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March 14, 2013


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Is Marco Rubio too conservative, too liberal, or just right?

If the Florida primary were just between Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio who would you vote for?

Who do you agree with more on immigration: Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio?

Also, ask about the scandal that prompted the resignation of Jennifer Carroll. I wonder if people even know about it.

Samian Quazi

Poll the favorables/unfavorables of former Florida Lieutenant Gov. Jennifer Carroll, as well as those of Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

I'd like to see head-to-head matchups between Alex Sink and Rick Scott, and Charlie Crist and Rick Scott.

Also, could you poll both Sink and Crist each against Rubio for US Senate in 2016? I wonder who would be 'stronger' against Rubio at that point, and would benefit more by sitting the Governor's race in 2014 out.

You could also ask about Rick Scott's proposal to peg college financing to academic major of choice.

Finally, there's a domestic partnership bill up for debate in Florida. What are the favorables/unfavorables on that?

Brian hamm

Poll how people feel about Gov. Scott accepting Obamacare's Medicaid expansion.

Jeff Johnson

I tweeted these too:
How does the Medicaid split between Scott and Putnam/Bomdi/Weatherford/Atwater play?

Should Scott draw a primary, who should it be (all of those plus Marco)?

Ask about the stadiums - Dolphins, Rays

What's the biggest motivating issue in state-level politics: election snafu, high speed rail, teacher issues,

Should FL keep jumping the line on presidential primaries?

Support or oppose texting while driving ban?

Is global warming a threat to Florida


Should it be legal to fire employees on the basis of sexual orientation in Florida?


Make sure to add curtent Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn to any questions about potential matchups


You have to do 2016, both the primaries and the general election. I doubt that both Rubio and Bush would run, so give responders two different polls for the GOP field, like you did in Wisconsin with Ryan and Walker.

Also, other people have mentioned this in the past, but please get rid of Huckabee for your Republican polls. There's been virtually no signs from him showing interest in running again, and someone like Santorum would be much more appropriate as a permanent replacement instead.


Florida Panthers or Tampa Bay Lightning

Jay Thompson

For General
Alex Sink (D) vs. Rick Scott (R)
Charlie Crist (D) vs. Rick Scott (R)
Nah Rich (D) vs. Rick Scott (R)

Republican Primary
Rick Scott vs. Bill McCollum
Rick Scott vs. Will Weatherfold

Would you support a bill that would grant gay couples to get a domestic partnership in the state of Florida?

Should same-sex marriage be allowed in Florida?

If the election were held today you would support a democrat or republican or congress?


Please poll COLORADO next week !

Governor race, Senate race in 2014 and CO is a swing-state in 2016.

And it hasn't been polled in a while.

So, do it, DO IT NAUGH !



Definitely Sink vs Scott and Christ vs Scott in addition to the updataed Dem primary numbers. I'm also interested to see how safe Scott is in the primary.


Who should succeed Carroll?

Will Weatherford
Bill McCollum
Pam Bondi
Jeff Atwater
Adam Putnam
Toni Jennings
Susan Story
Tom Gallagher

I second testing the 2016 Senate race, and also please do Grayson v. Rubio and maybe also Garcia v. Rubio.

This may be too leading, but: Do you trust Charlie Crist?

I'd also love to see Atwater, Bondi, Putnam, et al tested in their respective races, though I have no idea who might run against them.


Gay marriage

Federal bailout of the sugar industry

Republicans: Should Gov Scott run for re-elex


Generic congressional ballot

Mike Edelman  (@HawksLoveDoves)

If respondent is member of the NRA:

Do you currently own, or desire to own, any thing that might be considered a "doomsday bunker?"


More ideas to test against Rick Scott:

Todd "Bubba the Love Sponge" Clem
A yellow dog
Winter the dolphin

Derek Lee Rodriguez Ohlms PhD

Are you aware that with Gov. Rick Scott as CEO of Columbia/HCA the company admitted to fourteen felonies and agreed to pay the federal government over $600 million?


Approval ratings for Bill Nelson. Poor guy is never in the spotlight in Florida.

Irving Washington

Also try Alan Grayson in the head to heads to see his favorability.

Josh Mizesko

FL Governor-
R Primary
A-Rick Scott(I)/Somebody Else
B-Rick Scott(I)/Rep. Dan Webster
General Election
Rick Scott(R) vs. Alan Grayson (D)
Rick Scott(R) vs. Robert Wexler (D)
Rick Scott(R) vs. Charlie Crist (D)
Rick Scott(R) vs. Nan Rich (D)
Rick Scott(R) vs. Alex Sink (D)
Rick Scott(R) vs. Pam Iorio (D)
FL D Primary w/Clinton/Biden/Patrick/Warren/Cuomo/O'Malley
FL D Primary w/Biden/Patrick/Warren/Cuomo/O'Malley
FL D Primary w/Patrick/Warren/Cuomo/O'Malley/Feingold/Grayson/Hickenlooper/Gillibrand
FL R Primary w/Christie/Rubio/Paul(KY)/Ryan
FL R Primary w/Christie/J. Bush/Paul (KY)/Ryan
FL R Primary w/Christie/R. Scott/Paul (KY)/Ryan

Samuel Perez

Do you think Florida is doing enough to control the Burmese python populations?

Do you think the state of Florida should pass new laws to combat voter disenfranchisement in elections?


Please poll same-sex marriage

Wiil A.

Considering current events - do respondents support military action against North Korea, and do the recent threats make them more or less likely to support it?

Bill Hirschi

Definitely poll former Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio, Alex Sink, Nan Rich and Charlie Crist vs. Rick Scott for governor.

Also haven't seen anyone suggest a question re: Medicaid expansion. Gov. Scott surprised everyone by coming out in favor of it, but the Republican legislature will almost definitely kill it. I would be interested to know how Floridians feel.

Finally, how about polling High Speed Rail? Voters initially approved it, the Jeb Bush talked voters into repealing it, then Charlie Crist backed it, then Rick Scott spiked it. Again, how do Floridians feel?


Please test Scott in primary challenges from:

Pam Bondi
Will Weatherford


1) Clinton vs. Scott and Rubio.
2) Ask something about the drone issue maybe? (i.e. "Would you like to see a drone strike used on American soil, even if the target is a high-profile terrorist leader?")
3) Rubio vs various Dems for 2016 Senate.
4) Medicaid opinions.
5) Gun laws.
6) State legislature GCB.
7) Federal GCB.


For Florida:

Support for Assault Weapons ban, stricter gun laws and universal background checks.

Ask them if Manatee Riding should be protected by the Constitution (since some Tea Party groups said that).

Agree/disgree with the Paul Ryan budget.

Also, please please poll Arkansas. The Senate and Governor races will be both hotly contested and the 12-week abortion ban needs to be polled.


You should poll:
*same sex marriage in Florida
*A rematch between Allen West and Patrick Murphy
*Allen Grayson favorability numbers

Ohio should be polled next along with 2016 swing state West Virginia btw


Hillary, Biden vs. Santorum, Christie, Paul, Rubio, Ryan

Florida Pol

Florida R Primary

Scott v Putnam
Scott v Atwater
Scott v Rubio
Scott v Weatherford
Scott v Gaetz
Scott v McCollum
Scott v Anyone Else


It would be so helpful if you guys asked a smattering of questions (anywhere really) on things that are effectively impossible/imaginary, but that people would support anyway, to show how deceptive some polls asking similar questions are. Examples:
- Would you support cutting government spending by $4 trillion per year? (more than the whole budget)
- Would you support balancing the budget only on foreign aid and unemployment insurance? (combined under 8% of the budget, and thus impossible)
- Do you support the Democratic or the Republican plan to fix social security and medicare more? (Republicans have studiously refused to offer one, while newspapers seem to ignore this. Obama does have one, and newspapers are instead faulting his lack of leadership for not having one)
*Obviously these have a leftward bent, but I'm sure there are right ones you could ask too.


The Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act introduced in FL Senate:
1. Do you support?
2. If such initiative was put on the ballot would it make you more or less likely to vote in Nov '14?

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