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October 06, 2012


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I hope your comment about the Friday results holds across the board. That this jump for Romney was concentrated largely in Friday's numbers and has not continued in the Saturday results.


Winning Wisconsin is a tall order for Romney. Look at the historical voting record:


A Republican hasn't won Wisconsin since Reagan in 1984; Bush and Dole would have, were it not for Perot siphoning off 21.51% of the conservative vote in 1992, and 10.35% in 1996. (Dole would've beat Clinton by 0.02%)

There are mitigating circumstances: Ryan is from the state next-door, and the Walker Recall victory has fired up the conservative base... but Mitt will need a lot of help.


Given the relentless oversampling of Democrat voters and other manipulations, I doubt that any polls can be trusted anymore (or were trustworthy to begin with) When the results come in on election night a great many reputations will be ruined, both in the polling industry and the Legacy media.

Timothy Capwell

Eau Claire! I mean Oh dear!


"only 50% of Democrats think Obama won the debate"

So half the Democratic Party is in total blinding denial? Sounds about right.

Sara Baker

What about party sampling? I don't see any figures in your full results.


Curious: do you always interview 33% R/D/Indep, or is that state by stat and dependent on the state's registration numbers?

Phillip Cosmyer

Hum. I watched Big Bird as a child. I loved him!
But facing a choice of bankrupting Medicare or ending government sponsored childrens' programming, let's get our priorities right. Please!
I know there are meanies who think BB would better serve the nation battered and fried on a plate with coleslaw and beans.
Let's just do the right thing and send him off to a generous government-paid retirement with a defined benefit and free healthcare, like no one else gets anymore.


Hey geniuses, did you then inform them that Sesame Workshop made $211 Million just in toy sales last year alone, and that they are richer than Romney? Did you then ask the same questions again now knowing those new facts? Lets see what their opinion would be then.

Jeri Jo

You should not bragg about Romneys lead as it will just make the thugs work harder. They are rolling out the busses and vans to transport from the black churches. Last week they were sleeping in the street (under well organized tents) to be the first to vote in Cleveland. Obama was here again yesterday (Cleve) to make sure everyone got early votes in so the debates wont matter it would be to darn late if they did change their minds. To bad they did not make the rule the voting wouldn't start till the debates were over. Sometimes I feel people just don't think far enough ahead but Obama took advantage of it.


Wednesday's debate had to be one of the most demoralizing experiences that Democrats could have had in recent years. But just look at the bright side -- the Obama campaign is already taking the material and turning it against Romney.


Ohio is back on the table. smh.

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