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January 17, 2013


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Steve Bass

You'll test fav/unfav of NRA?

Brian hamm

Some suggestions:

Ask Minnesotans their opinion on the prospect of Amy Klobuchar running for President in 2016.

In Maine, test Chellie Pingree against both Susan Collins and Paul LePage.

Derek Lane

Overall approval of susan Collins and Lepage. Do Cong. Mike Michaud and Pingree vs Lepage. Indep. Eliot cutler vs lepage. Michaud and Pingree vs Collins. As far as republican challengers against Susan Collins there are none who are even close.


Gay marriage in both states, especially as Maine just relegalised it and SSM supporters are eyeing Minnesota.

Tom T.

Most definitely poll same sex marriage in both states, particularly Minnesota, where the constitutional amendment to ban its was defeated.


Maine Governor
-Paul LePage vs. Eliot Cutler
-Paul LePage vs. Mike Michaud
-Paul LePage vs. John Baldacci
-Paul LePage vs. Chellie Pingree

Maine Senate Primary
-Susan Collins vs. Charlie Summers
-Susan Collins vs. Kevin Raye
-Susan Collins vs. Joe Courtney

Minnesota Governor
-Mark Dayton vs. Norm Coleman
-Mark Dayton vs. Marty Seifert
-Mark Dayton vs. Julie Rosen
-Mark Dayton vs. John Kriesel
-Mark Dayton vs. Keith Downey

Minnesota Senate
-Al Franken vs. Michele Bachmann
-Al Franken vs. Rich Stanek
-Al Franken vs. Laura Brod
-Al Franken vs. John Kline
-And just for fun... Al Franken vs. Michele Bachmann vs. Jesse Ventura?

Adam MD

Gay marriage in both states!

Robert Hemphill

All for Minnesota:
Would you support a sate income tax increase for families making over $200,000 a year?
Would you support Minnesota legalizing same sex marriage?
Do you support a tax increase to pay for the new Vikings stadium?
Do you believe global climate change is happening?
Should Minnesota expand its renewable energy standard to require utilities produce more renewable energy?


For Minnesota Governor, please use former Senator Coleman against Gov. Dayton.
Also against Frankin for senate make sure to use Rep. Michele Bachmann.

For Maine, please use Pingree and Michaud against both Collins and Lepage in the Senate and Governor races.



Gay marriage support is an absolute must. Also possibly asking whether people voted against barring it from the constitution, or pro-gay marriage (an argument against a 'mandate')
Guns. Assault rifle ban in particular. Franken, Dayton, Peterson, Walz, Nolan have all hedged support, and there's a large outstate pro-gun Dem population. A urban/suburban/rural breakdown of that one would also be huge.
Franken v. Paulsen. That is the matchup, nothing else is really worth doing for that race.
Dayton v. Norm Coleman
Dayton v. Jeff Johnson
Dayton v. David Hann
Dayton v. Julie Rosen
Dayton v. Kurt Zellers
GOP Gubernatorial Primary of all of the above.
Should Klobuchar run for Pres?

Josh Mizesko

ME US Senate
Susan Collins Approval
ME US Senate- R Primary
1.Susan Collins(R) vs. Charlie Summers(R)
ME US Senate- General election
Susan Collins(R) vs. Mike Michaud(D)
Susan Collins(R) vs. Chellie Pingree(D)
Susan Collins(R) vs. Hannah Pingree(D)
ME Governor- D Primary
Emily Cain
Mike Michaud
Tom Allen
Matthew Dunlap
Justin Alfond
ME Governor- General election
1. LePage(R) vs. Cain(D)/Michaud(D)/Allen(D)/Dunlap(D)/Alfond(D)
2. LePage(R) vs. Michaud(D) and Cutler(I)
MN US Senate- R Primary
John Kline
Michele Bachmann
Chip Cravaack
Kurt Zellers
MN US Senate- General election
Franken(D) vs. Kline(R)/Bachmann(R)/Cravaack(R)/Zellers(R)
MN-Should Amy Klobuchar run for president?


Can you do a 2016 poll w/o Clinton but WITH Biden? It seems like a very viable scenario that hasn't been polled on.

Mark B.

Please test marriage equality in Minnesota.

As well, I hope you will ask about a possible three-way race in Maine.


You should poll the MN Senate race with Jesse Ventura as an independent candidate in for the mix.


Ask both states whether they support legalizing the recreational use of marijuana.

Todd Dugdale

For MN, the main Republican candidates would be Coleman or Paulsen, with Quist or Bachmann as long-shots. This would be for either the Senate or Governor race. There isn't much of a "bench" left in the MNGOP.

I would like to see MN figures for evangelical self-identification. The MNGOP is split now between the evangelicals and the Paulistas (took over in a coup at the State Convention). Knowing how strong the evangelical faction is would be useful. If not that, then a breakdown into rural, urban, and exurban respondents.

This also assumes that you will include your standard ideological breakdown.


Ask about the 2016 race for both states.


Also, I agree with Darwin's statement that you guys should keep Biden in when taking out Clinton for the 2016 stuff, since it's very possible that that could in fact happen.


Gun Laws would be interesting in both states. Lots of actual sportsmen in both.

Very important to add Cutler (I) to any questions about gov race.


Any Me gov poll has to have at least 3 candidates to be relevant.
Cutler v LePage v Some D.
Previous posters have mentioned Dem gov primary names, I would add AG Janet Mills, Portland Mayor Mike Brennan and former state rep Jeremy Fischer.

anon anon

Do you support efforts to legalize same-sex marriage in MN?
Do you support raising income taxes on couples earning more than $250k?
Do you support tax increases, spending cuts or a combination of both to erase the state's $1.1 billion projected budget deficit?
Do you support efforts to put restrictions on guns? Ammo clips, background checks, assault weapons ban?
Do you support efforts to legalize marijuana in MN?

Gov in 2014
Dayton vs. Norm Coleman
Dayton vs. Jeff Johnson
Dayton vs. Kurt Zellers
Dayton vs. Julie Rosen

U.S. Senate in 2014
Franken vs. Erik Paulsen
Franken vs. John Kline
Franken vs. Michele Bachmann
Franken vs. Henn. Co. Sheriff Rich Stanek.


In Minnesota,
1) I'd be curious if voters are happy with the direction, so far, of the new DFL-led legislature
2) Whether voters would support a higher gas tax to pay for road repair/construction
3) Would voters support an expansion of the sales tax (onto clothing in particular) if the rate is lowered

And of course
MN Governor & MN Senate mentioned by others
Whether same-sex marriage should be legalized


Minnesota Republican Governor names (vs Dayton):
Norm Coleman
Julie Rosen
Jeff Johnson
Kurt Zellers

Minnesota Senate (vs. Al Franken)
Rep. John Kline
Rep. Eric Paulsen


1. Same sex marriage legalization in Minnesota
2. Cannabis legalization in both
3. Approval ratings for their Senators, their Governors, their state legislatures, and of the President
4. Obama's handling of gun control
5. Mark Dayton vs. Michele Bachmann
6. Al Franken vs. Norm Coleman/Timothy Pawlenty/Bachmann
7. Paul LePage vs. Olympia Snowe/other Republican
8. Conservative, Moderate, or Progressive
9. Opinion of Canada
10. Should Senator Klobuchar accept SCOTUS nomination if event arises?
11. Should states be able to secede?
12. Acceptance of a non-Christian, gay, woman, Latino, or Asian for president
13. Should DOMA be overturned?
14. Biden for President in 2016
15. Highest level of education achieved

Gabe Aderhold

Mark Dayton vs Keith Downey for Minnesota Governor! He was a representative for the state and has been seen as a real leader for the party these past few years! Please include him, trust me, he used to be my representative! Takes on Dayton whenever he can!



Same-sex marriage legalization (it'll be introduced soon in the legislature)
Gubernatorial race 2014: Dayton vs. Generic Republican; Dayton vs. Keith Downey
State-level legislation on gun control

Anthony C. Maki

Same-sex marriage legalization in Minnesota!

Chris S.

Please do 2016 presidential general election matchups of Klobuchar vs. Christie and Klobuchar vs. Rubio. For that matter, Klobuchar vs. Bachmann for president 2016 would also be fun. A Clinton vs. Klobuchar primary matchup would also be interesting.

Jay Thompson

Minnesota Senate Race 2014
Al Franken (D) vs. Michelle Bachmann (R)
Al Franken (D) vs. John Kline (R)

Minnesota Governor Race 2014
Mark Dayton (D) vs. Michelle Bachmann (R)
Mark Dayton (D) vs. Keith Downley (R)
Mark Dayton (D) vs. David Hann (R)
Mark Dayton (D) vs. Julie Rosen (R)
Mark Dayton (D) vs. Marty Seifert (R)
Mark Dayton (D) vs. Dave Thompson (R)
Mark Dayton (D) vs. Kurt Zellers (R)

Democratic Party for Maine Governor 2014
Steve Woods (Who Declared)
Justin Alfond
Emily Cann
Matthew Dunlap
Mark Eves
Jeremy Fischer
Mike Michaud
Janet Mills
Chellie Pingree

Independent Eliot Cutler for Maine Governor

For Maine:: Should Susan Collins run for President?
For Minnesota:: Should Amy Klobuchar run for President?

For Minnesota::
Legalization of Gay Marriage
Legalization of Civil Unions
Would you support a bill that would increase minimum wage?


Ask about gay marriage in both state.


For Maine, "Do you believe that Senator Susan Collins will run for re-election in 2014, or will she retire?" Given that Olympia Snowe's retirement leaves Susan Collins now as the last vestige of Yankee Republicanism (and she's always relied on having Snowe to take the cover for her and be the one to take the right-wing heat), it seems entirely possible that Collins might decide she doesn't want to be the clear left of her party all by her lonesome.


Do not test Kieth Downey. He's running for MN GOP Chairman. He is not running for Gov. Seifert has also ruled out all bids.


I'd like to know how Michelle Bachmann wins reelection to Congress. How does she do it? What do the good citizens of St. Cloud, MN see in her that they feel she represents them?


Should Susan Collins leave the GOP? To become an independent? Or a Democrat?

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