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September 12, 2012


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Dayton ran in 2010 not in 2008.


So... What about Senator Klobuchar? Unlike Al, Amy *is* up for reelection this year.


Thank you so much for incorporating your readers' input into this poll, specifically by including the "will not vote on this amendment" option. I love PPP, its transparency and its willingness to break new ground in polling.

I see that this option got 0%. Nevertheless, it was important to include this option to test whether and to what extent it could be a factor. Historically, we know that non-votes will be a percentage of the ballots; there is never zero percent of MN ballots with non-votes. However, getting a zero percent response to this option tells us to expect the number of non-votes to fall on the low end of the historical range.


You have women only making up 49% of the vote in Minnesota...even though exit polls suggest they were 53% of the electorate in 2008. Can you explain that?

Dustin Ingalls

jdb: We're releasing the presidential and Senate numbers tomorrow.

Dave: Less than half a percent said they'd not vote on the measures, which is why they show up as 0% when rounded. It's hard to capture undervotes in a poll since we only take completed interviews, and people don't usually volunteer they won't be voting on something in a poll even if they don't end up voting on it. But it's fair to say there will probably be fewer undervotes on a charged issue like same-sex marriage than for past ballot measures. Either way, it's close, and enough undervotes could tip the results against the amendment.


When is the President and Senate poll coming out?

Patiently waiting....

Mike Martin

I have no issues with people having equal rights. I am all for Gay couples to have the same rights married people have. These rights afforded to you come by the means of State Government. Civil Union is that place for same sex couples to have that granted to them. It is impossible to change the meaning of Marriage. It was never defined by Civil Authority, it was defined by God in Scripture. Marriage as seen in the beginning with Adam and Eve became united in one FLESH. The same goes for married couples today they become one FLESH that bares FRUIT (children). Same sex couples can not bare fruit in that natural manner. I am not saying they can not provide a loving home after adoption, but it is not the ideal situation for the child under healthy circumstances. This by no means is to hurt people. If this was for Civil unions I would vote as I will in November YES.


@ Mike Martin

What about infertile couples then? Since they can't have kids the natural way I suppose they shouldn't be allowed to get married. It's only right based on what you're saying. Clearly the love they have for one another would mean nothing.

It's not like gay marriage will be legal if this ban doesn't pass. This is only voting on whether or not we should put into our constitution that gay people can't get married. Gay marriage is ALREADY ILLEGAL in Minnesota. If this amendment doesn't pass, gay marriage is still illegal in the state of Minnesota. Marriage is already defined as the union of one man and one woman and nothing will change this fall if this amendment is voted down. This proposed amendment is ridiculous. Last time I checked the constitution was not meant to take away rights. It's writing hate into our constitution, that is all. If we vote it down, nothing changes except it's not permanently written into our constitution forever. They're really wasting our time with this amendment. A YES vote is simply allowing an unnecessary amendment. VOTE NO!

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