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February 20, 2013


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Wis Gov
Walker Approv/Disapprov
Feingold (D) vs Walker
Generic Leg Ballot
Johnson Approv/Disapprov
NRA vs. Obama Higher Fav
Hillary vs Ryan/Rubio/Christie
Brownback Approv/Disapprov
Should Sen Roberts retire
Obama Fav/Unfav
Huseklamp vs Roberts primary
both vs Sebeilius in Sen
Sebeilius vs Brownback Gov
Civil Union Approv/Disapprov
Hillary in 2016? vs Ryan/Rubio/Christie/Bush
GOP primary in 2016
Hillary fav/unfav

Mark S.


1. Mining bill/mining in Penokee mountain range
2. Walker turning down Medicaid expansion money
3. Voucher expansion state wide
4. Selling state assets such as power plants to pay for transportation budget


Pizza or Burritos. I'd be interested to see Feingold's favorables in WI. Definitely test Dennis Moore In KS-Sen.


Not Dennis Moore, I meant Stephene Moore.


Poll for 2016 in both states, please.

Brian hamm

You should test Russ Feingold for governor in Wisconsin.


for your Wisconsin poll, I'm assuming your polling approve/disapprove for Tammy Baldwin. I would like to see in the miscellaneous section you poll Tommy Thompson favorable/unfavorable to see how damaged he was from that senate rac.


In Kansas, I'd like to see what would happen in a hypothecial Republican Senate primary between Pat Roberts and Tim Huelskamp and Kevin Yoder.

In Wisconsin, I'm more interested in 2016 potential matchups: Scott Walker vs. Paul Ryan in the Republican Presidental Primary and their head-to-head numbers against Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden.

I also want to see how Ron Johnson would fare against Russ Feingold in a head-to-head in the 2016 Wisconsin Senate race. Also test Tom Barrett against Ron Johnson please.


The Koch's fav/unfav in KS.
Repealing the income tax in KS.
Sebelius for Gov/Sen in KS.
Brownback for Pres? Clinton v. Brownback?

Feingold for Gov in WI.
Pocan for Gov in WI.
Mitchell for Gov in WI.
Please don't test Barrett or Falk. Don't encourage them.


Frick. Somehow i forgot to suggest for both the food poll and the WI poll, Favorite Cheese.


2016 matchups (with Clinton, etc) in both would be great. Also, why not test Sebelius for the dem bench in Kansas.

Nicholas Reindl

Wisconsin Polls

US Senate 2016

Democrats v. RoJo

Ron Kind

Chris Larson

Gwen Moore

Kathleen Falk

Chris Abele

Jon Erpanbach

2014 Governor

Ron Kind

Tom Barrett

Chris Larson

Kathleen Vinehout

Kathleen Falk

Chris Abele

2013 State Supreme Court

Pat Roggensack

Ed Fallone

Which city do you prefer?



La Crosse

Green Bay


Which Friday night lenten meal do you enjoy?

Fish fry or Fish boil?

Josh Mizesko

Wisconsin Governor-
Former Sen. Russ Feingold
Former Rep. Ron Kind
Former Rep. Steve Kagen
Former Rep. Dave Obey
Kansas Governor-
A- Should Sam Brownback seek re-election?
Sam Brownback
Todd Tiahrt
Tim Huelskamp
General Election
Brownback/Tiahrt/Huelskamp vs. ex-Governor Mark Parkinson(D)
Brownback/Tiahrt/Huelskamp vs. ex-Rep. Nancy Boyda(D)
Brownback/Tiahrt/Huelskamp vs. State House Minority Leader Paul Davis(D)
Brownback/Tiahrt/Huelskamp vs. ex-Lt. Governor Troy Findley(D)
Kansas US Senate
R Primary
Pat Roberts
Todd Tiarht
Tim Huelskamp
General election
Roberts/Tiahrt/Huelskamp(R) vs. Sec. Of HHS Kathleen Sebelius(D)
Roberts/Tiahrt/Huelskamp(R) vs. Former Sec. of Agriculture Dan Glickman(D)

Morgan Whitacre

Can you please please PLEASE poll the Wisconsin Supreme Court race (so we have a baseline where things stand a month and a half before the general election)? The primary was yesterday and the field was narrowed to two candidates:

Patience Roggensack (incumbent) (also the conservative)


Ed Fallone (challenger) (considered the liberal)

I will love you guys forever if you ask this question. I cannot express it enough!


Wisconsin Dem Governor:
Russ Feingold
Jon Erpenbach
Mahlon Mitchell
Joe Parisi
Ron Kind
Peter Barca

Also test favorability/approval for Senators Johnson and Baldwin, popularity of collective bargaining reform, approval of use of recall elections for policy disputes, and how many of those who voted for Walker in the recall did so because they support him and how many did so because they opposed the use of recall.


Check out Keith Humphrey

Joe Daniels

Wisconsin Supreme Court Race
Wisconsin Superintendent Race

For WI Gov-
Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca
Outagamie County Executive Tom Nelson
State Senator Kathleen Vinehout
Dane County Executive Joe Parisi
Rep. Ron Kind
State Senator Jon Erpenbach
State Senator Chris Larson
State Senator Julie Lassa
State Senator Jen Shilling
State Senator Lena Taylor
State Senator Dave Hansen
Rep. Andy Jorgensen
Rep. Cory Mason
Rep. Sandy Pasch
Rep. Jon Richards
Former Congressman Steve Kagan
Kenosha Mayor Keith Bosman
Racine Mayor John Dickert
Recall Lt. Gov Nominee Mahlon Mitchell

Jay Johnson

1) How many tablespoons of butter is too much in an average family dinner for four? (options: 2, 4, 6, 8, or these are all acceptable amounts)

2) If you were to sit down with a presidential candidate for a beer, and the candidate placed his or her order, which type of beer order would reflect most positively on that candidate? (options: a mass-produced American beer like Bud, Miller, or Coors; an English or Irish beer like Bass or Guinness; or an American micro-brewed beer, like Fat Tire)

3) If you were stranded and had no other food sources, which of the following would you eat first: dog meat, horse meat, or cat meat?

4) Which of the following kinds of foods is most appealing: fruit cake, anchovies, Fancy Feast cat food, or escargot (snails)?

Bob Wellington

Do you think Barack Obama should have been on the presidential ballot in Kansas for the past election?

(Related to the Kansas movement to get Obama off the ballot since he was not born in America, per a Kansas birther)


Kansas only:

Support/oppose elimination of income tax and increased reliance on sales tax for state revenue

Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka - Favorable/Unfavorable

Wisconsin and Kansas: Gay marriage


In the Kansas Senate race, test Pat Roberts against a generic "more conservative" primary opponent and against former Congressman Todd Tiahrt and Secretary of State Kris Kobach. Also test Roberts as well as Tiahrt and Kobach against former Democratic governors Brad Henry and Kathleen Sebelius.

bill vieira

Would you pay 10 cents more per pound for cruelty free meat? (I know that it costs more than that but a yes answer indicates a willingness to work towards that goal.)


Wisconsin Governor: Test Walker against these Dems
-Russ Feingold
-Ron Kind
-Peter Barca
-Kevin Conroy
-Steve Kagen
-Chris Larson
-Mahlon Mitchell
-Jon Erpenbach
-Joe Parisi


Please test gay marriage in both states (I'm especially interested in Kansas). Also, I'm VERY interested in whether voters support or oppose Gov. Brownback's tax proposals (that's the most unbiased way I can think of to phrase the question). He has an extreme far-right vision of fiscal and tax issues that he's trying to implement, so I'm curious how much support he has even in this conservative state.

I'm also curious who voters in both states would blame if the sequester goes into effect.

Thanks for taking suggestions!!

Samian Quazi

Should Russ Feingold run against Ron Johnson in 2016?


For Wisconsin a generic Dem v. Ron Johnson would be much appreciated. A Feingold rematch would be even better. Get Feingold's favourability and Tammy Baldwin's job approval, too.


Kansas -- right to have an abortion
Wisconsin -- approval/disapproval, Joseph P. McCarthy

P Myrtle B

Wisconsin: please poll gay marriage.



S Walker vs R Feingold
S Walker vs J Doyle
S Walker vs R Kind
S Walker vs D LaFollette
S Walker vs T Barrett
S Walker vs P Barca
S Walker vs S Kagen

WI-Sen 2016:
R Johnson vs R Feingold

Statewide offices:
approval R Kleefisch
approval J Van Hollen
approval K Schuller

Tom T.

Wisconsin: Gay marriage

Noah Lieberman

Approval rating of Bacon: Is it the most popular thing in the nation?
Can people believe that it is not butter?
Favorite meal to eat out?
Percentage of nation that consider themselves locavores.
Chicago or New York style pizza?

Jason Evans

Food questions --

Chocolate vs. Vanilla (Ice cream, cake, icing)?

Pizza: Peperoni vs. plain, vs. veggie vs. other meats?

Favorite cut of steak: Prime rib vs. Filet Mignon vs. Porterhouse vs. NY strip vs. Sirloin

When out at a restaurant, how often does the cost of the dessert affect your decision to buy dessert? (rarely, often, never, etc)

Favorite dessert: Cake vs. pie vs. ice cream

Favorite pie: Cherry vs. apple vs. berry vs. pumpkin vs. key lime vs. chocolate cream vs. banana cream vs. pecan

Michelle P.

Food question suggestions:

1. Is a burger a sandwich?

2. Cake or pie?

3. Do beans go in chili?

4. Best potato side to go with steak: baked potato, fries, or potato gratin?

5. Five Guys or In N Out?

Autumn S

KS - Gov

- The two frontrunners for the Democrat nomination haven't even been mentioned yet - former GOP State Senator Jean Schodorf or current Dem State Senator Laura Kelly vs. Brownback. Schodorf ran for Congress in 2010 as a moderate GOP, losing in the Primary. She then lost in a bitter moderate-conservative GOP Primary last election, before switching parties. If you want to poll accurately, poll Jean Schodorf or Laura Kelly.
- The Democrat bench is extremely thin here - some other folks to look at are previous statewide contestants - Dennis McKinney or Tom Holland for a few examples.
- On the Federal level, the only candidate (aside from some new self-funder) that I can think of who might take a shot would be a Boyda, but that's only if there's a Primary from the right to Roberts (which won't happen)

If not one of these

Mark Merchant

For Wisconsin:

April 2, 2013:
Supreme Court: Roggensack v. Fallone
Sup. Public Inst: Evers v. Pridemore

2014 - Gov: Feingold v. Walker
Gov: Kind v. Walker

2016: Sen: Feingold v. Johnson
Sen: Generic D v. Johnson

Tyler Read

For Kansas:
- Kathleen Sebelius' favorability rating
- Sebelius' chances as a 2016 candidate for both the statewide primary and the November election

For Wisconsin:
- Please ask voters exactly how gosh-darn sick and tired they are of elections in Wisconsin
- [For GOP voters] Scott Walker's favorability as a possible 2016 candidate
- Favorability rating of the Green Bay Packers

For both states:
- Please ask about gun-control and the debate concerning firearms on school-grounds
- Maybe include Condi Rice, Rick Santorum and/or Ted Cruz as choices for GOP primary voters (instead of Rick Perry or Susana Martinez)
- Maybe include Kathleen Sebelius and/or Bernie Sanders as choices for Democratic primary voters (instead of Kristen Gillibrand, Brian Schweitzer, or Martin O'Malley)
- Try having a hypothetical three-way match between Hillary Clinton, Chris Christie, and Marco Rubio for the 2016 election (just for the heck of it)


1.Wisconsin Supreme Court Race
2.DPI Race

Deb Carey (New Glarus Brewery owner)
Peter Barca
Ron Kind
Russ Feingold
Gwen Moore
Rob Zerban

James C.

-Are vegans annoying?
-Do you think most beef is 100% beef?
-Do you think soft drinks are a major contributor to obesity?
-Is a mandatory 18% tip for large groups at restaurants reasonable?
-Should large restaurant chains have to show calorie counts on their menus?
-Is Starbucks coffee overpriced?
-Is Whole Foods overpriced?
-Do you think organic food is better for your health?
-Do you think organic food is better for the environment?
-Do you think DiGiorno's could be mistaken for delivery?

James C.

More food:
-DNA tests have found that some British beef contains horse meat. Should US meat be DNA tested?
-Can food be addictive?
-Is taxing junk food an unreasonable idea?
-Are there too many food shows on TV?
-Beer or wine?
-Cofee or tea?
-Mild, medium or hot salsa?
-Monsanto: Favorable or unfavorable?
-Is buying bottled water a waste of plastic?


Please poll gay marriage in both states! Also the congressional generic would be interesting this far out. And then also polling on the gun rights situation. Thanks!


As always, please ask a question regarding gay marriage support in both states. The issue continues to be incredibly important. Thank you!


Ron Johnson's favorability and Job Approval.

obama drone strike

Ask what the voters think of laws like the NDAA that the Obama admin claims gives it the right to indefinitely detain and assassinate any US citizen it deems to be a threat. Maybe even mention the 16 year old US citizen Obama blew away in a drone strike in Yemen.

Why, oh why, do I never see a media polling org ever poll about the NDAA and drone strikes on american civilians?


Would you be willing to cut your meat consumption in half if you knew it would be a major solution to climate disruption and other environment damage?

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