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February 26, 2013


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Sandra Frederiks

Everyone deserves healthcare. I refuse to support any business that refuses healthcare coverage to their employees. How completely selfish and greedy are these CEOs!. Want to increase your bottom line, boys and girls? Provide healthcare coverage to your employees! Why would anyone want to eat food prepared and served by people who may be carrying transmittable diseases, and yet can not see a doctor for treatment because they have no healthcare coverage? The greed and Scrooge mentality of these CEO's simply disgusts me. I am very happy to boycott these restaurants .


All of the food in our nation has become tainted, eh? I now find myself eating kosher food only.


No one 'deserves' anything other than their natural rights.

Sandra Fluke

And condoms... don't forget those. I would not eat anywhere that did not provide free condoms to its employees and customers. Do you know how many diseases are passed in public restrooms for the lack of a handy source of prophylactics?

Just Aguy

You can just tip the server an extra $1 if it means that much to you.

What percent do you tip at restaurants that expect tipping? 20%? 21%, since you are so "concerned" with the workers?

NB: My wife and I tip 25% or more, have both been in food service, eventually owned our own restaurant and know the drill.

How much do you voluntarily contribute to charities? Do you send extra in on your tax form for the government?

Or are you just blowing some "self righteous smoke" like all those rich Democrats who can't seem to actually step up and write a check?

Fast food is cheap and that's why it sells. You make it more expensive then it won't be cheap and it won't sell.


your survey has a higher number of vegans (7%) than typically reported in other surveys, for example Gallup finds 2% vegan in a July 2012 survey. http://goo.gl/iogxd

At the risk of incurring the displeasure of the part of the population that is not favorable to vegans, do you have an explanation for this? (My hunch would be that vegans are more likely to be registered voters, and more likely to participate in a survey on food.) Would be interested to hear your take.


It doesnt surprise me that Chik-Fil-A is the favorite among Republicans, they are the only ones that can afford to eat there. It also doesnt surprise me that democrats are willing to pay extra at restaurants so the underpaid minimum wage worker can have healthcare coverage- while at the same time its Republicans that bark at the idea of paying a little more for their food in order for the restaurant employee to have healthcare coverage. As for donuts for vs bagels I think since the republican base is the south I can see where donuts are the favorite its a more unhealthy atmosphere down there as opposed to the rest of the country. More fried foods, more fatty foods and again the republican base is there so these results werent surprising.


Oimlate... off your meds again?

Say what? Only Republicans can afford to eat at Chick Fil-A?
The *millionaires* you bow to, Pelosi and Kerry and Obama can't afford to eat there?
Logically then only Republicans have jobs and support themselves.
What are you late for O I'm Late? It's not a job...

Thanks for letting us know the truth behind your Democrat 'do as I say and not as I do' mantra. =)


Margin of error is about +/-4.4 %! And new poll with more people would be great, especially about vegan and politics.


HansG, thanks for sharing the Gallup poll link. There was a good break down of the numbers. However, from my reading it seems that PPP may be a bit more accurate than Gallup.

One very interesting number was the older group (which also tends to be a bit more republican) is moving to a meat free diet, so many of the seniors may be crossing party lines in the process.

Another interesting stat was the low level education number had the highest number of veggies followed closely by the highest education level, with 4 yr degrees at the tail. I expected to see a progression or regression with education, not a saddle. I guess they are including idealistic HS students with the low education base. Highly educated people who are informed of the health (and other) benefits, will tend to move to a reduction in meat intake. That's my take on the saddle curve.

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