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August 30, 2012


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I'm getting a feeling that, this race might be getting over polled, I mean, since Todd Akin made the comments there have been 4 public polls and most likely more private ones. Maybe pollsters should give this race a break...


Senator Claire McCaskill has told people in our state that she is a Moderate. She reasons that while being very liberal in her social views she is conservative in her fiscal views and votes accordingly. The lapdog Claire became when Obama ran and subsequently became President is not lost on us. She has voted for every budget busting bill Obama put in front of her and her vote for Obamacare has left Missourians with a very bitter pill. In the primary election of 2009 Missourians voted by a 70% to 30% majority to prohibit Missouri from participating on Obamacare. When asked she implied we didn't know what was in the bill that made it fiscally wonderful.


Your polls do not include any third party candidates who will be on the ballot. Because you are not asking the questions that will be on the ballot in November, your results are not valid.

Obama 2012

It's rather disgusting that Akin still has such a good chance of becoming a Senator. People just have no standards whatsoever.


I don't have a lot of experience polling, but I'd say you can never overpoll something. Hard to hit the same ~600 likely voters no matter how many pollsters ask questions. Plus, more polls = more evidence, which is always a good thing when looking for a good picture of the scene.

Jim4theFuture e

There is a Libertarian in the race. In order for your poll to be accurate the Libertarian needs to be included.


as much as i would like to have a third party option right now i dont see anything on the horizon that looks viable , lets be realistic - at the end of the day any vote that you cast on somebody who does not stand a chance is wasted !
There have been some reports that democrats in states with tight races have funneled money and support to third party candidates especially libertarians in a effort to siphon votes away from the GOP thereby increasing their chances to win the race , 3% can make a world of difference in a tight race so if you dont like obama and his policies then vote GOP , dont waste your vote !

Dave Burton

It's obvious to anyone who reads what he said, that when he said "legitimate" he meant "true," as distinguished from false. He never meant to suggest that rape is ever legitimate, only that sometimes an accusation of rape can be untruthful. Which is right.

I misspeak all the time. Who doesn't? A person's character and qualifications are not affected by verbal stumbles.

The people who are demanding that he drop out should be ashamed of themselves. Unless there is someone among them who never misspeaks, which I doubt, they are all hypocrites.

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