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March 21, 2013


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Conspiracy theories:
9/11 truthers
Newtown being a "false flag"
JFK assasination
Barack Obama stealing 2012 election

Eric Gann

Do you want a presidential nominee that is more conservative than the previous two?


For South Carolina:

Do you approve or disapprove of Stephen Colbert?

Do you approve or disapprove of the appointment of Tim Scott for U.S. Senator?

For National Poll:

Do you think the federal government has hidden the presence of extra-terrestrials in the United States?

Do you think the federal government was responsible for the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001?


Test Linda Ketner's favorables in SC-01, just for the hell of it.


Ted Cruz is being talked about for a presidential run in 2016, but being born in Canada, his eligibility hinges on the fact that his mother was an American citizen...something that would then also qualify Barack Obama even if he HAD actually been born in Kenya.

Asking something to the effect of whether people think Cruz is eligible to be president, whether Obama is, and crossreferences of the replies by party would be interesting to see.

Liz R

Conspiracy stuff:
Did ACORN help Obama win the 2012 election?
Do you feel that the schedule one of cannabis is more due to scientific evidence, or more due to the influence of special interests?
Something something Bengazi?


Ask nationally if people approve of attempts to change the winner-take-all allocation of electoral votes to the statewide winner. Also ask if they think such attempts are motivated by politics or are more altruistic.

Ask if the outcome of the 2010 midterm elections makes them more likely to participate in the 2014 midterms.


For conspiracy fun...

Do you believe that the FNORD U.N. is plotting to FNORD overthrow America?
Is any FNORD organization attempting to use FNORD mind control rays on you?
Are you a member of the FNORD Illuminati? Would you like to be?
Are scientists making up FNORD global warming?
Is Public Policy Polling attempting to manipulate politicians? To manipulate you? To manipulate your pets? Oh god they've gotten to you already, haven't they? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!

(useful reading for anyone not getting the joke: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fnord )


Damn it Hawaii. I know you Hawaiians don't vote, but come on, step it up. I want to see how much people hate Abercrombie, and see some stuff on Schatz.

Test Tim Scott in SC1, since you're there.

And nationally some questions on drones might be nice. Like, "do you like killing terrorists?"


For the 2016 polling:

- Please add Bernie Sanders and/or Rahm Emanuel to the choices for your Democratic primary voters.

- Please add Ted Cruz and/or Rick Santorum to the choices for your Republican primary voters.

As for conspiracy theories...

- Ask voters if they believe that the Roswell incident was genuine UFO- and ET-related happening that was covered up performed by the US government.

- Ask voters if they believe that major governments of the world - including the American government - are trying to establish an NWO.


How concerned are you on the national debt, very concerned, somewhat concerned, Ect.
Which party do you trust more to reduce the debt Dem, Gop, neither.


Please add Rick Santorum to your 2016 roster for Republicans. He's all but guaranteed to make another run.

For conspiracy theories, try these:
Sandy Hook


Do a marriage equality question please.

Despite being in South Carolina, SC-01 almost elected an openly lesbian congresswoman in 2008 (Linda Ketner lost by 4 points, alas), so it might be a bit idiosyncratically tolerant.

Arthur Bryne

Conspiracy theory questions
1) What fraction (None, Few, Some, Most, All) of poll results are fabricated to try and influence voter opinion?
2) How familiar (not/somewhat/very) are you with Agenda 21? Do you feel strongly supportive, supportive, neutral, opposed, or strongly opposed?
3) How likely (not/somewhat/very) do you think it that illegal immigration from Mexico is being used as a cover for illegal immigration from other planets?

Probably better ranges for those....


If you could do some statewide polling if the Governor's race, it'd be good.

Thomas Hill

Lindsey Graham approval rating
Lindsey Graham vs Generic Democrat
Lindsey Graham vs Someone more Conservative
Lindsey Graham vs Lee Bright
Lindsey Graham vs Bruce Carroll
Lindsey Graham vs Nancy Mace
Tim Scott vs Generic Democrat
Tim Scott approval rating
Nikki Haley vs Generic Democrat
Nikki Haley approval rating
Nikki Haley vs Vincent Sheheen
Nikki Haley vs Harry Ott


Also, I'd appreciate if you included Arkansas in future votes. There are one or two important races going on there, after all.


For South Carolina 1st: Test favorable/unfavorable of Democratic former Senator Fritz Hollings.

Also test support for more wind energy.

Seeing the SC-01's breakdown of a potential Vincent Shaheen(D) vs Nikki Haley(R) for SC-Gov would be nice too.

National poll:

Please test Generic D vs. Generic R in the House. A lot of bad data on the poll tracking sites and PPP doing National House helps improve the data.

Also ask approve/disapprove of the Keystone XL pipeline proposal.


2014 Senate Head to Head:
Graham v. Lee Bright
Graham v. Bruce Carroll
Graham v. Trey Gowdy
Graham v. Nikki Haley


Take out Mike Huckabee from your polling, please. Your polls just get less accurate with him in there.


Ask on gay marriage and abortion in SC-1. I'd like to see if this district really is less socially conservative than most areas of the south, or if that's a bunch of malarkey.


South Carolina 1- Obviously Colbert vs. Sanford

And for national, seeing that it is 10 years after the Iraq war, poll people whether or not they believe the Bush administration intentionally misled the public on WMD's in Iraq

Chris S.

Please include Santorum in your GOP primary poll, in place of Huckabee. Santorum is doing everything possible to suggest that he's interested in running. Huckabee isn't doing much of anything to suggest the same. Huck wasn't even included on the CPAC straw poll, and they included 23 names!


For GOP 2016: Ask if Rand Paul's fillibuster had affected their choice.
Do approval/favourability for each of the candidates.
For Dem 2016: Ask Clinton voters if they are open to vote for another
For General ELection 2016: Ask if Clinton voters are firm about their
Also do Party ID

GOP Candidates: Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Rick Santorum, Chris Christie, Bob McDonell, Nikki Haely, Newt
Dem Candidates: Clinton, Cuomo, Gillibrand, Rahm Emanuel, Biden.

For Conspiracy theories: Do you believe voter fraud allegations?
Do you believe in UFOs?


Love the conspiracy stuff. Here are a few that I haven't seen above, but might be interesting to include:

- Is the US government hiding evidence of an asteroid that will destroy the Earth in 2015? (Alternative: Is the US government hiding the truth about the Russian meteorite?)

- Did the CIA create HIV/AIDS as a tool for population control?

- Is Osama bin Laden still alive?

- Something about an international Jewish conspiracy that runs the world economy. (Hopefully the results won't be too heartbreaking...)

- This one is partly conspiracy theory, but partly a 10 year retrospective/testing the staying power of a myth:

Were Saddam Hussein or the Iraqi government involved in the planning of the September 11th attacks?

(I'd be really interested to see the crosstabs on that question and a "Was the US government behind 9/11?" question, too.)

- Anything about lizard people.


One more conspiracy theory-- Do you believe there is there a link between childhood vaccinations and autism?

Thomas Nicholas

Conspiracy theories
1. Did President Bush help plan the 9/11 attacks?
2. Was there a conspiracy to kill JFK?
3. Did FDR plan Pearl Harbor?
4. Did aliens crash at Roswell, New Mexico?
Also, I remember a poll -- maybe PPP -- that said that 25% of Republicans think President Obama "may be the anti-Christ" (wtf) maybe you can ask that same question this time.

South Carolina 1st Congressional District

1.Does a Stephen Colbert endorsement make you more or less likely to vote for Elizabeth Colbert Busch?

2. Does Mark Sanford's affair make you more or less likely to vote for him?


I would like to see some general election numbers for Rand Paul against a few democrats. He has been in the news a lot the past few weeks, and it has probably helped his name recognition.



Is climate change real?

Did FDR know beforehand about the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Did Saddam Hussein have anything to do with the 9/11 attack?

Other interesting one -- approval/disapproval, Pope Francis



Approval/disapproval -- Pope Francis.

Split on economics and reproductive rights.


Ask about Sandusky/Penn State and the apparent truther claims about that.


I second Arthur Byrne's interest in a question about Agenda 21. I'm very interested in how prevalent the view is that local sustainability efforts are a result of a toothless UN resolution


Do you think the government is spying Americans thru the television?

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