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April 10, 2013


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Gay marriage in Colorado and the congressional generic in both.

The death penalty has also been an issue in both states and it would be interesting to see how many in these states support capital punishment.

Thanks for the chance to give some input!


Concerning the CO poll, I'd be interested to know how current marijuana legalization favorability numbers measure up to pre-election Amendment 64 numbers. My guess is that passage of Amendment 64 normalized the discussion, and that legalization will enjoy higher favorability now compared with pre-election numbers.


Both states -- approval of Pope Francis.


Please poll gay marriage in Colorado


I'd love to see polling on same-sex marriage in Colorado.


In NC continue to look at approvals for both the Legislature and Gov. McCrory especially looking for any potential for the unpopularity of the Legislature to rub off on McCroy.


For CO us ex-Lt Governor Jane Norton as a Republican candidate for senate


2016 head-to-heads with Hillary.

Josh Mizesko

Use Congressman Cory Gardner and Governor Bill Owens for Republicans in the Senate.


For North Carolina, remove Forest; I'd suggest putting Sue Myrick back in there.

For Colorado governor, try Tom Tancredo on the Constitution Party line. For Republicans, try Bob Beauprez and Bob Schaffer and Greg Brophy.

For Senator, Ken Buck, Cory Gardner, John Suthers, Walker Stapleton, Scott Gessler, and John Suthers.

Should Hickenlooper run for President in 2016?

Also, 2016 Buck and Gardner v. Bennet

And again, I think you should have Arkansas as an option since the racers have changed so much since you last polled them.


Art Pope Name ID
Support or Oppose Tax Reform

Tom Hill

Mark Udall Approval
Michael Bennett Approval
Mark Udall vs Bob Beauprez
Mark Udall vs Cory Gardner
Mark Udall vs Jane Norton
Mark Udall vs Ken Buck
Bob Beauprez vs Cory Gardner vs Jane Norton vs Ken Buck
Thom Tillis vs Kay Hagan
Pat Berger vs Kay Hagan
Renee Ellmers vs Kay Hagan
Renee Ellmers vs Thom Tillis vs Pat Berger
Pat Berger vs Thom Tillis
Pat Berger vs Renee Ellmers
Thom Tillis vs Renee Ellmers

Joe Norton

See who Republicans in North Carolina are liking to face off with Kay Hagan. Please include Greg Brannon in the poll.


In NC, "Do you wish Walter Dalton was elected instead of Pat McCrory in 2012?" and/or "Do you wish the legislature were controlled by Republicans or Democrats right now?" with your usual crosstabs on those questions.

Samian Quazi

For North Carolina: Should women who bare their breasts in public become convicted felons?



NC: Do you support Gov. McCrory's proposed cuts to UNC?
Do you support the closure of UNC campuses?


Poll Tom Tancredo and Ken Buck as Gubernatorial and Senate candidates for each.


Poll Tom Tancredo for the CO gubernatorial race both as a Constitutionalist and as a Republican. Also poll 2016 stuff for both states, please.

Darth Jeff

My weird question for Colorado would be favorables for South Park (the show or the town).

Some more conventional ones: Bill Owens, Cory Gardner, Bob Beauprez, and John Suthers vs. Mark Udall, the latter three against Hickenlooper.


2016 Presidential matchups in both "swing" states.

I think you've never polled 2016 stuff in NC so far ...


Try polling the 2016 races since NC & CO are both swing states.
Also please add South Dakota to next weeks vote. It would be great to see some updated Senate polling from SD.

David Roat

NC: With respect to tax dollars, do cities subsidize rural areas or do rural areas subsidize cities?

Should the NC State Assembly be required to spend tax dollars in the city or county that they are raised?

(Then inform that cities subsidize rural areas)

Now that you know that cities subsidize rural areas, have you changed your mind about the second question?


In CO, please ask about:
-Republican Secretary of State Scott Gessler approval
-Gessler vs. Democrat Ken Gordon (this will probably be a big race in '14)
-Approval of the state's recently-passed gun laws
-Generic state legislative ballot

It would be interesting to see a question about approval of fracking, and one about whether state or local government should regulate oil and gas development. (Becoming a major issue as fracking has moved into population centers, and I'd LOVE to see crosstabs on this because it doesn't seem to split the way you'd expect.)

Capers Philip

Colorado's 6th congressional district:
Andrew Romanoff (D) vs. Mike Coffman (R)


NC: Should UNC and UVA join the Big Ten?


CO-Gov 2014
Hickenlooper (D) vs Wayne Allard (R)
Hickenlooper (D) vs Bill Owens (R)
Hickenlooper (D) vs Cory Gardner (R)
Hickenlooper (D) vs Walker Stapleton (R)
Hickenlooper (D) vs Michael Coffmann (R)
Hickenlooper (D) vs John Suthers (R)

CO-Sen 2014
Udall (D) vs Wayne Allard (R)
Udall (D) vs Bill Owens (R)
Udall (D) vs Cory Gardner (R)
Udall (D) vs Walker Stapleton (R)
Udall (D) vs Michael Coffman (R)
Udall (D) vs John Suthers (R)

CO-Sen 2016
Bennet (D) vs Wayne Allard (R)
Bennet (D) vs Bill Owens (R)
Bennet (D) vs Cory Gardner (R)
Bennet (D) vs Walker Stapleton (R)
Bennet (D) vs Michael Coffman (R)
Bennet (D) vs John Suthers (R)

Also would be interesting to poll Bill Ritter, Ken Salazar and John Quick vs some avalilable Republican for CO-AG.


Pat McHenry just announced he isn't running for Senate so don't poll him. Forest, Holding, and Pittenger announced against too.

I'd say Berry, Foxx, Ellmers, Berger, Tillis, Brannon, Embler for sure. If you want, throw Hudson, Meadows, or even Myrick in the mix.


Hillary vs. Paul, Christie, Bush, Santorum, Rubio


Do the 2016 election, both general election matchups and the primaries.


-Include Tom Tancredo for CO

-Poll 2016 in both states


Colorado-- Mike Coffman approvals. Peyton Manning favorables. Tebow favorables.

Hickenlooper-tebow, udall-Gardner/Coffman/suthers (suthers won't run but he's a useful datapoint as one of the best liked republicans in the state).

2016 primaries and general election scenarios.

Death penalty opinions.

"Do you think the initiative process in Colorado is too easily manipulated by special interests."

Cross tabs of political party vs. length of time in the state (this question in NC was quite enlightening.)


same-sex marriage in Colorado on the 2016 election ?


Just be sure to include Greg Brannon, he's gaining traction here in NC.


In NC ask about House Bill 647. Should it be illegal for a North Carolinian to be fired simply because of who they are or who they love?


It might be interesting to run polling questions on marriage equality and marijuana policy in both CO and NC.

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