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August 22, 2012


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If you had to guess, how old would you guess Mitt Romney is?

Same for Obama, Biden, and Ryan?


P.ease add Jill Stein to the Iowa presidential poll. In Nevada I suggest you add "none of these candidates" since in almost every race that somehow gets 2-5% of the vote.


Whether the Akin comments (and general controversy) is having much of an effect on voters investigating the views of their own candidates.


In Iowa they will vote whether to oust a Supreme Court Judge.

"A group of Iowa conservatives announced Saturday they will campaign to defeat Iowa Supreme Court Justice David Wiggins, who was part of the court’s unanimous 2009 decision to allow gay marriage in the states."


Dwayne P

Ask if the Akin controversy & abortion debate has had any effect or will sway their vote


For Nevada, favorabilities for Sheldon Adelson would be interesting. For Iowa, it would be good to see if voters consider wind power a big issue or not.

For both states, it's worth seeing if voters consider welfare an important issue. It would also be fun to see favorabilities for both Tampa and Charlotte.


In Iowa, ask whether or not the state should use the fed's database (SAVE) to identify non-citizens and remove them from the voter registration file. It's created a controversy over the last couple weeks.


For Nevada, should ask whether they agree with the ruling that the "none of these candidates" option is unconstitutional. Also whether the know that a group of republicans is behind the lawsuit to get rid of that option.


You guys are starting to get ridiculous first you put out a poll that way oversampled Republicans in Missouri, just to help Todd Akin. South Carolina won the second place in the poll since Montana clearly cheated! I also thought you guys would be polling three states a week? You can't count that shoddy Missouri poll that was a bonus.


Nevada got fourth place can't you liberals count.


Ask if people know which party Sheldon Adelson supports.


What is the other state that will be polled?

Daffney from SC

If you didn't want to poll SC then why did you put it as an option...SC is the better Carolina anways!

Jello Mayberry

why not poll south carolina it was legit 2nd place. you poll states you think would be more favorable to obama hes gonna lose you know.


Do you think corporations are people. Do you think money is free speech. Do you realize the current condition of money in politics is a direct consequence of Republican administrations?


In Iowa, Boswell vs Latham, its only a house race, but it is the only incumbent republican vs incumbent democrat in the nation, in a total toss-up district.


Since the Libertarian Party is located in Las Vegas, definetly include Gary Johnson in you polling there. I would suggest including him in Iowa as well, since he polls well in the Midwest. Ask how the Akin controversy effects women voters.


For Nevada, please poll NV-03 and NV-04.
For Iowa, please poll IA-03 and IA-04.


Give them the option to vote Gary Johnson!

Jay Thompson

Repealing 2002 Gay Marriage Amendment in Nevada. Passage of a gay marriage amendment in Iowa. Iowa, has gay marriage had an impact on your life? Akin controversy comments. Iowa Senate race for 2014.


For Iowa: importance of wind PTC


In both states include Gary Johnson in your Presidential Polling. Please. Thank You.


Both Iowa and Nevada will be early caucus states in 2016 (confirmed by the RNC now: http://www.buzzfeed.com/zekejmiller/gop-votes-to-toughen-penalties-on-early-primary-st ), so it would be great to see new 2016 polls for both parties in each state. I guess you had an Iowa 2016 poll not that long ago, but that was before Romney picked Ryan as his running mate, and it would be interesting to see if it's boosted his prospects in a state that borders his home state.

Bill R.

Please ask for up or down on Ryan Voucher Plan for Medicare in both states?


I also suggest the questions about David Wiggins and same sex marriage, which the Christian right is bringing back up every election.

Daniel J Ruden

Please include Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, and Roseanne in your presidential polls. It would also be interesting to see if Ron Paul still has a higher favorability than Mitt Romney as the GOP candidate.


Something about approval of the tax credits for wind power. Especially in IA.

Johnson, too, would be nice, so we could see who he pulls votes away from...

Nevada probably has more libertarians than IA...

Barry R.

Please do polling on gay marriage in both states.


Gary Johnson could have a sizable impact in Nevada, I hope you will include him


Please poll all the congressional races in Iowa as all are competitive.

Please poll Harry Reid vs Brian Sandoval in Nevada


Ask about gay marriage in both states.


For Nevada, please poll which Senate candidate you trust more on Ethics, Shelley Berkley or Dean Heller. Ethics has been a huge issue in that race and I saw a poll the other day that said they were even in regards to ethics.


Since Nevada is very libertarian, please include Libertarian Gary Johnson in your U.S. Presidential polling of that state.

In both Nevada and Iowa, please ask the respondents if they would like for the media to consistently give more coverage to alternative political parties and their candidates.

Finally, in both Nevada and Iowa, please ask the respondents if they would like for additional candidates to be in the nationally televised U.S. Presidential and Vice Presidential debates this fall.


Please add Jill Stein to Iowa, also please see if Harkin has any sizable opponents in Iowa in 2014


Do head-to-heads against Sandoval for gov. Never too late to see who might be able to challenge him. All statewide Dems plus Berkeley.


Simple question for all states forward.
Do you think enter name of candidate is lying to get your vote?

Jered Matthysse

Which college team Iowans favor -- Hawkeyes or Cyclones.

Erin Murphy

Polls on the Congressional races would be fantastic, if that's possible. I like Jered's Hawkeyes-Cyclones question as well.

Jayme Nelson

With 14% unemployment, why would Nevada still support
Current administration?


Maybe ask Nevadans about how favourably they view Harry Reid.


It would be interesting to see Bob Miller, the former governor of Nevada in some poll.

Bob Miller vs Brian Sandoval


sample all 4 confessional districts.


US Congressional general ballot, both states.

Same-sex marriage and civil unions, both states.

Whether people believe that global warming is real.


Please include the third party candidates who have ballot access so that your polls will be valid.

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