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October 19, 2012


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Oooh, lefty craziness this time! You're right-wing hacks this week! Good stuff.

percival crappington

"Hey someone sent us a nutty email, so let's invite a bunch of people to do the same to them by posting their name and email address."

C'mon Tom, you oughta be better than that.

Maggie Jones

It's incredibly unprofessional to tweet about and post emails like this.


Hilarious desperation by a left wing loon. They constantly delude themselves then are astounded when reality comes knocking. If name calling and psychotic behavior won elections they would be a shoe in. Too funny.


I am a liberal Democrat, and I still like how PPP shows what they get. PPP makes things personal, and I like their polls that show Obama ahead, therefore I take it seriously when they don't show him ahead. PPP, can't wait for OHIO.


i always seen ppp polls as fair and balanced vs rasmussen who leans to the right,keep up the good work.


Percival Crappington and Maggie Jones are the same person and they/he are wrong. There is nothing unprofessional about posting an email. This was not a confidential or client communication. The sender had absolutely no reason to expect that it would not be made public and in fact his email suggests he should be happy that his "findings" are being widely disseminated.

The email nicely illustrates how PPP gets it from both sides. But accurate results will in the end thwart the attacks from right and left.

Percival Crappington

Haha, right, I must be Maggie. Because it's impossible for more than one person to disagree with you. Also, it's not like PPP sends out tweets about their blog posts so there's no reasonable explanation for a bunch of people showing up here at the same time, right? Uh oh... wait. I just thought of something. That must mean I'm also SamR. Things are starting to look a little rough for this sockpuppet thing of yours, bud.

Sarcasm aside, back in the world of real life (and reading comprehension) you'll see that my complaint is that PPP posted the nutball's email *address*, not that they posted the email itself. I'd ask if you're actually naive enough to think they don't know that leads to these random internet people getting tons of hate-mail from PPP readers, but then this post is two months old and I found it again because I was vainly googling myself. Doesn't change the fact that it's completely asinine of PPP to post these peoples' email addresses. It takes 5 seconds to blank out the email address. Failing to do so is a choice, and it's a real low-class one to make.

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