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September 12, 2012


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ask about medical marijuana initiative on the ballot in Massachusetts

and ask a presidential question with virgil goode in Virginia now that he is on the ballot

Miguelito Pedrogal

Does American politics need a third party?

Carlos Columbia

Head-to-head in Wisconsin Senate race. Tammy or Tommy?


Please add Jill Stein the all four presidential polls, Jill Stein will be on the ballot in all four states.
Also, I was wondering if you could do a possible Wisconin Future poll, maybe use Doyle against Johnson and Baldwin against Johnson and see what will happen.

Again green party strongholds of Maine and Massachusetts should give Jill Stein the right to be on the polls in those states. You added Johnson to Montana, you should add Stein to Maine.


For Maine, an item asking whether respondents expect Angus King to serve more than one term if elected to the Senate. Also what party they expect him to caucus with, or vote with most of the time, if elected.

Linda Robin

In the last four years, has the Democratically controlled house or the Republican controlled house passed more bills? (or more bills to help the economy or jobs or your family, etc...)


1. In Maine, which party that Angus King (forgive me if I have his name wrong) should party with if elected.

2. Not so much a question here. Because of the Maine's unusual electoral vote allotment law, a breakdown by Congressional District which presidential candidate they plan to vote for.

Scott Miller

Ask Maine voters which party they want Angus King to caucus with.

Matt M

For Wisconsin: Do you agree with Paul Ryan's decision to run for re-election to the House of Representatives while simultaneously running for Vice President?

Jacob Bryant

In MA Senate, do you support Brown/Warren due to a) policies, b) personality, c) party would be interesting.

Matt M

Also, please include Virgil Goode in Virginia poll.


To echo what Michael said, Jill Stein should be added to the Presidential polls in all four states, as should Gary Johnson. Adding those two changed the Obama/Romney dynamic in a recent national CNN poll, so even if it does nothing for the third party candidates, you get a more accurate picture of the Obama/Romney matchup.


Do you support your state enacting an Independent Redistricting Commission for legislative and congressional districts?


Please ask Maine about the gay marriage ballot measure. Thanks.


When you poll Maine on the marriage initiative (and this may go without saying but I'd like to make sure), can you please use the question that will appear on the ballot?

"Do you want to allow the State of Maine to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples?"

Thank you.


Election reform questions.

Would you support an Independent redistricting commission for legislative & congressional elections?

Would you support an non-partisan blanket primary?

Would you support a non-partisan unicameral state legislature similar to Nebraska's?

Do you support giving electoral college votes by CD? (for Maine ask if they'd like to keep it or get rid of it)


Feingold/Johnson 2016 rematch in Wisconsin. You could also try Steve Kagen/Gwen Moore/Ron Kind. Tom Barrett v. Ron Johnson would also be awesome, it'd be interesting to see if he still has a future in statewide politics. You might also want to do a Scott Walker/Generic Dem poll for 2014.


Maine gay marriage initiative - I think that you should use the language which will appear on the ballot: "Do you want to allow the State of Maine to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples?"

Ask about gay marriage in other states as well.


Since Virginia is a heavy military state, I hope you ask about Romney's Libya comments and whether they were appropriate or not.

Also throw in one of those "silly" questions that I've seen other pollsters ask. Like for example, "who would you rather coach your kid's sports team, Obama or Romney"?

Blue Virginia

For Virginia, is there any way you can look at select congressional races, maybe the 2nd and 5th CDs? Also, how about the constitutional amendment on property rights/eminent domain?


Congressional generic in all if possible!


Approve or disapprove of Wisconsin Head Football Coach Brett Bielema?


Same-sex marriage referendum question in Maine.


Marijuana legalization question in all four states.


Who do you feel is best able to handle American foreign policy over the next four years, Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

In all four states.

Alex J.

I think you should put Virgil Goode on the VA polling.

Mark B.

In MA, please poll the right to die and medical marijuana ballot initiatives.

Thanks for asking!


For Virginia voters... are you concerned that a Romney administration would result in a decrease in federal jobs?


I'd poll Gary Johnson in all the states to gauge his support in all parts of the country, but if not all of them, do at least Maine and Wisconsin. Maine has an independent streak with third party candidates usually getting a good portion of the vote in elections, and a previous Wisconsin poll put Johnson at 6%, so that could be a state where Johnson might be a spoiler.

;osh williams

I would like to see a question asking if people approved of romneys respomse to the embassy attacks and maybe if it made them more or less likely to vote for romney.




In Virginia - Maybe a question measuring concern about sequestration and its effect on Virginia's economy? Not sure how to frame such a complex issue in one question though.


MAINE - On the marriage issue (not an amendment), please use the exact ballot language, which was recently finalized by the Sec. of State. If you want to do your traditional legal/illegal question as well, that's great, but first poll on the ballot language.

Also, please do LePage favorables and state legislature generic ballot preference.

VIRGINIA - Please poll the Presidential race with Virgil Goode included. Perhaps you could do one question with just Romney and Obama and then a second question with Goode included. Now I know you can't and shouldn't include Goode ordinarily in your polling of the Presidential race, but since he is a former Rep. from Virginia and could play spoiler, I think it is worth doing on a one-time basis. To be fair, you might include Gary Johnson and the Green Party candidate on this question as well.

lisa neff

Ask about the Senate race in Wisconsin. Also ask if the ban on gay marriage in that state should be rescinded.


People are pushing State Senator Donald McEachin to run for Governor next year in Virginia. Why not test him as a candidate in the Democratic primary for Governor next year?At the very least, could be a indicator as to how strong T-Mac is within the party.

Jerry McRonderson

Who would you rather have on your team on a gameshow, Mitt Romney or Barack Obama?

Josh Smith

Generic state legislature questions in Maine and Wisconsin - will Dems hold onto their gains in the recalls, and will LePage still have a friendly legislature next year?

Aaron Camp

Wisconsin: President, U.S. Senate, 1st Congressional District, 7th Congressional District, 8th Congressional District, 12th State Senate District, 14th State Senate District, 18th State Senate District, Generic Congressional, Generic Legislative, 2014 Governor (Russ Feingold vs. Scott Walker, Ron Kind vs. Scott Walker, Julie Lassa vs. Scott Walker, Lori Compas vs. Scott Walker, Generic Democrat vs. Rebecca Kleefisch), 2016 U.S. Senate (Generic Democrat vs. Ron Johnson)

Virginia: President, U.S. Senate, 2nd Congressional District, 7th Congressional District, Generic Congressional, 2013 Governor, 2013 Lieutenant Governor

Massachusetts: President, U.S. Senate, 4th Congressional District, 6th Congressional District, Generic Congressional, Generic Legislative, 2014 Gubernatorial

Maine: President, U.S. Senate, Generic Congressional, Generic Legislative, 2014 Gubernatorial (Paul LePage vs. Chellie Pingree, Paul LePage vs. Cynthia Dill, and Paul LePage vs. Elliot Cutler)


For Virginia, it would be interesting to get a feel for what people think of the eminent domain ballot question (or whether they're even aware of it): http://hamptonroads.com/2012/07/va-referendum-may-curtail-eminent-domain-power

Max Russell

In Maine it would be interesting to see what the approval rating of Governor LePage is.

In Massachusetts you might ask whether folks think Bobby Valentine should come back as manager of the Red Sox next year.

Nigel Thornberry

Who is the better Batman in political terms, Romney or Obama?


Ask about collective bargaining for both public and private employees in all states, but especially in Wisconsin.


What about 2016 polls on those states?

Dennis VanLangen

Please include this question in your Virginia polling: Who would better support military personnel and veterans regarding their issues with health care, jobs, and housing? Mr. Romney or Mr. Obama?

Nawaid Ladak

for ME. a breakdown by congressional district for the presidential election would be nice (along with the number of Respondents for each districts) would be nice. I'm sure Nate Silver would also enjoy this information

for MA. should the current owners of the Red Sox sell the team? There have been rumblings that this could happen over the winter. I'm curious to see how the voters in that state feel.

for WI. if the packers lose tonight ask voters if they believe that the team will make the playoffs?

It seems like the other posters have done a good job regarding. VA.


For Massachusetts, do you approve/disapprove of the 2006 health care insurance reform law?


I'm pretty satisfied with what you do PPP, so you won't hear much out of me, but I recently came across someone mounting an indy campaign for MA Senate out in Western MA since 2011. Poor guy failed making the signature requirement though, but he's still running as a write-in.
His name's Bill Cimbrelo and just to see what it'd do, why not include him in one go-around?

Other than that, I guess Presidential polling for the ballot qualified sort like you did last time.
Maybe see if Scott Brown's truck is still a useful campaign piece?

There's been an article going around on the ground here that poll-workers in Worcester have to go through training because voters felt intimidated by other voters. Maybe something relating to civility issues, show id to vote issues, are people excited to vote, etc.

Keep up the good polling!


Walker 2014 head-to-heads would be fun. Walker versus Feingold, versus Erpenbach, versus Kind.

Marilyn McDole

Wisconsin: Re campaign slur against personal life of Tammy Baldwin. Very cynical tactic easy to see through--have a sleazy ad run in media, have Thompson apologize, blaming staffer. The damage is done, supposedly. Worthy of Koch or Rove money machines. The worry is there might be people wo actually care about sexual orientation. Another Repub cultural wedge issue. Hopefully this will not resonate, or the shame will be too great to bear.


Ask: which candidate has revealed their taxes for 12 years?

or which candidate was Governor of Massachusetts?

or which candidate passed a gun control measure as Governor? ect.


In Maine and Massachusetts, you should ask about Canada's favorability.

Zomg !

In VA you HAVE to include Goode, Johnson and Stein.


Paul Ryan's House Race, Susan Collins vs. Chellie Penigree in 2014,


I would also love to see Virgil Goode (and Jill Stein and Gary Johnson for that matter) put in polls where they are on the ballot, especially Virginia where Goode is from and may legitimately get 1 or 2% of the vote in November.


For Maine,
LePage approval rating; also preference for State Senate and State House


For Maine make sure you add Andrew Ian Dodge for Senate


For Maine include Andrew Dodge. He's going to be a significant player for the anti-partisan crowd.


Please include Andrew Ian Dodge in the Maine poll. I believe he is the most intelligent candidate and the only alternative to the status quo.


Please include Andrew Ian Dodge in Maine in your US Senate race polling as well as Gary Johnson in your presidential race polling for all these states. With the way the Romney camp is imploding, voters need a viable alternative to Goldman Sachs candidate number one and Goldman Sachs candidate number two.


For Maine
Please include Andrew Ian Dodge for the Senate race.

Maurice Burgess

Please be sure to include Libertarian candidate Andrew Ian Dodge in your Maine Senate race polling. He's a serious candidate from a serious party that has a strong base in Maine and will be on the ballot. Thank you!

Jason Bessey

When you poll, please make sure to include ALL candidates that appear on that state's ballot, including independents and third party candidates. I find it very frustrating when pollsters do otherwise and feel that by not including all candidates in a poll, pollsters are engaging in a disservice to the public. It's disrespectful to both the voters and the candidates who rightfully earned their place on the ballot. In my state of Maine, that includes two third-party Presidential candidates, (Johnson & Stein), and three independent Senate candidates besides Angus King, (Andrew Ian Dodge being one of them).



Gary Johnson for President


Please include Gary Johnson in the Presidential polls for all four states; also, please include Andrew Ian Dodge in all four Senatorial polls. The American people deserve alternatives to politics as usual.Thanks!

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