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March 06, 2013


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Rick Snyder began as a non-confrontational 'moderate' with a Tea Party legislative majority. Then he gave in completely.

It is possible for politicians to change the political climate of a state by enacting unpopular legislation... but the Duty To Work for Much Less law is likely to enrich out-of-state interests at the expense of Michigan workers to the detriment of small business. The only jobs that it is likely to create are low-paying industrial jobs with high turnover.

JCB Master

Fell to 35% from where people know Peters, only 30% of people know Siu-yee. As a result, in all these games free voters strongly inclined people do not agree with Snyder last year to vote for Obama. These people may eventually established his own reputation at the time the party's candidates for the democratic column and this person.

Macy harken

Rick Snyder does not care about us. The workers that work physically hard. The people that built your auto's clean your house and yard. Make and serve your meals. Clean your clothes and cut your hair. Come now... Be governor for all of the people of Michigan not for just the rich. Our jobs do not keep up with inflation. No pay raise since 2005 . Our auto company makes a lot of money and we just get to work harder. I am so tired. We are the slaves to the rich.

Please remember who and what we do to make the rich richer.

Thank you for reading.


Voters usually go with the Devil that they know over the Devil that they don't know -- but Rick Snyder is in the range in which he could be defeated by a relative unknown who has some political skills.

The Michigan Democratic Party has a huge bench, and Snyder is consummately vulnerable.

Cecily McClellan

The Emergency Manager Law (EFM) is the number one issues affecting democracy for approximately half of all the African Americans in the State of Michigan. This s a dictator law that is anti democratic and suppresses the right to vote. The Republican Party has passed a law that gives them the authority to take over any city, township, school district or other assets, the Metropolitan Authority Act. Over 1.5 million people in Michigan voted PA 4 (EFM law)down, only to get another law imposed by the lame duck Republican legislature. If they come for me in the morning and you do nothing,who will be there in the evening when they come for you.

Sally Joseph

I am so disapointed in Snyder. He has destroyed our education system , ruined chances of the average worker making a living wage, egnored the public vote on taking over cities and school districts. We dn't need a dictator who just wants his way period. There many qways to help cities, schools etc without arbitrary take overs. There is no way I will ever vote for him again. I was a fool to think his business background could be good for Michigan.


Message to Sally and Cecily-Democrats have run Detroit since 1961. If THAT isn't a strong enough sign to vote GOP I don't know what would.

G Arthur Graham

Sorry, but I have to take issue with all those who bemoan Snyder's leadership. This format will not allow me to enumerate all the ways in which his tenure has far surpassed that of his predecessor.
In brief, those who claim they suffer economically either will not or can not remember that the economy foundered during the entirety of Granholm's terms.
Suffice it to say that, IMHO, a return to Democratic leadership is a return to ennui.

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