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August 15, 2012


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Should add a generic house ballot to see how the Senate/Pres candidates stack up.


What about marriage equality in WI and VA? These are two states where the constitutional bans are unusually draconian.

Daniel Sherfey

Do you believe Aric Holder is personally guilty in the "Fast and Furious" scandal


WI: Poll Feingold vs. Walker matchup for 2014.

VA: Ask about whether Romney's endorsement makes Republicans more likely or less likely to support Bill Bolling.

MA: Ask people whether they want John Kerry to become Secretary of State.


Would be nice to get polling on where people in WI, VA, and MA stand on person-hood legislation and specific provisions of the Ryan budget proposal (block granting of Medicaid, opt-in vouchers for Medicare, etc.) Feel like those are bound to be huge issues in those states now that Ryan is the VP Pick. (I know, I know, my Pulitzer Prize is forthcoming for such trenchant political insight)

Also, would be cool to ask about people's favorite state colleges are in each state. Let's see if we can get some polling to finally prove that Virginia Tech is better than UVa ;)


Jim Webb would be the perfect Democratic candidate for the gubernatorial election of 2013 in Virginia.

I want him in a poll.


It would be interesting to see future VA governor numbers and see if Romney endorse,ent of lt. Governor made any changes.


Obviously, Wisconsinites should be asked about how favourably they view Paul Ryan. It would also be interesting to know how favourably they view Mitt Romney because I'm sure that his numbers would contrast in comparison with Ryan's.

As for Massachusetts and Virginia, please ask about the Senatorial races.


In Wisconsin and Massachusetts, can you ask a general generic ballot for the Senate to compare to the topline results. In Virginia, I would love to see some detail on these Obama/Allen voters. Also, generic Congressional ballot in all three states, as well as generic legislative ballot in Wisconsin.


How people would vote in a hypothetical Brown vs Coakley rematch.

Nick Anastasio

I know Indiana didn't win, but really, someone needs to poll the state for US Senate race. The only two polls between Mourdock and Donnelly taken so far, according to RCP, were conducted in March (tie) and two weeks ago (Mourdock +2), and neither was conducted by PPP.


I'd be interested in seeing questions on the 2013 primaries for Governor (maybe a hypothetical Mark Warner v. MacAuliffe poll) in the Virginia poll.

Dan T

For Wisconsin, how about favorite beer made in Wisconsin?


Massachusetts - Governor Deval Patrick's approval ratings (heck, might as well do this for Bob McDonnell and Scott Walker too).

Can you do Congressional district races? John Tierney is facing a couple of scandals with his wife and his district may be put in play this November.

Virginia and Wisconsin - Generic State Legislative ballot. Massachusetts doesn't need this given the Democrats have a monopoly on the state. Also, in Virginia, if you can, Eric Cantor's district, which might be surprisingly competitive.


Check the Paul Ryan approval rating in each state, and whether he makes people more or less likely to vote for the Republican ticket. Also slightly more out there, but maybe an Obama-Clinton vs Romney-Ryan matchup to try and guess the effect that Biden has had on the ticket?


Ask voters in Massachusetts if they think Romney was a better Governor than Patrick has been, or vice versa.

Approve/Disapprove for Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell.

Poll Wisconsin voters to see if they would prefer the state assembly and state senate to be controlled by Democrats or Republicans after the upcoming election.


"Which candidate do you trust on the issue of Medicare: Obama/Biden, Romney/Ryan, Don't Know/Other

Eric Blitz

Determine the impact of Gary Johnson on the Presidential race.


I suggest adding Green party candidate Jill Stein and her VP Cherie Honkala to the Massachusetts and Wisconsin polls, Massachusetts because it is Stein's home state and where she ran for Governor, and Wisconsin because that is where she has her campaign headquarters. I strongly suggest adding the green ticket to the polls, now that Stein has had some media attention I have a feeling she could poll 2-5% in Massachusetts and 3% in Wisconsin, and that 3% in Wisconain could be a make a big difference.


I would like to know whether voters are likely to split their tickets in VA and MA for Senate and Presidential candidates.


I would like to know how many voters are likely to split their tickets in MA and VA.


Definitely interested in some 2013 gubernatorial election polls for Virginia. Maybe a hypothetical one with Mark Warner against the two Republicans?


Please include Virgil Goode in your VA Poll. He is almost certainly to make the ballot as he is only 154 signitures short in one district and already has over 10,000 verifed by the Board of elections. He has until august 24th to get those 154 valid signitures and he certainly will.


WI: Something about why all their politicians are going huge nationally? Preibus, Walker, Ryan.

I would be utterly shocked if you didn't test the heck out of ryan, medicare, etc. in WI, but that doesn't really need to be said. But it'd be interesting to test the same things in VA, where Ryan is far less known than WI.


In Massachusetts, if Brown vs Warren was going to determine control of the Senate, who would they vote for?

Mark B.

In Massachusetts, polling Question 2 on the right to die and Question 3 on on medical marijuana would, I think, be a good idea.


Are you ever going to poll Alaska? Just curious.


I understand not the rumors about Warner running for governor. No-one would leave a long term senate career for running for governor (one term limited).

Even if he would like to run for President in 2016 would have not sense to run for Governor in 2013, begin as governor in 2014 and begin to work in the race for President since 2015 spending all the term running for President, and if he wins leaving the office before the term end.

I think it is not serious.


Mass Gov Scott Brown vs Martha Coakley
Elizabeth Warren Vs. Generic R
Scott Brown Vs Mike Capuano
Mass. If John Kerry is chosen Secretary of State who would you want to be your new Senator?


For WI, do a separate poll for Congressional District 1 of Obama-Biden vs. Romney-Ryan.


It would also be cool for Virginians to be asked about the military's sequestration, considering that the military takes up a big chunk of that state's economy.

Aaron Camp

WI-Gov 2014: Scott Walker-Lori Compas and Rebecca Kleefisch-Lori Compas hypotheticals, please...Compas may announce whether or not she's running for Governor of Wisconsin in 2014 on September 28 of this year, and I would like to see hypothetical general election polling with Lori Compas as the hypothetical Democratic nominee.


Remember that if you do not include all third parties that have ballot access in the state you are polling, then your results are invalid because you did not ask the question that will be asked of voters by their ballots in November.

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