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January 02, 2013


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Ask about gay marriage in both states.


What about polling a three-way Governor's race in Virginia with Bill Bolling as an independent?

It would also be interesting to see how Bob McDonnell stacks up against Mark Warner for Senate in 2014. Maybe George Allen too? Jaime Radtke or Ken Cuccinelli (assuming he doesn't win the gubernatorial race)?

Magnus Jansson

Pennsylvania: Sen. Bob Casey Jr., Fmr. Gov. Ed Rendell, Fmr. Rep. Jason Altmire, Rep. Allison Schwartz, maybe Attorney General-elect Kathleen Kane, maybe the other Democratic Representatives.

Virginia: McDonnell, McDonnell, McDonnell, also Cuccinelli, Bolling and the Representatives who haven't been in Congress since forever.


Would you be willing to accept somewhat higher taxes on all Americans in addition to reforms to reduce Medicare spending as part of a long-term grand bargain to balance the federal budget?

Dennis Yedwab

PA - How about testing Corbett's handling of the Penn State scandal. Would help explain the weird lawsuit against the NCAA

Raymond Jozwiak

Approval rating of State House Leadership: Reps. Dermody, Markosek, Turzai and Adolf.

Steelers Offensive Coordinator, Todd Haley approval rating.


In PA you can't forget Tom Wolf who has long considered a run.


PA Gov 2014: Democrats Sen. Bob Casey, fmr. Rep. Joe Sestak, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, Rep. Bob Brady and Rep. Allyson Schwartz.

VA Sen 2014: Republicans Gov. Bob McDonnell. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (VA resident).

Basic questions: who is to blame for the fiscal cliff debacle, President Obama, Congressional Republicans or Congressional Democrats?

Would Hillary Clinton's recent ill health effect whether or not you would vote for her for President in 2016?


Try a 3-way for VA-Gov with Bolling as an indie.

PA-Gov - Schwartz, McCord, Casey for Dems. Also Castor vs. Corbett and Corbett vs. Generic R Alternative in the R primary.

Ryan Ward

For PA, don't poll Rendell (he isn't running so why bother) or Kane (she won't run, she's a "prosecutor not a poltician" ugh).

Let's poll Sestak and darkhorse Treasurer Rob McCord. Also throw in Philly mayor Nutter, who also isn't running, but if regional breakdowns of the poll ar eprovided we can see which Dem has the best support in Philly vis-a-vis Philly's mayor Nutter.


Guns haven't been polled in VA following lifting the one handgun a month law. Should also ask about the uranium mining ban, adjusting the gas tax for inflation, banning discrimination for sexual orientation of state employees, the new TRAP regs forced through...


For PA:

Questions about Corbett's focus on filing suit against NCAA.

About how he's been promising a plan for transportation funding for 2 years and still hasn't delivered anything.

Also a question about the proposal to apportion states' electoral votes based on popular vote.

The Todd Haley question above is a good one.


Could you poll Virginia Attorney General? That is the other downballot offices up this year. It will be interesting to see if Virginia votes to replace the radical Cuccinelli with a Democrat or a Republican.

The candidates:
Democrat state Senator Mark Herring
Republican state delegate Rob Bell
Republican state Senator Mark Obenshain


McCord, Kane, Schwartz, Casey, Cartwright


I'd be curious to see the results of a question on marijuana (medical or recreational) in Pennsylvania.

Craig Farmer

Ask fav/unfav of kwanzaa. Do you celebrate it?

Josh Mizesko

PA Gov(D Primary)-
Joe Sestak
Allyson Schwartz
Jason Altmire
Kathy Dahlkemper
Michael Nutter
Tom Knox
Jack Hanger
PA Gov(General election)
Tom Corbett(R) vs Sestak/Schwartz/Altmire/Dahlkemper/Nutter/Knox/Hanger
VA U.S. Senate(General)
Bob McDonnell(R) vs. Mark Warner(D)
Bob McDonnell(R) vs. Tom Perriello(D)
Eric Cantor(R) vs. Tom Perriello(D)


Second gay marriage and 3-way VA-Gov with Bolling.

McDonnell, Bolling, Bob Marshall for 2014. Allen and Gilmore have had enough L's.


Please ask about gay marriage in both states. Also perhaps the congressional generic (even though it is very early!)



T Corbett (R) vs J Sestak (D)
T Corbett (R) vs E Rendell (D)

PA-Sen 2016:
P Toomey (R) vs E Rendell (D)

J Webb (D) vs K Cuccinelli (R)

Adam MD

Please ask about gay marriage in both states.

Capers Philip

VA U.S. Senate 2014:
Mark Warner vs. Bob McDonnell

PA Gov 2014:
Tom Corbett(R) vs. Robert McCord (D)
Tom Corbett (R) vs. Michael Nutter (D)
Tom Corbett (R) vs. Allyson Schwartz (D)

PA U.S. Senate 2016:
Kathleen Kane (D) vs Pat Toomey (R)
Allyson Schwartz (D) vs. Pat Toomey (R)

Q1: Who won the fiscal cliff fight?
Q2:Do you approve or disapprove of Pat Toomey?


Gay marriage - both states.


Throw in Chris Matthews in the PA Gov just for fun.

Sam Dodsworth

For Pennsylvania: Do you support or oppose Gov. Corbett's lawsuit against the NCAA? And/or: Do you think the NCAA's sanctions against Penn State's football program are fair or unfair? Also: Do you support or oppose hydraulic fracturing used to drill for natural gas?

I'd also be VERY interested in updated same-sex marriage numbers in both states after the recent string of victories at the ballot box, and with the Supreme Court taking up two significant

Another suggestion would be favorability ratings of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. After all of this fiscal cliff drama, I'm curious how voters in these key states perceive the two parties.

Thanks for taking suggestions!!

Jay Thompson

Marriage Amendment Pennsylvania

Pat Toomey (R) vs Ed Rendell (D)

Tender Branson

Poll some 2016 stuff in VA and PA, using Hillary Clinton, Mark Warner, Bob McDonnell, Joe Biden, Marco Rubio and Chris Christie.



Approval of Governor Corbett's handling of Sandusky scandal
Approval of Joe Paterno's handling of Sandusky scandal
Favorability rating for Joe Paterno
Favorability rating for Jerry Sandusky (just to see how low a favorability rating can go)


Favorability of sabremetrics or advanced statistics in baseball, mainly to see the cross-tabs of Democrats and Republicans.


Debt ceiling


I would actually prefer to see it without Casey for PA gov. He's not running.


PA - McCord, Schwartz, Casey, Sestak are the serious choices at this point. Dark horses would be Nutter or Sapirio (Montgomery County Commissioner). Also consider Caster vs. Corbett in R Primary


For national, do a 2016 poll for both parties. Include a random third party option as well, such as Gary Johnson or Jesse Ventura.

Mad Professah

Ask "do you believe the law should allow same-sex couples to receive civil marriage licenses and have those marriages recognized as valid as opposite-sexmarriages in the state of Pennsylvania /Virginia?"

Chris S.

Would like to see some 2016 presidential polling on Santorum in PA, and on McDonnell and Warner in VA.


In PA, poll Casey, Schwartz, Sestak, McCord, and Nutter. In VA, both McAuliffe vs. Cuccinelli and the 3-way with Bolling. Poll same-sex marriage and Obama approvals in both states, of course.


PA -- approval, Senator Toomey.
Right-to-work legislation
Chris Christie.

Both states -- your Congressional representative (can separate by Party).


Favor ability of the NRA itself, as opposed to various gun control scenarios. Works in those two states as well as nationally. Also favorability of Wayne LaPierre.

Guy Incognito

For Virginia, I'd like to see a question on whether the one term limit for governor should be eliminated.


--Gubernatorial Election
---Tom Corbett vs. John Hanger
---Tom Corbett vs. Allyson Schwartz
---Tom Corbett vs. Joe Sestak
---Tom Corbett vs. Robert McCord
---Tom Corbett vs. Tom Wolf
---Tom Corbett vs. Jack Wagner
---Tom Corbett vs. Kathy Dahlkemper

---Mark Warner vs. Bob McDonnell
---Mark Warner vs. Bill Bolling
---Mark Warner vs. Eric Cantor
---Mark Warner vs. Scott Rigell

---McAuliffe vs. Cuccinelli

--Lieutenant Governor
Dem Primary
----Aneesh Chopra vs. Ralph Northam
Rep Primary
----Jeannemarie Davis
----EW Jackson
----Scott Lingamfelter
----Stephen Martin
----Corey Stewart
----Susan Stimpson
----Pete Snyder

--Attorney General
Dem Primary
----Justin Fairfax vs. Mark Herring
----Rob Bell vs. Mark Obershain


PA: Ask about the Penn State lawsuit and whether the NCAA sanctions were appropriate. Also do a trial run with Hillary against GOP for 2016.
VA: Gov. race and 2016 matchups.

Gay marriage in both states as well.


PA-Marijuana Legalization

Nick Anastasio

PA Gov. Dem Primary: Schwartz, Hanger, Sestak, McCord, Wagner, Knox, Wolf, Wagner, Dahlkemper

PA Gov. GOP Primary: Corbett, Castor, Rohrer

PA Gov. General Election: Corbett vs. each Dem listed above; Castor vs. each Dem listed above

Both states: Support/oppose same-sex marriage; support/oppose assault weapons ban; support/oppose ban on gun magazines of more than 10 rounds; support/oppose closing gun show loophole; support/oppose eliminating Electoral College

Dovie E.


Toomey reelection chances
Santorum primary and general chances if he decides to run for President


McDonnell vs. Warner (U.S. Senate)
Governor's race


Tom Corbett vs Bruce Castor Primary
Tom Corbett vs Sam Rohrer Primary

Right to Work legislation for PA


1) you absolutely should ask whether Pennsylvanians think Tom Corbett's lawsuit against the NCAA is more about Corbett standing up for Penn State or about Corbett trying to help his own re-election.

2) in terms of candidates against Corbett, Casey and Schwartz are considered unlikely to run, so the best head-to-heads would be to track Corbett vs. State Treasurer Rob McCord, vs. former Congressman Joe Sestak, and vs. new Attorney-General Kathleen Kane

Kenneth Thomas

I would like to see you poll in the future a question on at what age people have or will be able to afford to retire. With the disappearance of defined benefit pensions, Social Security is going to be more needed than ever, especially after the Baby Boomers. I blogged about this at dKos (http://www.dailykos.com/story/2013/01/03/1176060/-The-Fiscal-Cliff-and-the-Coming-Retirement-Crisis-of-the-Middle-Class) and included a poll similar to what I'd love to see you do.



I just received your poll in Virginia. If you ask me, your questions were heavily slanted to influence people to choose the more liberal answer.

Todd Dugdale

For the national poll, ask fav/unfav of Tea Party. A bonus would be if the respondent self-identifies as an evangelical or not.


For PA ask about the views on same sex marriage and civil unions, on privatizing the state lottery board, the Governors recent lawsuit against the NCAA, Medical and legal marijuana, and the approval/disapproval rating for the governor and senator Pat Toomey. Honestly my state doesn't get enough polling so any of these being answered would be very helpful.


VA Gov: Cuccinelli vs. McAuliffe
VA Pres. '16:
- GOP Primary: Rubio, Rand Paul, Santorum, Ryan, Christie, Palin
- Pres. Election: Clinton vs. Rubio
Clinton vs. Ryan
Clinton vs. Christie
Clinton vs. Rand Paul

Biden vs. Rubio
Biden vs. Ryan
Biden vs. Christie
Biden vs. Rand Paul


PA Pres. '16:
- GOP Primary: Rubio, Rand Paul, Santorum, Ryan, Christie, Palin
- Pres. Election: Clinton vs. Rubio
Clinton vs. Ryan
Clinton vs. Christie
Clinton vs. Rand Paul

Biden vs. Rubio
Biden vs. Ryan
Biden vs. Christie

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