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December 11, 2012


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Are you kidding? If MA is stupid enough to elect Elizabeth fake Indian Warren McConnell can win re-election easily. Will this liberal hollywood actress have a chance in a state so conservative Obama won only 3 counties, none by getting over 50% of the vote? Democrat is a dirty word in many parts of the country, and after another 4 years of obama, it will be a dirty word EVERYWHERE

Jay Thompson

Why are Democrats have a 15 point advantage in this poll? I mean I never complain about this, but 15 points. Holy cow...


I have a feeling Democrats will be especially motivated to beat McConnell for two reasons: (1) His obstructionism and (2) the fact that this is one of only two or three significant Democratic pickup chances.


The people of KENTUCKY should re-tire Sen:McConnell the man have very poor judgement and tunnel vision.
The man have forgotten he represents a state and the people of that state sent him to WASHINGTON to do their bidding, not to just represent himself. I personally woulod like to see Ashley
Judd replace McConnell. EDDIE


ummm how can they find a more conservative candidate? McConnell is bat**** crazy,


KY has a huge Dem registration advantage over Republicans---check it out with the KY SOS or exit polling; hope that answers the questions of the uninformed here.

However, many Dems in KY are "hereditary" Dems---it's a family tradition and exists in name only. Functionally KY is very conservative as reflected by their Senators and Presidential numbers of late; however, note that Conway wasn't blown out by Paul, it was fairly close....and Bashear, a Dem, won pretty easily in the Gov race.

If Judd can bring out the same constituency Conway did and, additionally, user her popularity to bring out younger voters, who otherwise would probably stay home for a midterm election, she can make it close, liberal or not. I'd say that she has a pretty clear path to a Dem nomination, if she decides to run. She definitely looks a lot better than McConnell

Kind "The Tortoise and the Hair" :)


What's weird is Kentucky has had a democratic governor every election except for two. But in the national races we have been a 99% republican electoral vote guarantee.

If Judd has any chance against Mitch it's because we've seen her naked before, haha.


My personal opinion....No thinking person would elect an actress with no experience and a card carrying liberal of the first class. McConnell may not be the greatest choice but he is well positioned in Washington and Kentucky needs that position.
Judd is well know for her years at the University Of Kentucky and not in the most flattering way. She is a good looking personality who has used her popularity to get lots of attention at KY's basketball games. Ky fans are rabid about their basketball team and enjoy a well know actress bringing more attention to the team. Surely that will not translate to an election of such importance.

carrol pearson

he is no doubt the sorry est senater in my 72 years of being in ky i will do my part to get him out who ever runs.

Geoff Alnutt

I think Miss McConnell could possibly save his ass/face (I always get them confused) if he'd simply come out, but he won't. Repiglicon. They go down swingin'...but they do'go down'. They must get SO tired of their tired selves.

Devon Darlington

McConnell is toxic! He needs to go.


Read "Dear Hunting With Jesus", by Joe Bageant. Author pretty much nails it.. why KYians vote Republican. Plus you have Dems who act like REpubs.. and reinforce Repub 'talking points' & run on same platform as Repubs. When you have fake Repubs running against real Repubs, the real Repubs win every time.


Kentucky's poverty rate is the fifth highest in the nation, according to new U.S. Census Bureau figures, while the percentage of uninsured Kentuckians has also increased. McConnell has done absolutely nothing to change these figures and to add insult to injury McConnell is working overtime to ensure critical programs that keep the poor alive, are cut!! Why majority of KYians think our Republican US delegation has brought such positive outcomes for KY is beyond me. How in this world could a Democrat inflict more pain and suffering than KY's current Republican members of Congress who've dominated this post for decades?? Perhaps happy days can be had here again in KY if we run a real Democrat like Alben Barkley!!


Yeah, Democrats are not popular in the racist south(where I live, Al. receives $1.66 for every $1) and other states(Kentucky) that recieve more money from the "evil" government than their citizens pay to the feds! In educated states, like Mass.,Cali,NY,Penn. among others, and the liberal NW states, where their citizens pay for under taxed rednecks, democrats rule! Uneducated Americans whinning about taxes with their hands out for federal dollars vote for the teapotty. Sad irony....but the electorate is changing in this country and the gop is on life support and fading fast.


Can anyone remember when there was a Democratic proposal which Mitch McConnell said would "pass over my dead body"? It passed, and that creature from the deep still seems to be (barely) alive. How unfair is this? Loony policies aside, I would deeply appreciate never having to look at this appallingly ugly man ever again.




hey mitch you wanted to make sure PRESIDENT OBAMA WAS A ONE TERM ONLY PRESIDENT. HA HA HA LOL. NOW GET READY FOR YOUR LOUSY a*** to be diTched.we gonna make sure you are gone for goodddd guy. huh? YOU THINK THE KOCH BROTHERS WILL HIRE YOU THEN??? HUH??? HUH?? can you hear me???????

Fern Creeker

Mitch McConnell is now a multimillionaire. Does anyone remember when he was a regular Joe as Jefferson County Judge? He has become rich in the Senate.
He is the biggest hypocrite in the US Senate bar none. He embarrasses the residents of the Commonwealth. Time for him to go back to live in the Highlands of Louisville.There is a reason McConnell lives in the Highlands....He needs to come clean with KY. Ditch Mitch after 30 years!!!

Nishant Grover

It would be nice to see a similar poll include Gov. Beshear in a match up against Sen. McConnell. Even though the governor has not expressed interest in the seat, he has a decent approval rating and could do well in a hypothetical or actual contest.

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