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February 13, 2013


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larry kurtz

Nancy Keenan's chances in House race and in primary against Baucus. Should former Gov. Schweitzer run in primary against Baucus? Should cannabis be legal? Libertarian Dan Cox in race against Baucus also a factor.


For Georgia, please include Max Cleland and Kasim Reed in all Senate matchups.

For Montana, it would be interesting to see how Baucus fares in a primary against Schweitzer.


For Georgia Democrats, I'd test Cong. John Barrow, Michelle Nunn, Sen. Steve Thompson and former Rep. DuBose Porter.


For Montana, can't wait to see your numbers on the Dem senate primary as this will be the third time you've tested Schweitzer, who has been up by double digits in each of the previous polls.

For Republicans, of course test Rep Steve Daines, former guv/RNC Chair Marc Racicot, (announced) former state senator Corey Stapleton, & former SecState/Sen Leader Bob Brown. If you have more slots, test state Senate President Jeff Essmann, former legislator/AFP head Joe Balyeat, and state Rep Champ Edmunds (in that order).

As there's no Dem stepping up yet, I wouldn't even bother testing the statewide congressional beyond Daines' approval, especially as all that will change if/when he announces for senate and opens the seat back up.

There's already been a constitutional amendment filed for 2014 general to end state prohibition of marijuana. That would be neat to get a benchmark on, remember that when Montana legalized medical marijuana in 2004 it did so with a higher percentage of the vote (65) than any state had received until then.

But the big thing to see will be the Baucus approval numbers. Will they be higher than the winter temperature in Montana on the days you test?

And as this is one of the 90 days every other year the Montana Legislature is in session, be sure to test their approval.


It would be great if you could poll gay marriage in both states, and Clinton vs. Christie and Rubio (2016) for both states.


Georgia Senate Republican:
Casey Cagle
Jack Kingston
Paul Broun
Tom Price
Tom Graves
Karen Handel
Sam Olens
Brian Kemp

Democratic Georgia Senate:
Peter Aman
Roy Barnes
John Barrow
Jason Carter
Scott Holcomb
Vernon Jones

Democratic Georgia Governor:
Kasim Reed

Montana Senate Republican:
Corey Stapleton
Champ Edwards
Tim Fox
Marc Racicot

Montana Senate Democrat:
Brian Schweitzer
Max Baucus


Baucus matchups with:
Rehberg, Attorney-General Fox, and Corey Stapleton
Gov. Bullock's approval ratings and legislative generic ballot

Matchups for Georgia Senate:
Broun vs. Thurbert Baker
Price vs. Thurbert Baker

Gubernatorial matchups for Georgia:
Deal vs. Thurbert Baker
Deal vs. Scott Holcomb
Deal vs. Jim Marshall
Deal vs. Mayor Robert Reichert
Deal vs. Mayor Kasim Reed

C. Watts

GOP US Senate
Rep. Paul Broun (Announced)
Rep. Phil Gingrey (Rumored)
Rep. Jack Kingston (Rumored)
Tom Price OR Karen Handel (they both won't run & have the same exact base, it's not a good indicator to do both and every poll (by everyone else) so far has been flawed in this respect)

^ That seems to be the consensus on who's left. Casey Cagle COULD jump in but I think he is much, much more likely to wait for Governor in 2018... Cain, Erickson, Perdue, Westmoreland, Kemp, Olens, Ralston are all officially out.

DEM US Senate
Rep. John Barrow (has not denied)
Former State Rep. DuBose Porter (has been floated)
Michelle Nunn (has been floated)
State Sen. Jason Carter (has not denied)
Rep. Sanford Bishop (has not denied)

^ John Marshall, Shirley Franklin, Kasim Reed, Stacey Abrams are all officially out. Barrow used the "at this time" phrase.

DEM Governor
Mayor Kasim Reed
State Sen. Jason Carter
Rep. John Barrow
Scott Holcomb

^ Could add Sanford Bishop, DuBose Porter if you'd like.

GOP 6CD (Tom Price's seat)
Former SOS Karen Handel
State Sen. John Albers
State Sen. Judson Hill
State Rep. Jan Jones
Isakson COS Chris Carr

GOP 10CD (Broun's seat)
Former State Sen. John Douglas (announced)
State Sen. Bill Cowsert (extremely likely)
PSC Tim Echols (ran Broun's campaign first time)
Tea Party Activist Brian Slowinski (announced..)

Random Q's:
- Do you support a Assault Weapons Ban?
- Do you support Pro-Life exceptions for rape and incest?
- Do you support comprehensive immigration reform?

^ See if the election, Newtown softened anything.


As a Georgia resident, I think a very good question, to most adequately gauge the sample, is to ask respondents “Did you vote yes or no on the TSPLOST legislation?”

Relating this question via crosstabbing back to those who approve vis-a-vis those who approve of Governor Deal, for instance, would be very helpful in determining how the sample is responding to Deal's policies, especially as he continues to push for legislative action to enact the TSPLOST into law.

A couple of other questions I can think of are “Would you approve or disapprove of Atlanta hotel/motel tax money being used to fund the Georgia Dome?” and asking a favorability question concerning Thurbert Baker.


For the Georgia Senate seat, please include State Senator Jason Carter and State Rep. Scott Holcomb.

I'd also look at former (Georgia)Attorney General Thurbert Baker and former (Georgia) Secretary of State Cathy Cox.

Also, for Georgia, please ask if they want abortion to remain legal, illegal with exceptions, or completely illegal.

Todd Patton

Democrat for Georgia Senate - Jason Carter - President Carter's grandson.


My first comment was posted before I was done with it…maybe I should get this mouse fixed. Anyway, here is the finished version:

As a Georgia resident, I think a very good question, to most adequately gauge the sample, is to ask respondents “Did you vote yes or no on the TSPLOST legislation?”

Relating this question via crosstabbing back to those who approve vis-a-vis those who approve of Governor Deal, for instance, would be very helpful in determining how the sample is responding to Deal's policies, especially as he continues to push for legislative action to enact the TSPLOST into law.

A couple of other questions I can think of are “Would you approve or disapprove of Atlanta hotel/motel tax money being used to fund the Georgia Dome?” and asking a favorability question concerning Thurbert Baker for the purposes of the Senate race. Roy Barnes is a name that will float a lot for GA-Gov, so favorability questions concerning Barnes may be valid, or possibly questions about a running of the governor's race where the candidates are Deal and Barnes. As these are statewide races, general favorability questions may be more adequate. It may be a good idea to test Barnes and Baker for both GA-Gov and the Senate seat.

One that is more Republican-centric is asking about the favorability of Karen Handel. This has more to do with the Senate race, as I would expect Handel to gun for the Senate seat against Paul Broun rather than GA-Gov. Not sure if this should be a Republican-specific question (seeing as I think Handel has a better chance than Broun of being in the general for the seat), but it's something I'd like to see explored.


Do the 2016 primaries for both parties in both of the states. I'd also like to see a general election match-up with Brian Schweitzer in Montana against some Republicans like Rubio, Christie, and Paul.

Joshua Bradshaw

For Montana it would be interesting to test the difference in GE between Schweitzer and Baucus. I would expect Schweitzer to do better then Baucus. Also right now the big fight in the state legislature is over medicaid expansion. It would be intersting to see where the people of Montana stand on this issue.

Stephen Wolf

Since most of the candidates have been mentioned already, how about asking people how they feel about the electoral college (keep or get rid) and gerrymandering (maybe ask if legislators should be able to draw their own districts or have a nonpartisan commission do it).

Also, maybe you could ask respondents' opinions of "Obamacare", whether they want to keep it as is, repeal completely, or if it didn't go far enough etc. especially in Georgia since I bet Broun's campaign will be all about "Obamacare socialism!!!11!!"

Chris S.

Schweitzer vs. Christie and Schweitzer vs. Rubio 2016 matchups in Montana. Your poll last year showed that Schweitzer could actually win the state in a presidential general election. Would be great to see if that still holds. Also, Clinton vs. Christie and Rubio for comparison.

In Georgia, would like to see home state politicians Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich get polled. Perhaps on favorability, or perhaps in general election matchups against Clinton.

It's also fun to test whether apparent "gaffes" have penetrated the public consciousness or not. You could test whether the average voter is aware of Rubio's post-SotU "water" gaffe by asking "Which of the following Republican politicians recently interrupted his State of the Union response to take a sip of water?", then list choices like Rubio, Christie, Boehner, Paul to see if this thing that the media obsesses over is even something that people are aware of, or that it involves Rubio.


I want to second the ask to see Nancy Keenan against Baucus. I wouldn't bother testing her against Daines, but if he announces for senate, I'd test her for the open seat the following week.


Montana Senate (General)
-Max Baucus (D)
-Brian Schweitzer (D)
-Marc Racicot (R)
-Chump Edmunds (R)
-Corey Stapleton (R)

Georgia Senate
-Paul Broun (R)
-Jack Kingston (R)
-Tom Price (R)
-Phil Gingrey (R)
-Karen Handel (R)
-John Barrow (D)
-Kasim Reed (D)
-Thubert Baker (D)
-Max Cleland (D)
-Roy Barnes (D)

George Governor
-Nathan Deal (R)
-Kasim Reed (D)
-Roy Barnes (D)
-Thubert Baker (D)


Ask Georgians if they would support ending the state's practice of holding runoff elections of no candidate hits 50%


Make sure you test Thurbert Baker in your Georgia Senate polls.

Also, test generic legislative ballot in Montana, they just passed new maps.


These are 2 red states which are not regularly polled on gay marriage. I would appreciate it if you would poll on that question, as it would provide an informative data point on whether and to what extent these red states have shifted since enacting their respective marriage amendments in the last decade.

Also, I would ask that you poll in MT whether there is support for prohibiting discrimination in employment, housing and public accommodations based on sexual orientation.


Definitely poll 2016 -- Clinton vs Rubio, Clinton vs Christie.


Re Georgia, would be interesting to see numbers on proposed legislation from Rep. Paul Battles that would allow local school boards to permit employees to carry guns in schools.

Mitch Smith

I have heard Brian Schweitzer mentioned as a dark horse Presidential candidate. Maybe see if MT voters prefer him or Secretary Clinton. Also like others said test Schweitzer in addition to the Lieutenant Governor for the Senate race.

David Jay

Please include name ID of Steve Bullock and Steve Daines. Neither of them has a defined image in Montana at the moment. The Senate race drowned them out.



Max Baucus vs Marc Racicot
Max Baucus vs Rick Hill
Max Baucus vs Corey Stapleton

Brian Schweitzer vs Marc Racicot
Brian Schweitzer vs Rick Hill
Brian Schweitzer vs Corey Stapleton


Max Cleland vs Tom Graves
Max Cleland vs Jack Kingston
Max Cleland vs Paul Broun
Max Cleland vs Casey Cagle

Roy Barnes vs Tom Graves
Roy Barnes vs Jack Kingston
Roy Barnes vs Paul Broun
Roy Barnes vs Casey Cagle

John Barrow vs Tom Graves
John Barrow vs Jack Kingston
John Barrow vs Paul Broun
John Barrow vs Casey Cagle


Nathan Deal vs Max Cleland
Nathan Deal vs Roy Barnes
Nathan Deal vs John Barrow
Nathan Deal vs Hank Johnson
Nathan Deal vs Sanford Bishop
Nathan Deal vs David Scott


For Georgia Senate: Republicans
Congressman Paul Broun
Ex-Secretary of State Karen Handel
Congressman Tom Graves

Ex-State Labor Commissioner Mike Thurmand
Mayor Kasim Reed
State Senator Jason Carter

For Georgia Governor Democrat:
State Senator Jason Carter

Montana Senate:
Ex-State Senate Minority Leader Corey Stapleton (currently running)
Attorney General Tim Fox


See how Schweitzer does against 2016 Republicans in a presidential race.

Josh Mizesko

GA US Senate
Roy Barnes
Sanford Bishop
Jason Carter
Max Cleland
DuBose Porter
Jack Kingston
Paul Broun
Tom Price
GA Governor
Kasim Reed
John Barrow
Jason Carter
Sanford Bishop
MT US Senate
D Primary
Brian Schweitzer
Max Baucus
Baucus(D)-Cory Stapleton(R)
Baucus(D)-Marc Racicot(R)
Baucus(D)-Tim Fox(R)
Baucus(D)-Champ Edmunds(R)

Schweitzer(D)-Cory Stapleton(R)
Schweitzer(D)-Marc Racicot(R)
Schweitzer(D)-Tim Fox(R)
Schweitzer(D)-Champ Edmunds(R)
U.S. House(MT)-
Steve Daines(R) vs. Carol Williams (D)
Steve Daines(R) vs. Brian Schweitzer (D)
U.S. President-
Brian Schweitzer vs. Chris Christie
Brian Schweitzer vs. Marco Rubio


For Georgia, I would suggest polling republicans: Paul Broun and Tom Price against possible democratic candidates Max Cleland and Scott Holcomb. I would suggest asking voters about the possible 2016 presidential candidates Hillary Clinton (D) against potential rivals such as Chris Christie (R) , Marco Rubio (R), Jeb Bush (R), and Rick Santorum (R).


For both states, maybe ask voters if they believe that school employees should be allowed to carry firearms on school grounds and/or if there should be armed volunteers or personnel guarding primary and secondary schools.

And in regards to your 2016 polling, it would be interesting to know if a primary voter would have a second choice if their favorite is out of the running. It may offer a clearer picture of where Democrats or Republicans of particular camps are inclined to direct their vote.


As always, please ask whether they support gay marriage or not. Followed up by giving them a choice of gay marriage, civil unions, or no recognition.

It is nice to have an idea of the growing support for the issue even in states where there is no effort to push for equality.



For Georgia: Test Max Cleland, Roy Barnes, and John Barrow for Democrats. As for Republicans, test Tom Price, Paul Broun, Karen Handel, Brian Kemp, Tom Graves, Sam Olens, and Jack Kingston.

For Montana: Test Max Baucus and Brian Schweitzer for Democrats, and Champ Edmunds, Corey Stapleton, and Tim Fox as Republicans.

Brian hamm

Fore Georgia, do you agree that evolution is a lie straight from the pit of Hell?


Ask about gay marriage in Montana.

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