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October 25, 2012


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Smooth Jazz

Here's the problem you guys have: The big, unaffilated trackers from Gallup, Wash Post/ABC & Rasmussen ALL show 50 - 47 Romney up today. A remarkable level of consistency that we don't see too often on a national level. Yet you guys have Obama ahead 4 - 6 points in all the swing states; Not credible given Romney's lead in the National numbers.

I think you guys have too many Dems in your polls. You had a couple recent polls of IA & OH that showed the race tied and I thought you were trying your best to level the playing field. Now with your polls in recent days (Obama up 5 in VA & CO when virtually every other pollster has Romney up 2 - 4 as he obliterates Obama with Independents IN VERY SINGLE POLL) showing big Obama leads, I think you guys are at it again. The ONLY way your numbers are credible given Romney's huge leads with independents across the board is if Dems outvote Reps by 9 - 10%.

Remember, the ultimate arbiter is the election itself. If your numbers are catching devoted Dems who vote early to beat the traffic on election day, your numbers are vastly inflated, as Obama gets obliterated by Reps & Inds who vote on election day. Good luck to you guys. I have a feeling the post mortem after this election for those pollsters who bloated Dem samples will be brutal.


You guys are a total joke and will likely be out of business after the election. You've become the new Research 2000.


You guys realize that you have lost credibility after your unprofessional, unnecessary snark directed at Gov. Gary Johnson supporters, right? That was dumb.


Please poll South Carolina !!!

Al Hicks

Silly polls the last few days. No way it is even close in NC. But then, again, you are working for a Dem outfit, right?


Who in their right mind trusts Obama on economic matters AND Libya? The deception, misrepresentation and inconsistencies of Obama are disturbing in the worst ways imaginable.the rules of military engagement under Obama are handcuffing our military in harms way as well. Everything in Obamas policies are set up to hinder America. Not surprising considering Obamas anti-american background

Obama 2012

it's amazing reading all of these alternate reality comments.

to you right wingers quoting the national trackers... have you ever considered that they're the ones who are wrong considering that the state polling (not just from PPP) indicates that Obama is winning? the state polling has been much more accurate than national polling in the past.


Smooth Jazz sucks. It's not jazz, and I can't really call it smooth either.

Gallup thinks the electorate will be ~80% white. It won't. It hasn't been in a decade, and it never will be again. Their LV screen is way too tight, and they will be laughably off in a week.

Also, most VA polls are showing a tight race, not Romney by 2 to 4. There's more to the world than Rassmusen, grasshopper.

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