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October 28, 2012


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With a +8D sampling. Get real. The average of the last 3 presidential elections is +1. Can you guys get serious and conduct a poll that even slightly mirrors reality?


If I was in the Obama camp I would NOT be happy with this poll.

D+8 sample size - Ohio has NEVER voted D+8. The exit polls in 2008 were D+8 but in actuality the vote ended up D+5.

Ohio is down 300K voter registrations since 2008, 44% of which were in Cuyahoga county. I just don't see how we are going to have this record-shattering Democratic turnout given the registration numbers, and especially given that the GOP is pretty fired up for this election in Ohio. There is no way the final tally will be anywhere near D+8. Keep in mind Ohio was R+5 in 2004.

Plus you have Romney carrying Independents +4 in your poll. Obama carried independents by +8 in 2008.

We know that although Democrats are winning the early vote, the margin is less than 4 years ago.

If you are an Obama supporter and feel good about this poll, you are kidding yourself. I have lived in Ohio all my life and I can tell you with certainty Romney will win this state.


How can 36% of the electorate have voted when George Mason at GMU writes that only 1 million voters have cast their ballots.

Out of my estimated combined Ohio total of 5.5 million ballost cast for this election, that means less than 20% have already voted, not 36%.

Last week's poll showed 21% already voted, and now it's 36%? How do you justify this increase?


Seniors, really? That's interesting.


D+8? Ahahaha... PPP is polling an alternate reality.

Pelosi Schmelosi

1) Obama over 50% - check
2) D+8 - check
3) "turned the corner" - check

This poll is a joke.
You should be embarrassed.
But you're clearly in the tank for O so...

Steve Barg

Wonderful job of trying to influence the election with your phony D+8 sample and gross exaggeration of early voting! It is amazing just how stupid you guys at PPP think the public really is! Thanks for giving me a good laugh!!!

Rosemary Osnato

The people of Ohio are teaching the American people again.

Capitalist Infidel

36% have already voted??? You do know you can check to see if that's accurate? The actual number is 17.4% Instead of embarrassing yourself you might want to check next time. You can find the early voting for each state here.



Stop trying to lie to folks. Here's your poll sample size:

The D/R/I partisan sample is 43/35/21, or D+8.

With that sample, Obama is NOT up 51-47. In fact he might be slightly losing. Even Fox news is more honest then you.

Obama 2012

party id is not static.

perhaps more Republicans are IDing as "independent" (ie: Tea Party types)

sylvanus ebun

Public Policy Polling is fair and balance and very true to polling. I even got a call from them the other day and they are the only polling calls we take in my household. The polls are not skewed to favor one over the other but their polls reflect a candidates coalition that they've built. Obama built a better coalition that reflect America today and as long as others refuse to build such they will loose election for years to come.


OH was D+8 last time around.


As far as Ohio goes in 2004, Bush won by 2% but it was considered a swing state up until election day. There were too many questionable results to say anything definite about '04 IMO.

If you want to see truly skewed polls, go to Unskewed Polls where they aren't using any recent results in their predictions unless they favor Romney, as in Rasmussen.

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