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January 30, 2013


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Do you trust your local TV news?


For Senate the polling should definitely involve Rep. Bruce Braley (D). On the R side for Senate try Rep Steve King, Rep Tom Latham, and Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds, those are the front runners. Against Branstad I would love to see polling of Christie Vilsack, as well as Tyler Olsen, and Bruce Braley as well. Also, I know that there has been a lot of polling on Branstads favorability, I would love to see that for Kim Reynolds as she is one of the strongest Republican women in the state. Those are a few good questions for what the politics in Iowa are looking like right now.


Alaska Senate Begich Challengers
Joe Miller (R) - '10 Senate Nominee
Sean Parnell (R) - Governor
Dan Sullivan (R) - Anchorage Mayor
Mead Treadwell (R) - Lt. Governor

For Iowa Senate
GOP challengers
Lt. Governor Kim Reynolds (R)
Rep. Tom Latham (R)
Rep. Steve King (R)

Democratic Challengers
Rep. Bruce Braley
Former Gov. Chet Culver

Morgan Whitacre

How about Lisa Murkowski's favorability? I totally love her (and I am a liberal) since her 2010 election where the GOP screwed her. Also, how about same-sex marriage?


For the national poll, please do some 2016 stuff with both the primaries and the general election. Also do the 2016 primaries for Iowa specifically.


Great suggestions for Begich opponents; same I would have said. But I've also got a million Alaska suggestions (arranged in roughly the order of my personal interest in the subject):

For/Against having Mt. McKinley officially renamed Denali (as per Sen. Murkowski's new bill.)

For/Against Governor's $2B change for the oil tax plan.

For/Against on Governor debating state Sen. Wielechowski about his oil tax plan.

For/Against FDA approval of genetically modified salmon ("frankenfish").

For/Against state House speaker Chenault's possibly-unconstitutional gun-ban-ban bill.

For/Against Sen. Begich's proposed plan to protect social security.

Happy/Sad about NHL lockout ending (and therefore the Alaska Aces losing the NHL players they'd picked up. I don't care for hockey, but I know you guys like to occasionally through in sports questions and this is maybe the only one that a majority of the state will even have an opinion on.)

If you need references for any topic, LMK; but I think I've given enough info so you can search for details.


Against Begich:

Against Branstad:
Both Vilsacks
Generic D

Iowa Senate:
Both Vilsacks



In addition to the above recommendations, I'd offer two more:

Test Sarah Palin against Begich. Will she run? Not a chance. But it would be interesting to see how that match-up comes out. Also, for Iowa Senate, check Tom Vilsack for the Democrats. He probably wouldn't run, but he's a much more realistic possibility than Palin, and who knows, he very well might.


afaik, Alaskans have never been polled on their views of same-sex marriage.

An opportunity for a historic first!


Iowa US Senate (D): State Senate President Gronstal.


Alaska Governor possible D opponenets:

Ethan Berkowitz ('10 candidate)
Hollis French ('10 primary candidate)
Diane Benson ('10 lieutenant candidate)
Bill Wielechowski (state Sen.)


Against Begich:

Against Branstad:
Both Vilsacks
Generic D

Iowa Senate:
Both Vilsacks



Make sure to do general election matchups in both AK and IA. Throw in Sarah Palin v Hilary Clinton just for fun.


Alaska Senate Race
Parnell vs Begich
Mead treadwell vs begich

Iowa Senate Race
Branstad vs Bruce Baley
Tom Latham vs Bruce Baley
Steve King vs Bruce Baley

Iowa Governors Race
Branstad vs Chet Culver
Kim Reynolds vs Chet Culver
Kim Reynolds vs generic democrat

Brian hamm

A couple of names I would add to Michael's suggestions:

Alaska Senate Begich Challengers
Sarah Palin

Iowa Senate - Democrats
Tom Vilsack


T Vilsack (D) vs T Branstad (R)
T Vilsack (D) vs T Latham (R)
T Vilsack (D) vs S King (R)
B Braley (D) vs T Branstad (R)
B Braley (D) vs T Latham (R)
B Braley (D) vs S King (R)

T Branstad (R) vs C Culver (D)
T Branstad (R) vs B Braley (D)
T Branstad (R) vs D Loebsack (D)
T Branstad (R) vs T Miller (D)
T Branstad (R) vs M Fitzgerald (D)

The Branstad vs Braley for both races would be very interesting for see if the people change their choice looking at the office or not. I would like to see Miller and Fitzgerald polled because they are long time statewide officers and can be stronger than the people think.

M Begich (D) vs S Parnell (R)
M Begich (D) vs S Palin (R)
M Begich (D) vs J Miller (R)
M Begich (D) vs M Treadwell (R)

S Parnell (R) vs Clark Gruening (D)
S Parnell (R) vs Fran Ulmer (D)
S Parnell (R) vs E Berkowitz (D)
S Parnell (R) vs T Knowles (D)


For Alaska Senate:

Joe Miller vs Begich
Mead Treadwell vs Begich

And just for fun, throw Palin in the senate race to see how'd she stand.

Iowa Senate:

Steve King vs Braley
Kim Reynolds vs Braley
Tom Latham vs Braley

Can you also ask both states about Gay marriage or legalizing marijuana?


AK US Senate
Sean Parnell
Joe Miller
Mead Treadwell

AK's At-large congressional district
Don Young(R)- Should he retire?
Democratic Challengers
Scott McAdams, former mayor of Sitka and Democratic nominee for Senate in 2010
IA Governor-
Bruce Braley
Chet Culver
IA US Senate
Bruce Braley
Dave Loebsack
Roxanne Conlin
Jim Nussle
Terry Branstad
Tom Latham
Steve King
Kim Reynolds
Brad Zaun
Ben Lange

Chris S.

Would be curious to see 2016 Iowa caucus poll numbers for both parties. Also on 2016, Clinton vs. Palin 2016 in Alaska.


You should also do a poll for Secretary of State Matt Schultz favor ability after his advocacy of new voter suppression laws. And poll him against Brad Anderson.

train of abuses

I would like to see polling on if Americans support an Audit of the Fed that Harry Reid is currently stalling in the Senate. Another great subject would be if Americans support the Patriot Act or the NDAA, after a description of what they do. Or describing the drone strike war, and seeing who supports it. How come we never see polling on issues like the NDAA or Patriot Act or drone wars?


Alaska: Miller, Treadwell, Parnell, Sarah Palin, and Levi Johnston against Begich.

Dems for Governor: Ethan Berkowitz and Scott McAdams.

Poll a primary between Parnell and Sarah Palin.

Iowa: Dems vs. Branstad- Culver, Loebsack, Braley
For Senate: On the R side, King, Latham, Reynolds, Matt Schultz.
On the D side, poll Braley, Culver, and both Vilsacks.
Iowa Caucus: Include Sarah Palin in the poll; I want to see if this week's announcement from Fox really is the end or if she has a route back into national politics.


Alaska Governor:
Sean Parnell (R)
Mike Navarre (D)
Hollis French (D)
Bill Wielechowski (D)
Bill Walker (R)
(also always need a 3rd party candidate)

Alaska Senate:
Mark Begich (D)
Mead Treadwell (R)
Dan Sullivan (R) (Mayor and Commissioner. Should poll both)

Should Alaska reduce oil taxes like Governor Parnell supports if it means cuts to schools, roads and ports?

Do you support the President's gun restrictions?

Do you support a ban on assault weapons?

Tim Barnhart

Alaska: Sarah Palin favorability/unfavorability

Pat H.

Alaska Senate:
Begich vs. Governor Sean Parnell
Begich vs. Lieutenant Governor Mead Treadwell
Begich vs. 2010 Senate nominee Joe Miller
Begich vs. Former Lieutenant Governor Loren Leman
Begich vs. Anchorage Mayor Dan Sullivan

For the Republican Primary, a Treadwell vs. Miller head to head might be interesting. Treadwell looks to be the establishment choice, while Miller the tea-party.

For Alaska, it would be interesting to see how Congressman Don Young looks in the Republican Primary. Just Young vs. other Republican to see where he stands.

Iowa Senate:
Congressman Bruce Braley vs. Congressman Steve King
Braley vs. Congressman Tom Latham
Braley vs. Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds
Braley vs. The ever popular activist Bob Vander Platts
Braley vs. State Senator Brad Zaun

In addition to a overall jungle Republican primary poll, a Latham vs. King head to head might be interesting.

Iowa Governor:
Branstad vs. Congressman Bruce Braley
Branstad vs. Former Governor Chet Culver
Branstad vs. State Senator Liz Mathis
Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds vs. Braley
Reynolds vs. Culver
Reynolds vs. Mathis

Might be worth testing a Republican Primary Poll without Branstad that may include:
Lieutenant Governor Kim Reynolds
Secretary of State Matt Schultz
State Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey
Conservative Activist Bob Vander Platts

Thanks again for taking suggestions!

Adam MD

Please poll Same sex marriage in Alaska!

Tom T.

I'd love to see polling for gay marriage in Alaska. I don't think the issue has been polled there yet.


Please please please ask about gay marriage in Alaska. I don't think I've ever seen numbers on that issue from there, and given how unique the state is it would be very insightful and interesting to see what percentage of voters favor legalizing it.

I'd definitely like to see approval numbers for Lisa Murkowski there, as well as Sarah Palin's favorability (I'm curious how voters there see her so long after the 08 election, especially after being dropped by Fox News recently).

For both states and nationally, it would be great to see numbers on whether voters support a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants already in the country, since that seems to be a major sticking point between Republicans and Democrats.

Thanks as always for taking suggestions!


Please poll the 2016 Presidential Primaries in Iowa and test Hillary and Biden vs. Rubio and Christie.

P Myrtle B

Alaska: same-sex marriage and Sarah Palin approval.


Iowa Gov:


Iowa Sen:


Also, do the Iowa Caucus for Dems (Non-Hillary or Biden) and Reps (No Huckabee)

Alaska Senate:



Do polling for Presidents in Alaska.


Both states: same-sex marriage, congressional approval, gun control, and willingness to put more public funds into mental illness.


Definitely please poll gay marriage in Alaska. I don't think it's ever been asked before, and Alaska is a state where demographically you'd expect the population to be supportive (it's a very young and un-religious state) despite the partisan lean.

Pat G.

I think one of the biggest surprises in Iowa polling would be a third rematch between Ben Lange and Bruce Braley statewide for US Senate. I know Lange is 0-2 against his biannual foe Braley, but that was in the most Democratic District in the state. A run for US Senate is neutral turf.


For Iowa Senate make sure to poll Kim Reynolds


You should include former Governor Chet Culver in both Senate and Governor.

State Rep and Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Tyler Olson of Cedar Rapids should be included in your Governor head-to-head. He has said he'd explore his 2014 options. State Senator Jack Hatch of Des Moines is one of few possible candidates to publicly express interest in Governor's race and he should be included in the poll as well.


Alaska Senate
-Begich vs. Mead Treadwell
-Begich vs. Dan Sullivan
-Begich vs. Joe Miller
-Begich vs. Loren Leman
-Begich vs. Sean Parnell

Alaska Gov.
-Parnell vs. Frank Hollis
-Parnell vs. Ethan Berkowitz
-Parnell vs. Tony Knowles
-Parnell vs. Scott McAdams
-Parnell vs.

Iowa Senate
-Bruce Braley
-Dave Loebsack
-Chet Culver
-Steve King
-Tom Latham
-Kim Reynolds
-Bill Northey
-Bob Vanderplaats

Iowa Governor
-Branstad vs. Tom Vilsack
-Branstad vs. Tyler Olson
-Branstad vs. Rob Hogg
-Branstad vs. Chet Culver


Same Sex marriage has been banned since 1998 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alaska_Ballot_Measure_2_(1998))

It will be a HUGE uphill battle to change the constitution again.

Jay Thompson

I would like to see Marriage Equality in Alaska. It has never been done before and should be.


National: Do you support or oppose the Hurricane Sandy relief package that was just passed?


Add A.J Spiker to your possible Senate candidates on the Republican side. Do marijuana legalization and same sex marriage for both states.

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