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November 24, 2012


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Gay marriage in both


Definitely poll same-sex marriage in both states. The issue might be put to voters in both states.

Adam MD

Ask about gay marriage in both.

Stephen Lorimor

Assessing support for same-sex marriage in both states would be interesting. Illinois remains a possibility for proactive legislation on the subject in 2013. The legislature in New Jersey has passed a bill already, which was vetoed by the governor and lacks sufficient votes to override it.


Definitely poll Dem. primary for New Jersey Senate race. Lautenberg will be 90 and is very vulnerable in both the primary and the general elections. I recommend testing him against Cory Booker, Rob Andrews and Frank Pallone. For the general try each of those against Chris Christie and maybe even Christine Todd Whitman.

Capers Philip

Do you think Frank Lautenberg should retire?

Democratic Senate Primary: Cory Booker vs. Frank Lautenberg


Bill Daley vs. Pat Quinn in the democratic primary!!

Jay Thompson

Same-Sex Marriage.


Ask about same-sex marriage in both states please.



Booker, Buono, Codey, Wisniewski


Approve/disapprove of handling of Sandy, Did it make your opinion of Christie more favorable, less favorable, or same, will Sandy affect your 2013 vote


Illinois: Mark Kirk vs. Michelle Obama for Senate in 2016.
Are people satisfied with the outcome of the (gerrymandered) House map?
Ask people who they think is the leader of the Republican Party: Romney, Ryan, Boehner, Christie, Limbaugh?
Ask Republicans if they think Reince Priebus deserves another term at the RNC.

New Jersey: Ask if people care about Bob Menendez's sex life.
Poll Booker, Sweeeney, Buono, Codey vs. Christie.
For fun, poll "The Boss" (Springsteen) vs. Christie.
Ask people who they think is the leader of the Republican Party: Romney, Ryan, Boehner, Christie, Limbaugh?
Ask Republicans if they think Reince Priebus deserves another term at the RNC


Legalize gay marriage?

Jeff S

US Seante
Bob Dold
Tom Cross
Patrick Hughes

Dick Durbin
Alexi Giannoulias
Raja Krishnamoorthi
Shelia Simon

Aaron Schock
Dan Rutherford
Bill Brady
Kirk Dillard

Pat Quinn
Toni Preckwinkle
Bill Daley


How often do NJ residents think they'll be hit by Sandy-strength storms in the future? Every 10 years? 50 years?

Leader of the Republican Party would be a good one, especially if you also asked who was leader of the conservative movement and see how the answers differ.

Brian hamm

Ask New Jerseyites if they support or oppose Chris Christie running for President in 2016.

doug tuttle

suggestions for your odder questions category. First, poll Gay Marriage versus Lesbian Marriage. It sounds silly, but lesbian may have more goodwill attached to it than "gay."

Also, poll the favorability of breathing. Again,sounds silly, but this may be the only time something could poll 100% approval, yet I suspect it won't.


"Do you think Cory Booker tweets too much?"

"Are the christie fat jokes funny?"



For Senate, I'd love to see a Walsh vs Durbin poll, as well as a Durbin vs Generic Republican, just to see how much Walsh would do.

The action is on the Gov side. Dem primary: Quinn, B. Daley, Toni Preckwinke, Lisa Madigan. I'd also like to see a "should Mike Madigan resign if Lisa runs for Gov / promise to do it if she wins" question. Rep. primary: Shock, Dillard, Rutherford. And the general, of course. It'd be great to see a "Quinn vs. Generic but pro-choice republican."

Issues: Gay marriage, gambling expansion, and "would you support or oppose an amendment to the Illinois Constitution allowing a graduated or progressive income tax that would assess higher taxes on greater income?"


Should Mark Kirk resign


Add Lisa Madigan to the Dem primary for gov with Pat Quinn and Bill Daley. Do Lisa Madigan for senate in 2016 v. Kirk and Valerie Jarrett v. Kirk and Michelle Obama v. Kirk. Gay marriage for both. Cory Booker v. Christie for gov and Cory Booker v. Lautenberg for Dem primary in Senate.


Can you please poll Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart as a D primary candidate for IL Guv and Senator? Thanks!


Does the GOP need to "evolve" on immigration should be a question.

Illinois Senate:
Durbin (D)
Duckworth (D)
Bustos (D)
Simon (D)
Dold (R)
Kinzinger (R)
Walsh (R)

Quinn (D)
Daley (D)
Madigan (D)
Schock (R)
Walsh (R)
Rutherford (R)
Dillard (R)
Radogno (R)

(Note to above commenter: Preckwinkle has declined to run)

New Jersey Governor:
Chris Christie (R)
Cory Booker (D)
Barbara Buono (D)
Richard Codey (D)
Steve Sweeney (D)

New Jersey Senate:
Frank Lautenberg (D)
Cory Booker (R)

Robert McDowall

Definitely ask about Same-sex marriage and pot legalization in both states. Ask the voters in both states if they would be more likely or less likely to support a politician who has signed Grover Norquist's tax pledge.

Ask about the Gubernatorial election in 2014,
Ask about 2016 Presidential candidates for both parties,
And most importantly, ask people in the 2nd district about Jesse Jackson Jr.

New Jersey:
Ask about the Gubernatorial election in 2013,
Ask about 2016 Presidential candidates for both parties specifically ask if they would support a Christie
Ask about approval of their handling of hurricane Sandy for President Obama, Governor Christie, and Mayor Booker

Noah C

Immigration: Do you support full amnesty, immediate deportation, or somewhere in between? (perhaps neutralize wording a bit and add more options)

Ben C

For future polls I'd love to see Pennslyvania and Indiana... both will probably be voting in 2014 on the constitutional amendment that was put to voters in NC & MN. Would also love to see Ohio polled since they're in the process of trying to overturn their amendment. They have until July of 2013 to get 300,000+ signatures to get the ball rolling.

Mark Abernathy

Gay Marriage:

Both of these states are in focus for being the next states to tackle the issue.

Ask residents of New Jersey if they agree with putting Gay Marriage up for vote. There's a lot of talk about putting human rights on the ballot in that state, and I'd be curious to know what the population thinks.

You may like to ask New Jersey if it approved of Chris Christie thanking Obama for his leadership. Some republicans are mad at him and suggest it helped Obama win the White House. It be interesting to see what New Jersey thought, especially republicans.

Hurricane Sandy was devastating, you make like to ask if their opinion on Global Warming has changed. Also ask if the Boardwalk is their favorite state landmark.

Robert Hagedorn

Google First Scandal. Click on THE FIRST SCANDAL at the top of the page. It's relevant to the discussion.


Ask about same-sex marriage in both states.


As others have suggested, I would love to see support for same-sex marriage in both states. It would be nice to see simple legal/illegal numbers, as well as maybe support for the legislature overriding Gov. Christie's veto (or approval/disapproval numbers regarding his veto).

I'd also like to see a generic legislative ballot in NJ with state legislative elections next year.


For Illinois Senate I think you should use Sen. Dick Durbin and GOP candidates as Representative's Schock and Shimkus.

Do the same GOP candidates for Illinois Governor.

As for New Jersey, use Codey and Booker for the Democratic opponents against Christie.
For senate against Lautenburg try using Congressman Runyan.


I would love to see a hypothetical Michelle Obama vs. Mark Kirk poll...obviously it would never happen but who here wouldn't like to see the result?!


for New Jersey
2016 President---Christie v. Clinton, Christie v. Biden, Christie v. Cuomo


Begich versus Palin or Miller 2014


Ask about Jon Corzine favorability, its never been polled since the downfall of MF Global

Ben Bowman

Illinois Gubernatorial Election



R-Peter Roskam for senate

R-Joe Burkett for gov


I second the request for Christie vs Dem 2016 Presidential polling.


There are not many more suggestions to add than what has already been said but...

Illinois: (for the Democratic primary voters)"If the candidates on the ballot for the 2014 primary were incumbent governor Pat Quinn, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, William M. Daley, and/or businessman Daniel Hynes, who would you vote for?"

IL: "In a rematch between Pat Quinn and Bill Brady, who would you vote for?"

IL: "Would you be in favour of allowing the state of Illinois to legally recognize same-sex marriages?"


Might be too late to slip this in, but ask about global warming/climate change in NJ. I'm curious as to whether Sandy had a major effect on people's opinions.


I am a New Jersey election official, and at the last election, most voters in my district asked whether they needed to show photo ID, or simply volunteered it. With voter ID laws being such a controversial issue, it would be interesting to know exactly how many people think photo ID is already required to vote (which it isn't).


In New Jersey: Match Chris Christie up with Bruce Springsteen.


Now that New Jersey has had a lieutenant governor for the first time, after having been without one since it became a state; should that office be retained or abolished?


Illinois Guv 2014
-Republican Primary
--Kirk Dillard
--Aaron Schock
--Dan Rutherford
--Joe Walsh
--Bill Brady
--Christine Radogno
-Democratic Primary
--Pat Quinn
--Bill Daley
--Lisa Madigan

New Jersey Guv 2013
-Democratic Primary
--Cory Booker
--Frank Pallone
--Stephen Sweeney
--Lisa Jackson

New Jersey Senate 2014
-Democratic Primary
--Frank Lautenberg
--Cory Booker
--Lisa Jackson
--Stephen Sweeney
--Frank Pallone

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