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September 19, 2012


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Brian hamm

Perhaps this is painfully obvious, but questions about his comments about the 47% would seem appropriate.

Tom Gill

Do you agree that people who receive benefits like social security are not taking responsibility for their lives?


I would like to see a question about the level of support for Amendment 64 in Colorado.


I'm curious about how stances about wind power are playing (particularly in Iowa and Colorado) as well as how the Vet's Job bill overturn is playing in VA (and in general.)

A random aside:

What candidate from the past does Mitt Romney remind voters of the most?


Do you pay more in taxes than you receive in government benefits, or not, or are you not sure?


Ask what voter's opinions are about the ads they are seeing on tv (e.g. are they truthful or not or do they like them or not). I am seeing A LOT of ads in South FLorida now.

Ask in CT and CO if they should have an independent redistricting commission (IA has one and FL supposedly does too)

Jason Cowling

In Florida would like to see Q about support/popularity of welfare drug testing that's in place.

Who is better on Medicaid/Medicare in Florida.

Ask Florida voters if they believe voter repression is going on in their state.


In Colorado in particular, I'd be interested in a "how long have you lived in this state" question, to see whether newcomers to the state vote differently.

Cody Johns

Please ask Colorado voters who they trust more (Obama or Romney) to handle the issue of medical marijuana.


Iowa: The judicial retention election is a big deal, with Rick Santorum and Bobby Jindal campaigning in Iowa yesterday. The following IA Supreme Court justices are up for retention:

- Justice David Wiggins
- Justice Bruce Zager
- Justice Edward Mansfield
- Justice Thomas Waterman

Although only David Wiggins is being actively targeted, all 4 are on the ballot and I think polling all 4 would give an indication of whether and to what extent the anti-Wiggins campaign is effective. If you can't do all 4, just poll on Wiggins.

Iowa: Support/oppose constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage

Iowa: Support/oppose constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriage and dissolving Iowans' existing same-sex marriages

Iowa: Branstad approve/disapprove

Iowa/Colorado: Generic ballot preference for state legislature

Colorado: Pot legalization initiative

Mark B.

In IA, I would love to see a generic legislative ballot! In CO, testing the marijuana legalization question would be I think a good idea. In FL, a generic legislative ballot would be interesting to ask.

Thanks for asking us PPP!


Marijuana legalization and corporate contributions amendment.
Gary Johnson polled at 5% in the last poll and it will be interesting to see if the legalization of marijuana will increase his numbers.

Would you prefer a Democrat or Republican controlled Senate?

Who do you trust more on the issue of Medicare?
Amendment 6 (Barring public funds for abortion)

Do you favor ethanol corn subsidies?

Jack R.

I'd like to see same sex marriage in Iowa/Colorado. Would really like to see Rep Mike Coffman and Rep Ed Perlmutter approval or reelect numbers for Colorado. Would love to see if Rick Scott in Florida makes voters more likely, less likely, or no change to vote for Romney.


Question suggestion: "How many wives does Mitt Romney have?" (with 'zero, one, two, three, more than three, don't know' as options.)

This is meant as a proxy question to measure the level of distrust/prejudice against Mormonism by voters more effectively than asking 'Would you be less likely to vote for a Mormon' (which attacks the question so directly that many of those prejudiced could be inclined to say 'no.') The inspiration for this question was this article, where many evangelicals believed that the Mormon church still supported polygamy: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/11/mitt-romney-wealth-religion_n_1872725.html?utm_hp_ref=elections-2012


Ask if the voters was contacted by the Obama/Romney campaign Or both.


Obligatory Gary Johnson suggestion.


Poll Gary Johnson in all states.

Chris S.

Would love to see an Iowa caucus 2016 poll for both parties. Especially on the Republican side, since I think your last one was before Ryan was picked as Romney's running mate.


"How long would you be willing to wait in line/travel/whatever in order to vote?" (to judge enthusiasm)


Ask who can relate to the middle class better. Also does Mitt Romney care about ALL Americans or just the well off.


Include Gary Johnson in both Colorado and New Hampshire, as he has polled as high as 9% in both, I believe that can sway an election.


Gay marriage and generic congressional ballot in all four states would be great. Also, know this is probably not going to happen, but would love House polls in the Latham/Boswell and King/Vilsack matches.


Had a Connecticut poll this morning that had Obama up 21%. would like to see if you have anything similar to that, and the Chris Murphy, Linda McMahon race would be interesting to see. Big Joe Lieberman supporter!!

Mike S

Would you rather fight 50 duck-sized horses, or 1 horse-sized duck?


How about aiming for, say, 2,000 respondents in Iowa and doing four House polls as well? All four districts are competitive.

Also, in Florida, I don't suppose there would be a way to do a Sink-Crist Dem gov primary?


It will be good to find out about the fate of Rep. Steve King. Other than the Presidential race that may be the only other interesting race in Iowa.


Definitely Nth-ing the Gay Marriage and Amendment 64 questions, as well as something about support for wind energy vs. other types.


Colorado - Gary Johnson, if he effects the race in any way.

Iowa - If Iowan voters care or don't care about having the first-in-the-nation caucus and how important they think it is.

Connecticut - HARTFORD WHALERS question, like if they want them back. That would be so awesome.

Florida - Maybe somehow measure their confidence in electronic polling?

Brian Shreffler

On the Connecticut survey, a good question to ask would which candidate would do a better job of helping the middle class - and ask for both Obama vs. Romney and Murphy vs. McMahon. I suspect there will be some big differences between the two races.


Sink vs. Scott match-up in Florida. In the last poll you did Christ vs. Scott, but it'd be much more interesting to see Scott/Sink since that's' probably a more likely scenario.

Jeff Perry

Iowa: poll a 2014 rematch between Governor Branstad and ex Governor Culver or Gov. Branstad against other potential opponents like State Senator Liz Mathis, ex Lt. Gov Sally Peterson, State Senator Jack Hatch, and Congressman Bruce Braley

Iowa: 3rd and 4th Congressional districts of course since both are exciting-ish


In addition to the obvious questions for every state I would like...

Colorado, to see in the same poll the fav/unfav of Hickenlooper, Udall, Bennet, Ken Salazar and Ritter.

Connecticut, to see Malloy vs McMahon for Governor 2014.

Other interesting questions were covered in previous polls.


Ask about gay marriage in all four states.


I'd be interested to know, of the respondents who think that the country is on the wrong track is it because:

1) President Obama is pursuing the wrong strategies for the country
2) That the congress is not functioning in the interest of the American people

There are other questions around this, such as, is the Supreme Court's decisions moving us in the wrong direct. Or, is the legislature too disfunctional?

Basically, it would be good to get into why so many people seet the country off-track instead of assuming that it's the executive branch taking us the wrong direction.


In Iowa - Do you agree or disagree with Gov Brandstad not taking tens of milions of dollars to implement a state wide healthcare initiative?

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