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October 03, 2012


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Would knowing that a candidate tied their dog to the roof of a car and went on a road trip change your decision to vote for them?

susie edwards

Oversample for the Congressional races - Zerban, Krietlow and Wall


Would you support a bill that would regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol?

Anon DFLer

Congressional Races: MN-08, MN-01, MN-02


Please poll gay marriage in all four states.


Would be fascinated to see an approval rating of Bachmann in MN-6, and/or a name recognition survey of Jim Graves in the same district.

Mike C.

Specifically for Minnesota, is it possible for you to poll the 6th district (the one Michele Bachmann currently serves).


For Nevada, asking the statewide approvals for Amodei and Heck would be interesting to see how viable they are as statewide candidates at this point.

For Virginia, a hypothetical Bob McDonnell vs. Mark Warner Senate race would be nice.

Paul Moore

Generic poll registering party preference for respondents' state house and senate races in Minnesota. Conventional wisdom is that the DFL will regain control from GOP in both chambers.


Congressional in the 8th and 6th in MN.

Chris G

In MN, statewide approval for Mpls mayor RT Rybak.


Ask the favorability/approval of the other sitting Senator in each state and potential horse race numbers in future elections. Ask what Bachmann's pouplarity is statewide in MN.

Ginger Bowman

Follow up question: What if, at the end of that road trip, the candidate cut up the dog, fried him in oil & ate it?


A few suggestions for Minnesota: general Republican vs. Democrat question for the state legislature (or House/Senate broken out), approval ratings for the state Supreme Court and Secretary of State (because of recent ligitation over the ballot initiative questions), Sen. Al Franken's approval rating or vs. a generic Republican.


Serious question: why bother testing the Senate race in MN?


Check out duffy in WI-07


For Minnesota, generic legislative ballot. Also, which party would voters prefer control the legislature? Would voters prefer a Democratic governor and Democratic legislature or divided government?

Levi Tooker

Did the first presidential debate give you a more/less favorable view of Obama/Romney?


It might be interesting to ask a question about whether they consider Dean Heller & Shelley Berkley to be ethical or unethical. It would also be great to see gay marriage numbers from Nevada, plus a generic legislative ballot.


Wisconsin- Feingold favor ability an hypothetical matchup with Ron Johnson in 2016.


In WI-01, do you plan to vote for Paul Ryan in the US Representative race

Jay Thompson

Same-Sex Marriage. Also, control of the Senate in all 4 states. This is so important and it needs to be polled!


Got to do the Graves-Bachmann race, see how the head of the tea party is doing, and the $$ being spent are huge.


I would like you ask in all the states who wins the debate.


More information on House races is needed. Who are likely voters going for in their respective districts?

Philip D.

Virginia: Gay marriage polling would be great.


MN: Pawlenty and Ventura favorability ratings

Aaron Klemz

MN: Former Governor Tim Pawlenty recently took a job as leader of the Financial Services Roundtable. If he runs for office in the future, does this make you more likely to vote for him, less likely, or does it have no effect?


MN: Same-sex marriage. WI: If people are comfortable with Tammy Baldwin being the first gay/lesbian US Senator?

Jim Todd

Would people support a repeal of the 22nd Amendment?


In Nevada...ask about lowering the sales tax rate but expanding the the tax to include services.


All states: Who is more responsible for the death of Saddam Hussein: Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?


Do you support the federal government funding PBS?

Joojo Seisie

I want you to ask people who made up their mind in the last week what made them made up their mind - whether it was the debate performance, jobs and economy, what s/he has read and/or head about the candidates, and so forth.


For all states: 'How important are the presidential debates towards helping you decide about which candidate to vote for on election-day?'

For all states: 'If the congressional elections were held today, which party would you lean towards for the generic congressional ballot?

Minnesota: '[For the people of district MN-6] If the election for congressional office was held today, would you vote for Republican candidate Michele Bachmann or for Democratic candidate Jim Graves?'

Minnesota: 'Michele Bachmann reently made allegations that both congressman Keith Ellison and secretary-aid Huma Abedin have had affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood. Do you approve or disapprove of these allegations?'

Nevada: 'Would you say that Nevada's economy has seen satisfactory improvements over the last four years?'

Wisconsin: 'If the election for the Senate was held today, would you vote for Democratic candidate Tammy Baldwin or for Republican candidate Tommy Thompson?'


"Regardless of who you plan to vote for, do you think that Mitt Romney's true views are closer to what he discussed in the Republican primaries, or to his current campaign promises?"

Something like that.

Obama 2012

Ah... I'm disappointed Montana didn't make it. That senate race looks close and it's underpolled. Maybe next time!

Noah Lieberman

How about a follow up to your Aaron Rodgers favorability question in WI: Who is less popular, Hitler, Stalin, or the Replacement Refs?

Also, ask whether the vote is considered to be more of a vote for their candidate or against the other.


In Minnesota, I'd like to know where public opinion is on the gay marriage and voter ID costitutional ammendments.



Ask about gay marriage in all four states.


Minnesota- The Marriage Amendment and the Voter ID amendment.

Wisconsin- View on Paul Ryan both statewide and in his district.

Timothy Capwell

Yes, please poll Michele Bachmann. The Left is obsessed with her.


Poll the Ryan-Zerban race

Jim Madia

There is a way under the radar race brewing in Minnesotas Third district. Everyone is focusing on Michelle Bachmann in the 6th and Chip Cravaack in the 8th, but a poll now would likely show the race in the 3rd is just as close. And that would surprise a lot of people both locally and nationally who have written this race off.

Neil Hanbury

All states: "Do you favor same-sex couples attaining marriage licenses under the condition that no clergy or religious institution shall be forced to accommodate or facilitate a relationship deemed to be unfit by the standards of that clergy or institution?"

Neil Hanbury

Wisconsin: "Do you support allowing same-sex couples to attain legally enforceble two parent adoptions?"

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