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February 07, 2013


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In Louisiana please poll Hillary Clinton vs. Bobby Jindal (and Rubio and Christie) to see if she does better than Obama there (-> Bill Clinton won LA).

In North Carolina please poll Hillary vs. Rubio and Christie because it's a swing state.


2014 Congressional races in NC - NC06, NC07.


Bobby Jindal approvals, obviously.

Same sex marriage, as well: Not only, yes-no-civil unions, but if you have changed your mind on the matter within the past year, and if your friends/family/neighbors would support it.

Also, approvals on the NC Governor's proposal to end the state's income and corporate taxes and raise the sales tax.

Peter Walz

What do they think of Duke Energy request for 12% residential rate hike?

Are voters concerned that the legislature wants to remove and replace all current members of the Utility Commission, the body that would decide on the rate hike request?

Are voters concerned that Gov. McCrory would be appointing many of these new commissioners and that McCrory may have a conflict of interest as an employee of Duke Energy for nearly 30 years?


In NC, poll on Medicaid expansion (support or oppose) and refusal of federal unemployment insurance benefits beginning in July.


Test Huey Long's favorability in LA!


On policy, could you ask:
-Would an NRA endorsement make you more or less likely to vote for a candidate?

Noah Lieberman

In NC: Should the Charlotte Bobcats be renamed to the Charlotte Hornets?


For Louisiana:

some good potential GOP opponents for Landrieu would be Bill Cassidy, Jeff Landry, and Jeff Fleming. Since the state uses jungle primaries for federal races again it may be good to provide everyone's name in one question rather than polling a GOP primary.

Favorabilities for Mitch Landrieu would be good. Also a question on whether voters want David Vitter to run for Governor or not.

it would also be interesting to get favorabilities for Roger Goodell, Edwin Edwards, and Mardi Gras.


And by Jeff Fleming I mean John Fleming.

John Van Noate

are NC voters happy with the state's pronounced rightward turn since McCrory took over the state house.


NC what do they think of someone who is against Pre-k to head the state department of child development and early Ed


NC -- has McCroy's giving his cabinet members a pay raise while the legislature proposes cuts to unemployment benefits had any effect on people's view of him.


Please test 2016 GE matchups with Clinton...that would be awesome! Especially in LA...


For Louisiana:

- "Do you support the idea of having armed guards at the front of primary and/or secondary schools?"

- "Do you support the idea of arming teachers and other school employees with firearms?"

- "If the candidates for the 2015 gubernatorial election were Republican Scott Angelle and Democrat Mitch Landrieu, who would you vote for?"

- "If the candidates for the 2015 gubernatorial election were Republican Jay Dardenne and Democrat Mitch Landrieu, who would you vote for?"

- "If the candidates for the 2014 senate election were incumbent Democrat Mary Landrieu and Republican Scott Angelle (or Jay Dardenne), who would you vote for?"

- "Do you think that Bobby Jindal should run for president in 2016?"

Also, if you are indeed doing 2016-related questions, please include Condi Rice in your options instead of Mike Huckabee (who most say is uninterested in winning the Republican nomination).


NC: How would you refer to those who attend UNC-Chapel Hill? "Students" or "Butts"

Do you agree with Pat McCrory's criticism of UNC?



Against Landrieu
C. Richmond

J. Cao
J. Fleming
S. Scalise
C. Boustany

For Louisiana please do a presidential poll:
Clinton vs. Jindal
Clinton vs. Rubio
Clinton vs. Christie


For LA Gubernatorial, can you test:

David Vitter vs Mitch Landrieu

For NC Senate, can you test:

Hagan vs Foxx
Hagan vs Ellmers
Hagan vs McHenry


Gay marriage and the congressional generic ballot as well as NRA questions!



Please do 2016 stuff in both states, both the primary and the general election.


Hagan vs Pat McCrory
Hagan vs Walter Jones
Hagan vs Richard Hudson
Hagan vs Mark Meadows
Hagan vs Dan Forest
Hagan vs Steve Troxler
Hagan vs Cherie Berry

Landrieu vs Bobby Jindal
Landrieu vs John Kennedy
Landrieu vs Steve Scalise
Landrieu vs Charles Boustany
Landrieu vs Jay Dardenne
Landrieu vs Buddy Caldwell


For NC: Favorability ratings on the Big 4 North Carolina Universities: Wake Forest, UNC, Duke, and NCSU. Can't wait to see the poll!


Ask about gay marriage in Louisiana.


How does NC feel about Republican efforts to fire all commission and advisory board members and have Pat McCrory appoint new members, as well as the Republican proposal to add two new seats to the NC Supreme Cout to be appointed by MCCrory rather than elected as current court members are.

Also, do independents still see McCrory as a "moderate."

Brad Friedman

How many legal voters are you comfortable with disenfranchising to stop each case of supposed "voter fraud"?

Sam Black

Louisiana: Do you prefer your senator to wear a diaper or a Speedo?

Irving Washington

Please test these GOP candidates,
Bill Cassidy
Jeff Landry
John Fleming
Charles Boustany

Virginia Foxx
Patrick McHenry
Thom Tillis
Renee Ellmers

Josh Mizesko

NC US Senate
NC U.S. Senate(R Primary)
Renee Ellmers
Virginia Foxx
Patrick McHenry
General election
Renee Ellmers
Patrick McHenry
Virginia Foxx
LA US Senate
Charles Boustany
Bill Cassidy
John Fleming
LA US President
Hillary Clinton vs. Jindal/Rubio/Christie


Louisiana Senate
-Mary Landrieu (D)
-Bill Cassidy (R)
-John Fleming (R)
-Jeff Landry (R)

Louisiana and North Carolina 2016 match-ups

Louisiana Governor 2015
-David Vitter (R)
-Michael Strain (R)
-Russel Honoré (R)
-Gerald Long (R)
-James Bernhard (D)
-Mitch Landrieu (D)

Simon Woodrup

As already mentioned, gay marriage/civil union issue in NC
Would love to know how Amendment 1 would do a year after it passed.



Hillary Clinton's head to heads just like in TX, and KY.

Huey Long Favorability.

% that speak french/someone in family that speaks french.

Tabasco or Louisiana Hot Sauce.

North Carolina:

Tar Heels v. Blue Devils

Tobacco favoribility

NC Voter

Have to ask about the UNC-McCrory controversy.


Opinion of Eve Carson's killer getting a new sentence

Opinion of death penalty for murder
Opinion of No Budget/No Pay
Opinion of voter photo ID laws
Opinion of unions
Opinion of banning violent video games
Opinion of making English our national language
Opinion of drug testing for welfare
Opinion of banning all cell phone use while driving


sorry for my poor english, i am italian, if you want to know according with the polls berlusconi is going to lose the next general election. in my opinion you should test the race for senate in both states and the presidencial race just in nc, because of the peculiarity of the primaries, i don't think louisiana can be significant at now.

Vicki Boyer

NC--- good suggestions above!
Ask for approval rating of the state legislature.

How do you feel about the state losing a possible 23,000 jobs due to rejection of ACA by state legislature?

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