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November 29, 2012


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For Oregon: Would you approve or reject a constitutional amendment to allow same-sex marriage?


For the Senate, test Chambliss against the 3 floated candidates:
Rep. Tom Price
Former SOS Karen Handel
Erick Erickson.

Rumors have mentioned Paul Broun as well. Herman Cain has said no to running, and he's starting a new radio show in January.

Charlie Harper

For GA U.S. Senate:

Saxby Chambliss
Tom Price
Paul Broun
Karen Handel
Erick Erickson

Lawton Sack

Georgia - US Senate
Sen. Saxby Chambliss
Rep. Tom Price
Erick Erickson
Rep. Paul Broun
Karen Handel
Herman Cain
Rep. John Barrow
Sonny Perdue (Former Governor)

Georgia - Governor
Gov. Nathan Deal
Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle
David Ralston (Speaker of the GA House)
Rep. John Barrow
Sec. Brian Kemp

Georgia - 12th District Congress
Rep. John Barrow
Rick W. Allen
Wright McLeod
GA Rep. Tommie Williams
Former GA Senator Eric Johnson


For Georgia you should use Eric Erikson against Saxy Chambliss in a primary match up.

And in Oregon use Congressman Walden as the GOP challenger to Senator Mekrley and Gov. Kitzhaber, also you could try using former Senator Smith (R) for both Governor and Senator.

Eugene in Oregon

As a strong supporter of public education --which has been decimated by two Oregon anti-property tax initiatives that passed in the 1990s -- I would recommend two questions along the following lines:

Would you support higher taxes to improve public education in Oregon?

If 'yes' would you prefer to seen an increase in property taxes, an increase in the state income tax, or the imposition of state sales tax?

Separately, I'd welcome a question on same-sex marriage.


I would like to see numbers for former Governor Roy Barnes as a Senate candidate in GA in 2014 against Chambliss and Handel. Also name recognition and favorability ratings for Erick Erickson.


Republicans to poll for Senate: Karen Handel, Tom Price, Eric Erickson, and Allen West!!

Democrats: Roy Barnes, Thurbert Baker, Jim Marshall, John Barrow, and Michael Thurmond.

Ask people in Georgia if they support the secession movement.

Poll Greg Walden for Senate.


There is talk that gay rights supporters might return to the ballot in Oregon to convince voters to repeal the gay marriage ban in that state, especially after the four wins in this recent election. Can you please poll Oregon on whether gay marriage should be legal or illegal?

Thank you.


Oregon Questions:

-Right Direction/Wrong Track
-State Legislature Approval
-Gov Kitzhaber Approval
-Sen Merkley Approval

Oregon Governor head to head suggestions:

-Kitzhaber (D) v. Bruce Hanna (R)
-Kitzhaber (D) v. Greg Walden (R)
-Kitzhaber (D) v. Knute Buehler (R)
-Kitzhaber (D) v. Bruce Starr (R)
-Kitzhaber (D) v. Allen Alley (R)

Oregon Senate head to head suggestions:

-Merkley (D) v. Bruce Hanna (R)
-Merkley (D) v. Greg Walden (R)
-Merkley (D) v. Bruce Starr (R)

-Ballot Measure to Repeal Ban on Gay Marriage in 2014


Georgia Senate Candidates:

Test a kitchen sink version of the Republican primary w/ Chambliss, Handel, Price, and Erickson. Also test a strictly Erickson v. Chambliss primary.

Possible Democratic Candidates: Leah Ward Sears, John Barrow, Roy Barnes, Thurbert Baker, Jim Marshall, and Michael Thurmond and possibly even James Carter (Pres. Carter's son who is in the State Senate).

I'd also be interested in how well the Carter name fairs in approval in the state. Do Georgians still view President Carter favorably?

Mary Zuschlag

I agree with the Gay marriage question in Oregon, could the constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage be overturned by the voters. I would also like to see approval ratings for Gov Kitzhaber and Senator Jeff Merkley since they are both up for re-election. I would like to see how they might run against Walden, Hanna, or Dudley.


Kwanza name recognition


For Georgia, test these names for both Governor and Senate. I have heard rumblings of all of these Democrats taking the statewide plunge:

Michael Thurmond
Thurbert Baker
Jason Carter (the above comment is incorrect; Jason is his grandson)
Stacey Abrams
DuBose Porter
Jim Marshall
Stephanie Stuckey Benfield

I highly doubt Roy Barnes and Leah Ward Sears will run, and John Barrow will NOT be making a run.


Ask about gay marriage in both states.

Josh Mizesko

Georgia US Senate(R Primary)-
Saxby Chambliss
Karen Handel
Paul Broun
Tom Price
Georgia US Senate(D Primary)-
Jim Marshall
Roy Barnes
Max Cleland
Sanford Bishop
Georgia US Senate(General election)-
Jim Marshall vs. Chambliss/Handel/Broun/Price
Roy Barnes vs. Chambliss/Handel/Broun/Price
Max Cleland vs. Chambliss/Handel/Broun/Price
Sanford Bishop vs. Chambliss/Handel/Broun/Price

Josh Mizesko

Approval Ratings
Jeff Merkley Approval
Favorability Ratings
Allen Alley
Bruce Starr
Greg Walden
Bruce Hanna

Oregon US Senate(R Primary)
Allen Alley
Bruce Starr
Greg Walden
Bruce Hanna

Oregon US Senate(General Election)
Jeff Merkley vs. Alley/Starr/Walden/Hanna

Adam MD

Oregon and Georgia: Should same sex marriage be legal?


In Georgia, for the Democrats:

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed.

Former State Senator Doug Stoner.

House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams.


GA - Poll Thurbert Baker against Chambliss

John Bryan

Gay marriage in Oregon PLEASE!!!


In the national poll do:

Hillary Clinton vs. generic republican
Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush
Hillary Clinton vs. Chris Christie
Hillary Clinton vs. Marco Rubio

Joe Biden vs. generic republican
Joe Biden vs. Jeb Bush
Joe Biden vs. Chris Christie
Joe Biden vs. Marco Rubio

Trey B

John Barrow favorablilty.
Hillary Bill approval

Oregon: Do you like University of Oregon's Football uniforms?


I'm curious in each state who voters would blame if the country went off of the "fiscal cliff," President Obama or Congressional Republicans. I saw a national poll from Pew on this topic which yielded very interesting results, and I think it would be really interesting to see what voters in liberal Oregon and conservative Georgia thought would deserve blame in that situation.

Also, with gay marriage possibly going back to the ballot in Oregon I'd love to see legal/illegal numbers there. It would be really interesting to see SSM numbers in Georgia as well, just to see how public opinion on the subject is faring in the South after all of the recent developments.

Thanks as always for taking suggestions!

Ben Bowman

Oregon Senate:
Gordon Smith (R)
Greg Walden (R)
Bruce Hanna (R)
Bruce Starr (R)
Jeff Merkley (D)

Gay Marriage in both

Approval ratings for Candidates


Have to say I see some questionable suggestions for Georgia above. My suggestions:

US SEN GOP: Chambliss, Price, Handel, Erickson, Broun
- Cain and West said no, Perdue is not happening.
- Tricky to poll as the challengers will defer to each other, they won't all jump in. Especially Price/Handel with the same hometown.
- Fav/Unfavs would be interesting, I bet some have room to grow.

US SEN DEM or GA GOV DEM: Kasim Reed, John Barrow, Jason Carter
- Other suggested candidates (by previous commenter) all retired from politics.
- These 3 can all carry the banner, whether it be 2014 or after.
- Don't see any GOPers challenging Gov. Deal.

CONGRESS: Wouldn't do 12CD as suggested, GOP will need to recruit someone better than any of the ones listed. Possibly test 6CD (open if Price goes to SEN). Handel, John Albers, Jan Jones would be my guesses.


I just read your Illinois and NJ polling. Good stuff. BUT for Georgia, I think if you do the Senate race how you did IL Governor and NJ Senate, you'll miss the story.

Match-ups between Chambliss v. Dems and GOPers v. Dems aren't helpful. The true story right now in Georgia is how vunerable is Saxby. Test Saxby against the GOPers.


On John Barrow:

Yes, he's said that he won't run. However, testing him against Chambliss is still worthwhile given that he is one of the strongest people that Democrats could field against him.

Given the interest surrounding Erick Erickson's "potential" candidacy, it would be VERY interesting to also test whatever Democrats you choose against him as well as against Chambliss.

I only see that one person has mentioned Leah Ward Sears as a potential candidate. She may have moved to New York a year or so ago, but the possibility exists that she could move back to Georgia. In her most recent election to the State Supreme Court (the elections are non-partisan and, I believe, statewide, but it should be obvious to all that she's a Democrat) in 2004 - a year where Bush was getting 58% in the state - she got 62%.

Democrats would be very wise to try and court (excuse the pun) her for the seat and it would be worth testing her against both Chambliss and Erickson for informative value.

Mark Abernathy

The election results has been heralded by many as a turning point for Gay Rights. As such, people are naturally curious to see polling in Oregon, Illinois, and New Jersey.

I would like to see if the effects of the election also extend to more socially conservative states like Georgia. It would be interesting to see the difference between now and the last time they were polled on the issue.

So my request is for Gay Marriage polling in BOTH states.

Mark Abernathy


Popularity of certain holiday treats! Peppermint Candy Canes, Egg Nog, Fruit Cake, Sugar Cookies, Gingerbread Men, Roast Goose . . .

And then maybe ask the question "What's the Number #1 food for christmastime?"

Then for kicks ask how many would make the effort to change their cookie recipe if they found out Santa was intolerant to Gluten.


In Georgia Erick Erickson said today he isn't running (http://blogs.ajc.com/political-insider-jim-galloway/2012/11/30/your-daily-jolt-erick-erickson-passes-on-2014-challenge-to-saxby-chambliss/) so no need to poll him.

Price and Broun are considering it. Handel as well. But, other congressmen rumored to run for the seat if Saxby were to retire include Westmoreland, Gingrey and Graves. I'm interested to see if the Republican base really is as angry at Saxby or if it's just a vocal minority mad at him about things like amnesty, tarp, taxes, and voting for bloated budgets.


Another vote for former State Representative Stephanie Stuckey Benfield.

FWIW, I haven't heard anything from Baker, Barnes, Marshall, Porter, or Thurmond since 2010. Longer for Sears.

Instead of Sears, try current Chief Justice Carol W. Hunstein; she's also a Democratic appointee, and she won re-election to another six-year term this year.

Joshua Smith

I'd love to see how gay marriage has moved in GA since the 2004 constitutional amendment.


For Oregon

Do you consider yourself a Blazers fan?

Second possible question:

Do you consider yourself a Timbers fan?

Jeff G.

Ga's Senate Race:
1. Chambliss v. Price/Broun/Handel
2. Price v. Broun v. Handel
3. Fav/Unfav of Chambliss/Price/Broun/Handel

Ga's Gov Race:
1. Deal v. Kasim Reed/John Barrow/DuBose Porter
2. Reed v. Barrow v. Porter
3. Fav/Unfav of Deal/Reed/Barrow/Porter

1. Fav/Unfav of Todd Akin
2. Do you identify as pro-life or pro-choice?
2. Do you believe abortion should be banned in cases of rape or incest?


For Georgia, Oregon:

Republican Primary 2016

Clinton vs potential Republican candidates


It would be good to ask a "Born in the State/In other parts of the South/Born elsewhere" question for Georgia, since the state's getting a lot of migrants from other parts of the country.


re: Drew and Jason, above:

Kasim will not run for Governor or Senate. He knows he cannot win, and he does not want to be a Senator, anyhow.

Jason Carter is very unlikely to make a run. His star is rising, absolutely, but if he loses (which he likely would) in 2014, that hurts him.

John Barrow will not run. He has already started running for House again.

Leah Ward Sears lives in Georgia, still. She's just not going to make the run, I would bet.

Cleland isn't running. Just flat out, won't do it.

FWIW, the below is the most definitive list I can give you, from a Georgia Democratic insider

Michael Thurmond (he's running for something, I just don't know what yet)
Thurbert Baker (Democrats would like a black person who has run, and won, statewide on the top of the ticket)
Doug Stoner
Stacey Abrams (I have heard rumblings here, too)
Jim Marshall (probably could be convinced to come back into the fold)
DuBose Porter (is now a DNC member, popular wisdom says that he wanted this to stay in the fold for a 2014 run)
Stephanie Stuckey Benfield (doubt she'd run; she's got a good new gig)


POlls about 2016 in Oregon, Georgia and US.

Please try it not only with Hillary and Biden, but with other contenders.



National holiday poll:

Poll favorability for Jesus and Santa Claus.

In your opinion, is Christmas more a religious or a commercial holiday?

Austin Bodger

Definitely test potential 2016 republican and democratic primary match ups.


Ga- Chambliss vs Price, Broun, Handel.
Same sex marriage
Marijuana legalization


In the national poll, you really need to oversample African-American and Latino Democrats to gauge their opinions vis-a-vis Hillary and other candidates, particularly Biden.

I'd also be interested in a test of Hillary Clinton versus Hypothetical African-American Statewide Officeholder candidate (would be a stand-in for, say, a Deval Patrick or Cory Booker).

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