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October 25, 2012


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You oversample democrats by 9 points and it's tied and you still think Obama has a chance? You're dreaming. What's sad is that you really do know how to conduct a poll and I assume you will within the final week before the election in order to maintain a degree of credibility.

Charlie Deliopo

surely you are joking or wishful thinking...anytime PPP come out with a poll I add about 4-5% in the GOP favor for an accurate picture.

Rita McClain

Oh come on...you expect us to believe this? I bet you'll show Romney up in your final NC poll just so you can claim to be accurate.

This is not 2008; get over it.


I'm sure this poll reflects a real trend,and a major cause of that trend is that Obama crushed Romney in the second and third debates.

Romney tried to shout down, bully and intimidate the President of the United States --and failed, utterly. A thoroughly contemptible performance.

Thank God (I mean it) that Romney and Lyin' Ryan are losing. What a staggering disaster they would be, if elected. More, endless, disastrous wars abroad, George W. Bush style (from the same old Bush foreign policy team Romney is now reassembling. Plus, in the ultimate irony, Taliban-style laws on social issues in the United States, giving the government, not individual women, control over women's bodies.

The new wars, plus even more huge tax cuts for the very rich, would blow up the deficit (steadily coming under control with Obama) to unheard of magnitude. Which would be the trigger for Romney and Ryan to do what they've wanted to do all
along, but dare not admit:

1. Doing away with the tax breaks (like the mortgage tax deduction) that ordinary Americans rely on while of course, obviously, leaving untouched the loopholes that save Romney personally millions in tax -- notably the capital gains tax treatment of "carried interest". Result: billionaires pay less tax than ever, ordinary Americans pay more. That's why Romney and Ryan DARE NOT answer the obvious question: "you talk about abolishing tax loopholes. Which ones would you abolish?

2. Trashing the social safety net: Medicare, Medicaid, the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare"), Social Security, Veterans benefits and services, and the rest

Michael Crawford

Give me a break. When I saw this poll I laughed right out loud. This is ridiculous. I know you liberals are not happy about how things are going. Get over it, 2008 is gone with the wind. NC is voting for Romney so get over it and stop whining. PS Pat McCrory is probably up by +20 at this point so don't get to psyched that Do-Nothing biggest dud in the world Dalton is up by 5 with early voters. Get with the program and stop being so biased, its irritating. You won't depress conservative voters either. If the best you can do is a tie and its +9 democrat then Obama will not win hahaha.

Solomon Davidson

These figures seem very credible and accurate - and based on sound methodology. The problem for both Obama and Romney is to bump the needle in NC - and so far neither one has been capable of doing that. With 12 days to go, I suspect there will be some intervening event that could break either way. NC is not vital to either candidate, but Obama needs to win the state in order to replicate his impressive total in the Electoral College in 2008.


I think the state polls reflect an Obama bump after the second and especially the third debates. Obama's win amongst independents in the third debate matches or exceeds Romney's win in the first debate. Despite efforts of Fox News and to a certain extent CNN, it is clear that Obama turned the needle after these debates. We are seeing very good trending in all the swing states for Obama, as they return back to early September numbers for Obama. This coupled with his turn out machine, will mean even the close states like NC and Florida will go to Obama. Obama has a shot at 347 electoral votes. I noticed that Real Clear Politics has been ignoring the PPP polls lately and only showing Rasmussen and Fox polls in Virginia that are more favourable to Romney. Fivethirtyeight remains the most comprehensive site.


22% of the electorate has voted already with a 15% margin for Obama (http://elections.gmu.edu/early_vote_2012.html). That is a 3.3% lead for Mr. Obama in the bank, so the challenger has to score more than 3.3 points from the rest of the electorate in order to win. Most polls show Romney ahead by 2-3 points, so between the early voters and others (Nov 6) a tie is a possibility.

Mitch Segel

Garbage In, Garbage Out.


Would like to know the minority sample size, just cant see Romney getting 11% of the Black vote unless their dead and no Latino vote reflected and North Carolina is full of Latinos. If Latino vote kicks in Mitt is toast and I believe it will.


No Ervin - Newby numbers?


Can any body tell me or inform me. That when Republican Party gave any program which benefit American public .Name me one program which benefit your mom or your dad or your uncle or ant
Or kids with artism or any other sickness any thing except TAX CUT TAX CUT did you remember privous TAX CUT which make average American very very rich in there dreams they still counting there money .

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