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January 08, 2013


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Given the margin of error in the poll, it would appear that there is not a statistically significant difference overall between Congress and cockroaches.


But...are they below pollsters?

Dave Mowers

It because everyone knows Congress is here solely to serve the interests of the rich who are by definition thieves. They steal our tax money, get granted special considerations on taxes, grants, credit, loans. Are given sweet heart deals all on the backs of the working class. Americans are ready for outright bloody revolution and when it comes I will die slaughtering as many wealthy families as I can get to so that their next generation of thieving children cannot control the lifetime incomes of the majority of patriots who actually contribute to this country.

steve mcqueen

And all you dumb motherfuckers are going to continue to vote incumbent.


I love you guys.


. Gerrymandering has ruined the House and the senate is filled with long timers who are mostly concerned with their own re-elections not the people they represent.


How about you conduct a follow-up poll and see which sub-group of Congress is the worst? Senate vs. House or Dems vs. Reps. The expectation of course, if everyone voted along their own partisan lines, would be that the Dems are slightly more favored in the Senate and Reps are more favored in the House. But would that really be true? Who (or which party) does America really blame for our ineffective Congress?

Tamara Andersen.

Dave Mowers is an idiot. Class envy is not going to solve the problem! Special interests are part of the problem, but the budget is busted because of entitlement programs not because of tax breaks for the wealthy. If we took 100% of their income, we couldn't balance the budget. Your hatred of the wealthy is part of the problem...

Daniel Small

This cannot be correct in any way shape or form. This poll is completely flawed, afterall, how could 92% of the incumbents be re-elected if this is truly how the American people feel. I guess you can't fix good 'ol American stupidity. Appratnely, Congress relies on very heavily!! Isn't it time to wake up??

Frank Carroll

And where does Congress fair against Mr. D. Trump?


Congress could have a 1% approval rating and they still would not care, nor would they change their ways. They know they will be re-elected.

James Anderson Merritt

@Daniel Small: No, you can't fix good'ol American stupidity. But you can fix good'ol American elections. If you know what I mean.

Nam Marine


Terry in Sydney, Australia

If cockroaches are more popular than Congress, perhaps Gregor Samsa should run as an independent?

Joe Smith

When was the last time America "bailed out" France recently? What the heck kind of statement is that? Don't say WW2 that was over 60 years ago


The problem is that people don't like "congress" but they like they're rep usually.

I love my districts representative to the house.

Of course I don't care for my states senators.

Also, I just want to point out that Dave Mowers up their should probably be on a list.... Advocating bloody revolution is serious stuff.

C. P. Jackson

...and the problem is that we let people vote who don't know English well enough to understand the proper usage of "they're" vs. "their", "districts" vs. "district's", "states" vs. "state's", or "their" vs. "there".

Bo McCarthy

C.P. Jackson....you made my day. Your comment took the words right out of my mouth. Hilarious but true. You killed me.


Daniel Small: 92% of the incumbents are re-elected because the others trying for election are a worse choice. It shows the talent of people running for office.

Kathleen Muster

Start voting all incumbents out! A new Congress isn't already bought and paid for and we'll have a couple of years where something useful might get done!


the problem is everyone thinks it is not "their" member of congress that is the problem. it is the other guy

V Kenney

Congress for some reason is concerned only with money. The Congress does not care about the people just the numbers. In America we need to put the humane back into human. People must be placed before anything else. It is time for a new Congress. Something has to change.

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