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January 30, 2013


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This is idiotic as fuck... More people are killed with hammers every year than civilian model "assault rifles". What makes an "assault rifle" any different than a hunting rifle? Both are semi auto and fire the same rounds... Why ban them? Oh yea, because it's just the first of many government power grabs leading to American communism. People are idiots, wise up, and I hope this lame-brained administration bans tools, cars, and knives too.


I think "Big John" (his TV campaign, not my words)does what most Republicans are doing: oppose, negate, delay and slow down. They don't seem to have a vision for the country which is not retro. No energy policy (other than drill), no ideas or big thoughts on immigration (other than build a wall), no compromise with the President...(he did get re-elected, mind you), no vision on transportation, grid, technology,..pretty much status quo. He's a cypher, because he does not do much except raise money, oppose Obama, slow the forward progress of the nation. Both Texas Senators voted against Kerry's nomination as Sec State. Mind you, Kerry served in Nam, as a Senator for 28 years, ran for President, distinguished himself in combat, but Cornyn could'nt bring himself to vote for him. Sad. and people why our system does not work, simply look at the Senator from Texas.


"More people are killed with hammers every year than civilian model "assault rifles"

More people are killed with hammers every year than with nuclear weapons, too. So?

I don't Believe This Result

Interesting how that polling is completely at odds with what Gallup has been showing for the last two years, even after the CT shooting and media assault on self loading rifles. According to Gallup, a majority of Americans oppose the falsely named "assault weapons ban" by a 51 to 44% majority. Again, this is consistent with a similar result in 2011, where 53% against and only 43% favored.

The last time Gallup showed the majority of the public favoring such a law was back in 2004. They have polled the issue dating back to 1996, and the public has done a dramatic turnaround since then. It was 57 for and 42 against an AWB in 96, but now that has changed to 51 against and 44 for - a 22% swing since 1996.


Gallup has consistently been inaccurate for many years now.


Hammers don't kill 20 first graders in less than 10 minutes.



Arguing that Gallup has been better at polling isn't a very strong argument - for the simple reason that its not true... #2012election


Gallup's wording skews toward opposition of the ban. Public Policy's question is more neutral but also more vague so could skew more to support. For Texas, Public Policy's answers seem generally expected so it's hard to believe they're that far off.

Chris: Your statement is only true if by hammers you mean "all blunt objects." And even then it's an idiotic comparison. Look at deaths per blunt object versus deaths per "assault rifle".

Doug Baird

The company doing this poll only does them for Democratics/left wing/Liberal/Progressive groups or candidates...

David Schaffer

Attention "I don't Believe This Result": After Gallup's disaterous showing in 2012 polling, compared to PPP's very impressive showing, you are going to take Gallup results over PPP? For what reality-based reason would you do that?

USA Today has wisely ended its association with Gallup, it is becoming clearer every year their results are among the least trustworty of all pollsters. PPP has been more accurate but has actually had a small repub/conservative skew in the great majority of their polls. If it is a choice between the two, you'd be wise to take PPP's results, allowign for a few-point repub/conservative lean.

Sam Houston

Polls are BS and skewed towards whatever the pollster or whoever funded the poll wants.

"49% of Texas voters support an assault weapons ban" WTF?

That might be true in Moscow on the Colorado, but of Texas as a whole? This is utter BS.


Only 500 people were polled this is not an accurate representing of the population, so therefore this poll is useless. Unless they can prove who and where the poll was conducted, it is nothing but hype.

Rudy Gonzales

Gear up, Texas! As stated John Cornyn will oppose everything federal. Cornyn and Cruz voted against Kerry's nomination as Sec State, a distinguished Vietnam Veteran, a Senator for 28 years, a presidential candidate, distinguished himself in combat. Sadly, TEA-types will continue to vote for this pseudo-Texan with the gerrymandered districts favoring TEA-types. I for one, am sick of Texas being the laughing stock of American politics with the recent stage play of Rick Perry. Texas needs to get real leadership in the governors office and in the Legislature. vote out career politicins!


This poll is Really false. I hope our Texas politicians do not put any faith in it.

I Don't Believe This Result

"USA Today has wisely ended its association with Gallup"

Hilarious to see all of the self righteous talk about Gallup being so inaccurate and then this statement about USA Today ending its relationship when the poll I am referencing was a joint USA Today/Gallup poll in late December! Gallup and USA Today both conducted a poll showing the American public is against a so called "AWB." So sorry, but you are the one who is completely wrong here.

I think PPP is generally pretty good, but just a few word changes in the same sentence - especially given the outright propaganda effort being done by all of the fascist would be gun banners in the media - can drastically swing the results. For instance, even using the term "assault rifle" is completely wrong by the definition of what an assault rifle is according to US Army documents from the 1970s. Assault rifles are capable of firing in automatic, which does not describe the latest rifles Feinstein/Obama is trying to ban - the whole point of the smaller caliber was to be controllable on burst mode.

95% of the media does not seem to know the difference between auto and semi auto - or the difference between clip and magazine, or what a barrel shroud is, and on and on - so I doubt most of the polling companies do either. To put it another way, the words chosen can have a dramatic difference in polling results. Gallup posted the exact question they used, has PPP?

Anyone believing this result is just kidding themselves and would be the first to scream with rage if a poll result came out in a more liberal state showing the public was against abortion or anything else that we all know is essentially true.


People throw out the words "Semi-Automatic" and most idiots don't even realize that almost ALL guns are semi-automatic. They use this phrase because the word "automatic" scares people.


According to the FBI, 8.5 times more murders were committed with blunt objects than with guns in 2011. Why outlaw guns?
And it doesn't matter anyway, because the Second Amendment states ' For the purpose of a well-regulated militia, The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.' So called 'assualt weapons' are arms. Therefore, we have the right to keep them, being the militia of the U.S.
(Just so you know, in the 1700s, militia meant every man that could fire a gun. Not an official, paid military)


As a Texan, I will tell you this poll must be false. The only section in Texas that you might find something like this possible is in Austin, where the majority are more liberal leaning. EVERYWHERE ELSE is strongly republican, and you will be very hard pressed to find someone who agrees with the ban.

I would really like to know how this poll was conducted and where. I personally wasn't able to take part.

Oh, and I wholeheartedly oppose the "assault weapons" ban. They are not assault weapons, they are defensive weapons that Texans use everyday. Either hunting (not the purpose of the 2nd Amendment, but a legit use nonetheless), home/property defense, and recreation (same situation as hunting), and if you take the 2nd Amendment literally, AR owners are prepped and ready to assemble an organized militia should the need present itself. Yes, that's unlikely, but that's the purpose of the 2nd Amendment, and it's very important to maintain it.


This poll is pure BS unless you count all the liberals moving into Texas from out of state.

John Kerry a decorated "distinguished" Vietnam veteran? Did you serve in Vietnam Bucky or Rudy? I suggest you know nothing about the war nor the process of obtaining decorations. John Kerry is and was a despicable self centered phony. He wrote his own decoration citations and submitted them several times until he finally got someone to rubber stamp them. This happened often in the Vietnam conflict and I suspect still does. You see these decorations are much like Boy Scout merit badges, the more you obtain the better your chances of advancement. Kerry was acutely aware of what he wanted to do after his military service ended. He fully intended to come home a self made war hero with as many decorations as he could pen himself. By the way, I did serve 2 tours in a combat unit in Vietnam. True combat veterans do not like discussing their decorations or experiences....

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