks, but my eyes have opened over the last 10 years or so. Though there are clearly some theories out there that are WAY over the top, it should be clear to anyone with half a dozen functioning brain cells that we NEVER get the full story on anything by our government or the MSM and many times the story we do get is intentionally full of misinformation intended to have whatever their desired effect is. The spreading of information, whether true or not, is the strongest form of control any government can have over it's people. Unfortunately, the U.S. population is falling further and further under the control of lies and propaganda and too few seem to care enough to question it.


@JohnBest, there *is* no mercury in vaccines; this is simply a lie.


Don't forget the Sandy Hook Hoax (brought to you by the Greenberg actors), yet another violation of our rights. The gov’t constantly violates our rights.

They violate the 1st Amendment by caging protesters and banning books like "America Deceived II".

They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by allowing TSA to grope you.

They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars.

Impeach Obama.

Last link of "America Deceived II" before it is completely banned:



@JohnBest, my mistake; I did not realize you were a crank with an axe to grind. Never mind. I realized after a quick scan through your crazy blog that you are wedded to your (albeit completely disproven) conspiracy theory and will never let it go.

Moderator -- please feel free to delete this and my previous post, as well.


Polls are only as good as the ones taking them, and the system(s) used.
It would be interesting to take everyone who participated in this poll, present them with legitimate and fact supported opposing arguments to their views (with each participant agreeing to consider all), and then re-administer the same poll with slight changes in wording to make it seem as 'new.' Would we want the participants to know they would be polled again?
Isn't it a given, most believe what they are taught to believe, few investigating principles on their own? True, more are awakening (term du jour), questioning the validity of what we 'accept' as 'truth,' almost to an extreme, it seems.
Which brings to mind the idea that thinking/believing (abstract or otherwise) is fluid, changeable - assuming indoctrinated principles are squashed adequately.


After Kennedy shot down their UFO over Oswell, the aliens killed Kennedy and turned Johnson autostic through mercury laden vaccines. To retaliate, the CIA is spraying cocaine in the sky as part of the chemtrails behind planes piloted by Lizard People. It's true, watch "Luke's Change" on YouTube.

Frank Johnson

Another 4% minority group for obama.

Baby Butterfly

I can give a first hand account of seeing an UFO up close and personal. I do not "believe" they exist. I know. Who it belongs to? I cannot say, but it was straight out of a sci=fy movie. Silver flying saucer that moved without sound at high speeds, warp almost. It hovered above a house in my street for around 15 seconds and then disappeared as a point of light in the night sky. they didn't have I-phones in those days. Ho Hum. I know what I saw and that is all that counts in my world. You can think what you want, I can't tell you what to believe. I only hope you will see one yourself one day and have the mind opening experience that I had. Once you realise you are wrong about one thing, reality kind of unravels.

Pancho Perico

Don't trust polls. They are not used to know what people are thinking, but to influence people's thinking by making them believe that a majority of people are thinking some way and that people who think different are either stupid or crazy.

This poll about conspiracy theories is enough proof of it.


In the 1940s they thought that John L. Lewis, United Mine Workers head was the anti-Christ. Why? Because of his bushy eyebrows. They also predicted that Jesus was coming back in 40 years or less.

Peter BP

Woohoo, Loose Change still being trumpeted at truthful? Give me a break, that "documentary" has been changed so many times precisely because itdoesnt stand up to scrutiny.




I can't believe that 13% of voters think Obama is the Antichrist. Everyone knows that honor goes to Ronald (6) Wilson (6) Reagan (6).

Bob the Conspiracy Theorist

Interesting, why would you poll at all? "Public Policy Polling" Obviously, its a metric to quantify the effectiveness of propaganda. Obviously, all dissenters are "conspiracy theorists."

A man who speaks truth (or a government for that matter) doesn't need an army of psychologists, sociologists, journalists and statisticians to make a point.


But Tom - Paul McCartney really _is_ dead! That's why John was shot and George was given cancer injections by blowdarts - to help cover it up! The "person" going on tour this summer is a special Disney-style Animatronic made in Japan. If you go to the show, you'll notice that "he" is _not_ lip-syncing - the surest sign that "he" isn't human! It's all there, man; you just have to connect the dots!


Anyone who believes JFK was assassinated by a conspiracy probably got all their "facts" from the movie "JFK" by Oliver Stone. The Warren Commission actually got it right, but very few people want to bother doing REAL research. The real tragedy of JFK's death is that it set into motion the distrust and disbelief of just about anything that happens. People need to get a life and realize that truth IS stranger than fiction, that life is random and mostly without logic, and shit just happens.

Matt McHugh

Where's the poll, the actual questions and response options, exactly as asked?

Bob the Conspiracy Theorist

I've noticed another trend in the comments, which only reaffirms my original premise to the purpose of labeling people as "conspiracy theorists". And that is the belief that something is "conspiracy theory" only when that belief is opposing your own.

That's pretty funny when you think about it.

Examples are user comments regarding the poll questions: "do aliens exist?", "global warming", and "Bush WMD".

Personally, I would not denigrate any human being who has risen to a level of awareness such that they realize the level of lies, deceit, manipulation and misinformation they are presented with every single day from something called "news", "media" and the government. Personally, I'd applaud them for waking up and not being a sucker. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

However, if you poll, I'm sure 98% of Americans disagree with this statement. :)


My comment ostracizing conspiracy theories was not allowed to be posted by the moderators of this article........why?


I personally think the results would change drastically if half of the people questioned weren't over 50 yrs of age.


I think the next time this poll is conducted, it needs multiple options to select and the definition of conspiracy needs to be precise. The aliens example has been brought up. There are fundamentalists who believe there is no life on other planets period, there are those who think there is primitive life with a huge likelihood, there are those who say there are too many planets for there not to be sentient beings, those who say the universe is too old for some species somewhere to not have mastered time travel, and those who say aliens will look like us like in star trek because our evolutionary path is the only one to sentience. In other words, belief is a spectrum, not a manichean duality.

Existence of things is not a "conspiracy" because there is no "deceitful plan." Also, are all conspiracies nefarious? For example, I believe that Bush (well, actually Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc.) knew about the lack of WMDs and thus "machinated" the war, but they thought they were doing a greater good. I disagree, but acknowledge their viewpoint. Also, incompetence is a good explanation for a lot of false media reports. Remember when at least 10,000 people died on 9/11 and someone set off a bomb at the capitol? Occam's Razor, folks. Remembering that the press and government are full of idiots will alleviate much of your fear. You vastly overestimate the intelligence of the elite when you start putting out these theories. Bush's administration was not intellectually capable of pulling off a 9/11 conspiracy.

Then there is the media coverage of said war plans. The media acted like the American people were in favor of the war and there was hostility against those opposed to it, when they were never in favor of the war and there was no such hostility. I lived through the time in a Republican state, you know. I hate it when they inaccurately describe the recent past emotionally. But again, this is not a conspiracy other than to fudge your opinion apropos their current narrative.

A lot of the theories are untrue in general, but have a kernel of truth to them that eventually leads somewhere relatively lame and unexciting. There are rich magnates manipulating currencies. They're just trying to get rich and have the capital to do so, and usually do it to countries already in the toilet. It has nothing to do with a NWO. NASA worked on saucer-shaped vertical take-off crafts for mass transportation. It went nowhere. Other countries did likewise for war planes. The military, if it develops technology, sequesters the technology from the public for a time until they have a more advanced version. GPS is a perfect example. Fluoride has risks, but the government didn't know until after they started treating water and it's in too low of a concentration anyway. Everything has a low actuarial risk.


How did they forget to mention the creationists (half the country)?


As other commenter have noted it is funny that you only mention Romney Voters as if people who vote GOP are conspiracy mongering kooks. But you do not mention Dem voters for many of the questions? You don't have an agenda... not!

Robert Smith

Just out of curiosity, while the Bush White House itself hasn't confessed to misleading about the niger yellow cake intelligence, it is pretty clear they did in fact mislead the public about it. Why is it included as a "conspiracy?"

Len Banker

Wake up, Sheeple..

Tribeca Mike

Dylan -- Frankly, I don't put much store in what someone says when they're drunk.


Instead of Romney voters, I'd like to see Tea Party numbers. Most of those outrageous ones (like dinosaurs living the same time as man and scientists faking global warming) probably have a 100% overlap since the Tea Party is mostly bigots, nut jobs, and ignorant people.


In reading through the comments, it strikes me that those who defend one of the conspiracies are much better at name-calling than the others. In my experience, it's common that those who have no data for their position (no matter what the position is) call names. They say things are "obvious" and "only someone who is blind" would miss it. In 8th grade I was told that name calling is one form of propaganda. My experience bears this out.


I would love to see how many people know about the "map of Gotham City in the dark knight rises actually had SANDY HOOK written on it, and was one of the only readable words on the map" months and months prior to when the event took place.."It's said to be The illuminati, because they have to vaguely enter signs to the naked eye of future events.. There are plenty of artimrs online and you can see the photos of the map from the movie. Just type in "sandy hook batman"

Gay Frud

Notice how politically biased these questions are. Liberals are morally disgusting.

Gay Frud

Notice how politically biased these questions are. How can anyone find the unbiased facts anymore!
Everyone has a F'n agenda.

Mark P. Kessinger

Why is Public Policy Polling placing the issue of whether or not Bush lied about WMDs in Iraq, as if it's some half-baked conspiracy theory with no more factual basis than, say, birtherism? The matter has been widely investigated and reported on by very credible sources. See:





Since I am not particularly inclined to conspiratorial thinking absent evidence, I won't jump to the conclusion that PPP is part of a right-wing conspiracy to cover up the truth of what happened in Iraq. So I must assume instead that it is accounted for by the ideological bias of the survey's authors, PPP management, or both.


21% of voters say a UFO crashed in Roswell, NM in 1947 and the US government covered it up. More Romney voters (27%) than Obama voters (16%) believe in a UFO coverup

True, true, true that these aliens have been stored in cryogenic storage at Wright Patterson Airfield in Dayton, O. You see my sister was "born" in Dayton in 1943 where my dad did "work work" fighting the Nazis and the Japs wearing a white lab coat and carrying s clip board at Wright-Pat. My sister was part of an advanced party of aliens sent to earth in 1943 and taken in by my mother and father when she was left on their door step before they left.


Isn't it curious that despite the fact that virtually every sentient being on the planet these days is now carrying around a hand-held device that can instantly record at least a few minutes of video, we haven't seen a single second of persuasive evidence that alien beings are zipping around the atmosphere in their jazzy, souped-up, silent-as-midnight "flying saucers"?

Sharida Cox

of course life exists elsewhere, including beings as advanced or moreso than humans. but the term alien refers to beings from space who are here on our planet. hope that clears up some confusion on that question.


i would like see a questionary used in that research, because if someone knocking on my door and ask if i believe in repitilian, i will say "yes" just for fun.

Jim H.

There are several questions to ask when you hear a conspiracy theory. Three: 1. How many people would have to be involved ? If more than a handful someone always talks. 2. How complicated? Unless very simple something will almost surely go wrong ( especially if it can't be rehearsed ). 3. Cost versus benefit -- could any conceivable benefit exceed the cost ?


related : president sings protection bill for monsanto .


Hey Larry who wrote "In reading through the comments, it strikes me that those who defend one of the conspiracies are much better at name-calling than the others." Look at Bob's post right before yours. That's name-calling!
Worthless poll with no reason for being except to push someone's agenda. When I get polled I join the opposite party and let it hit the fan.
Why not mention the conspiracy of Global Cooling? It's well known that the deniers are financed by BIG OIL!
What is the relation between Public Policy and conspiracies? Oh, I get it.
Hey PPP, how about releassing a CSV file of the entire polling results?

mw marshall

i think the numbers in this poll are incorrect and just another way to mislead peoples way of thinking, that's why i don't trust polls


Arguments over any topic you choose can never be won.

Russ Adams

This poll is useless unless we know what percentage of people flat-out trolled the polling person. I know if I were asked my opinion on something, I would not give answers that reflect my true thoughts on the matter. Lizard people? Sure why not? It makes for good story telling to support an agenda.


This was an automated poll......ROFL the real conspiracy is PPP trying to pass off an automated poll as a legitimate poll. lol For all anyone knows all the people who picked up the phone could be kids who dont even know what any of the questions really mean. This is a half a** farce attempting to make people who look at the evidence and can make logical and well informed conclusions (other then what the government who are psychopathic liars tell us) to be crazy conspiracy theorists. Questions like if vaccines are the cause of autism ISN'T A CONSPIRACY THEORY ROFL it is a well established FACT that vaccines are linked to autism through peer-reviewed scientific studies.

PTB are loosing control and like a injured predator cornered, they will pull out all the stops in a last ditch effort to regain control.


Funny there is never a mention of the biggest conspiracy theory in the world. The existence of a supreme being or god. In a day of science, technology, world-wide communication, millions still believe in old myths.

Ab Irato

Another poll to lump those that are aware of media fakery in with the reptile believers. The fact is that one very important conspiracy fact exists: the military controlled media is involved in fakery to shape public opinion and move the masses. Check cluesforum.info or abirato.info and educate yourself!

Thomas Anderson

Hey,"Jesse", since belief in "God" is a conspiracy theory, then I will tell you one of the Major Conspiracies that the devil will deceive people with. If you read this, don't forget it.

There will be a fake alien invasion, yes aliens are real and do exist on this planet, however; these extraterrestrials will pretend to care for us, but will be deceivers. Remember Jesus' servant told you ahead of time, it will happen.
Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." This last part is IMPORTANT, most people who claim to be Christians don't really know God, so when you see this event, CRY out to Jesus and read the BIBLE till he reveals himself to you inside your soul!

Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord God does nothing
Unless He reveals His secret counsel
To His servants the prophets.


umm just ask the people of cyprus if the nwo is real. who else would just steal money out of everyones bank account. coming soon to anyone who uses euros. then anyone who uses dollars.


@wooga: Best comment EVER. I am still laughing.


Wait a minute, it is a crazy theory to believe that aliens exist when the universe has billions of planets in this galaxy and billions of galaxies. However, it is not crazy to believe in angels?

Rabbit Hole

Forums, comment threads (like this one) youtube and CT theory websites are full of credible information, misinformation and disinformation all mixed together.

The disinfo content is intentional with the aim of misdirecting and confusing readers.



Please tell me you are being sarcastic? You are Hilarious!


90% of people are STUPID. Many of these "conspiracy theories" are in fact true.


The Contra/cocaine "conspiracy theory" is exhaustively detailed and substantiated in the book "Dark Alliance" by the late Gary Webb.


its not biased. it has been shown that conservatives are more anti-science (i.e., anti-reality) than others, so that is where the interesting (i.e., shocking) results will be found.


Let's see... This was an automated poll (results available almost immediately) and the results were published April 2. So the poll itself was probably conducted on April Fool's Day! In other words, it could all be a joke; or respondents could have *thought* it was a joke; or they may have thought April Fool's Day was the perfect time to give wacky answers to wacky questions...


>37% of voters believe global warming is a hoax, 51% do not

"we will show how political bodies act to control scientific institutions, how scientists adjust both data and even theory to accommodate politically correct positions, and how opposition to these positions is disposed of", Richard Lindzen, atmospheric physicist - http://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/0809/0809.3762.pdf

Sunny S

"5% believe exhaust seen in the sky behind airplanes is actually chemicals sprayed by the government for sinister reasons"

I have issues with this question and how it was asked. How can you use a word like 'sinister' without defining it. Sinister is a 'semantically loaded' word. That means that many people have all kinds of specific meaning for the word and their answers will be loaded according to their interpretation. It is way to vague.

How about if you were to ask people whether they believe the trails [and they are different from jet plans so let's not confuse the exhaust trails with those other trails we see] contain chemicals and that those chemicals may be harmful.

As for people who suggest watching Loose Change for the answers, that's loaded too. I would suggest that people do the research beyond videos like Loose Change and continue to keep researching.

How about asking us if we believe whether there are certain issues that the government has deliberately lied to us about and then ask us what we think they are and what the truth is.

Like do you think there was a cover up over 9/11. If you do, then was it a] that the CIA and Bush caused it to engender fear or b] that they knew it was happening, wasn't their plan, but they ignored it because they saw the potential in gaining more control after or c] they believe it was terrorists and all happened exactly as the official story.

If they answer the CIA caused it, for example, ask them what evidence they have to form these beliefs. It is important for us to know what people are basing their beliefs on. There are many conspiracy theories that may be right and many that may not. We need to encourage people to wake up and start investigating thoroughly.. and asking questions..

Steve Humphreys

They missed off the biggest conspiracy theory of all; namely that the entire universe was created by an all powerfull being who has decreed a set of laws he refuses to clarify for us, which he will punish us for breaking by condeming us to eternal torture in a pit of fire.


I find it interesting that the really crazy beleifs were not divided in this poll by Romney voters and Obama voters. I bet more Obama voters believe in Big foot than Romney voters. Down the line I bet the crazier the belief the more Obama voeters belive it. But that wouldn't be PC.

Wayne R. Lehman

Hey Steve, you're absolutely right! that is the biggest conspiracy ever perpetrated!

The truth is that the all-powerful creator is actually love personified. The laws were not decreed but simply presented as the operators' manual for how His creation works best. Accepting this truth will allow you to spend eternity with Him in perpetual bliss.

How is it that many people would rather embrace the conspiracy rather than the Truth?

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PPP POLLS BY YEAR: 2006-2017

We came to PPP after a public poll in the San Jose Mayoral race showed our opponent ahead by 8 points. They found our candidate (Sam Liccardo) ahead by 3 points and that allowed us to be able to push back with the press against the perception that our opponent was now a strong favorite in the race. Sam ended up winning by 2 points and is now the next Mayor of San Jose. PPP worked very fast and had a very accurate read on the electorate when we needed them
–Eric Jaye, Storefront Political Media.

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Among the Best Pollsters, Year after Year.

2014 :
Rated Most Accurate Pollster in Governor’s Races Nationally

2012 :
Correctly predicted the winner of every state in the Presidential race, and the winner of every major Senate race

2010 :
First pollster to predict Scott Brown’s upset win over Martha Coakley in the Massachusetts Senate race, only pollster to predict Christine O’Donnell’s upset victory over Mike Castle in the Delaware Republican Senate primary.

2008 :
Ranked by the Wall Street Journal as the 2nd most accurate swing state pollster in the Presidential election.

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PPP is best known for putting out highly accurate polling on key political races across the country, but we also do affordable private research for candidates and organizations.  Why pay tens of thousands of dollars for a survey when one of the most reliable companies in the nation can do it for less?"

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