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January 09, 2013


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peggy thomas

I am amazed that while trying to decrease the deficit, no one has come up with the idea that the children of congressmen and the house repay their student loans like everybody else. Who pays for the fancy gym that members get to use (the one featured on 20/20)? If it's the taxpayers, it should be closed. Sell the private jets, stop voting yourselves raises that equal to what most of us earn in a week with less vacation pay. I think every member of congress and the house along with their families should try to live on minimum wage for a month or two without benefits


To really understand our gun culture, the cultivation of guns -- we would have to take an honest look at the U.S. military/industrial (/congressional) complex... and the historical core of our violent culture. The core of state sponsored slavery, massacre and genocide. Are we honorable enough, honest enough with ourselves to do that? No.

We can expect the culture of gun violence to continue unabated so long as the U.S. congress continues to spend more than a trillion dollars of tax payer's money a year on the art of organized mass murder (and mind bending propaganda). Meanwhile, the corporations that manufacture those guns and drones and nuclear bombs... Recycle millions of dollars of their private profits from the people's taxes into influencing politics.

To really talk about guns, we have to talk about the military sector.


Gee ... so people have a bad impression of insane, dangerous political radicals who want to undermine the well-being of our society? Who'd have thought?


Then explain the 10's of thousands of new memberships to the NRA every day.

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