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August 01, 2012


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James McFadden

Could you poll both states and compare Romney to other candidates that might have been? Would be interesting to see if he's a lot weaker than other GOP possibilities.


For Missouri a poll of the Lt. Governor's race would be interesting. Peter Kinder is far more high profile and (in) famous than most Lt. Govs and it's worth seeing how he's doing in his primary.

Seth Lesch

You vote for president:

1. Barack Obama
2. Mitt Romney
3 Gary Johnson

Very simple suggestion


I suggest tht you add Condoleezza Rice again she seems to really having an effect, I also suggest seeing what Jill Stein and Gary Johnson do to the presidential race in Colorado. And doe the NC governor race please add Barbra Howe

John Tracy

1. Should taxpayer dollars be used to hire Coloradans in state contracts? (Legislation was introduced in the most recent session to make this a state policy. Democrats supported the bill, but Republicans blocked it in the House.)
2. Should the state legalize marijuana and regulate it like alcohol? (There is an initiative that will be on the November ballot.)
3. Do you support legal recognition for gay couples? Civil unions or gay marriage? (House Republicans blocked a bipartisan civil unions bill last session in a spectacular display of legislative maneuvering.)
4. Generic state legislative ballot.
5. Should the government act to ensure all women have access to affordable birth control?
6. Bald men: handsome or handsomest?

John Tracy

My suggestions were for Colorado. I got excited, and forgot to mention that.


In all three, I'd be very interested in seeing birthers versus worthers. I suspect there would be very little crossover between people who think Obama needs to release more documentation and people who think Romney needs to release more documentation.

In Colorado, a follow-up on the Tebow-v-Manning question might be good. You could also do approvals on Hickenlooper, considering his recent divorce announcement, and maybe see what the people who know him best think about his prospects as a future Presidential candidate.

In Missouri, it might be interesting to see a reprise of the Presidential primary - "Although Mitt Romney has clinched the Republican presidential nomination, who would you prefer to have seen as the Republican candidate?" and then Romney, Gringrich, Santorum, Paul, Bachmann, Cain, Perry, Trump.

Steve Newton

I'd like to know what impact the whole Amendment One and President Obama's change of mind on same-sex marriage on both presidential and gubernatorial polls.

I'd like to see Gary Johnson included because I'd like to see if there is such a huge gap between the Libertarian presidential candidate and the Libertarian statewide candidates as there was four years ago (it was about a 100,000 vote difference).


VP Paul Ryan puts Wisconsin in play? Does Romney-Ryan move the needle in CO and NC ?


For Colorado:
- Do you approve of John Hicklenlooper's handling of the Aurora shooting?
- Do you support an assault weapons ban.

For NC:
-Ask the Howe people who their second choice is. Then give Dalton/McCrory numbers without Howe in the race.


I'm interested in seeing the level of support that Gary Johnson gets in both states when it comes to the presidential race.


For Colorado:

-Crosstabs by congressional district. Or if those would break sample sizes too small, region of the state (Western slope, Colorado Springs, Denver metro, North Front Range, Eastern Plains). It seems as if Romney has been avoiding visiting the population centers and I'd be curious if that's hurting him.

-Amendment 64 (marijuana legalization)

-Gay marriage and civil unions. Or perhaps even more interesting "does the state legislature's failure to pass civil unions make you more likely to vote Democratic or Republican for state legislative candidates?"

-Drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants ("Yes on 52")

-"Would you support reinstating a federal ban on Assault Weapons?" This would be particularly interesting in the wake of the Aurora tragedy.

Chic Mensah

My Question is:


Please ask if voters agree with Mitt Romney not releasing only more than two years of taxes return or if he need to release more like everyone else running for President.

Will like to see this question in all your polling like other polling agencies.


For CO and NC
-Do you support an audit of the Federal Reserve?


My request is for congressional and legislative generic and also for same-sex marriage support in the 2 main states.

Additionally, considering the massive turnout in favor of the Chick-Fil-A today, it might be interesting to hear what Americans think in these states.

Thanks for the chance to offer input!


For Missouri, also poll primaries for Governor, LG, and SOS.


I'm concerned that no one is asking the candidates what they know about and where they stand on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a potentially devastating "free trade" agreement on steroids. Why aren't presidential and congressional candidates calling for the text of the TPP to be made public? Do they support giving transnational corporations greater authority to sue governments to overturn environmental and public interest protections and to claim substantial monetary damages for possible loss of (not earned but anticipated) profits?

According to a study by the Institute for Policy Studies (Mining for Profits in International Tribunals: How Transnationals Use Trade and Investment Treaties as Powerful Tools in Disputes Over Oil, Mining and Gas, Nov 2011), this is already happening in Latin America in a rash of investor-state lawsuits brought by transnational corporations.

From what we've seen of leaked TPP documents, this so-called "partnership" is an economic and environmental disaster of global proportions just waiting to happen. Global corporatism is eviscerating any and every kind of protection for people or planet that stands in the way of their gaining control of vital global resources.

Who is asking the really tough questions?

Cameron Harris

For NC, ask whether Obama's support for gay marriage immediately after Amendment One affected support for him any.


Wind Energy Production Tax Credit in Colorado.


For North Carolina residents... Are you attending the National Poetry Slam in Charlotte, NC at any point between August 6-11?


got to keep asking about the marijuana legalization amendment


Please include Gary Johnson in NC and Colorado polling this weekend. Thank You. Or if that is too much trouble, Colorado. He was at...7%...I think in June or July in a polling of yours there.


I second the wind energy tax cuts(and other renewable energy) question in Colorado. This is an area where Romney has differed from the Republican congressional delegation. I'm interested to see if he differs from voters too.

Jeff Price

Can you put in the Libertarian Candidates for North Carolina?

Independent voters make up 25% of the NC electorate. In 2008, Bob Barr and the Write-In candidates had twice as many votes as the margin of victory and Michael Munger pulled over 120,000 votes for Governor pulling heavily from the Republicans (imo) almost covering the margin between Bev and McCrory.

I would be great to know how a third party is affecting things in NC.


In Missouri, poll amendment 2 (public prayer amendment). We'll be voting on that on primary day (Aug. 7).


For Colorado: "Do you approve of the job that John Hickenlooper is doing as governor?"

For Missouri: "If the Senatorial election was to be held today, would you vote for Democratic candidate Claire McCaskill or for Republican candidate Todd Akin/John Brunner/Sarah Steelman?"

For North Carolina: "Does President Barack Obama's support for same-sex marriage make you more likely to vote for him, less likely to vote for him, or does it make no difference at all?"

Vince Taormina

Because of the tragic shootings in Aurora, you should check to see if the people in all three of these states believe that there should be more gun control.


Romney up by at least 5 in Missouri.
Romney up 1-3 points in NC.
Obama up 1-3 points in CO.

There is no way Obama could be leading in either MO or NC. The fact is that Obama is only leading nationwide by 1-3 points. In 2008, Obama won nationwide by 7 points. So in theory, Obama should lose all the states he lost in 2008 in addition to all the states he narrowly won (IN, NC, and FL). It's really that simple. So there is no way Obama should be leading in this upcoming NC poll.


It would be very interesting to know about the statewide offices in North Carolina and Missouri. Poll all them.


- In Colorado see how the marijuana legalization amendment does and how it crosses over into presidential preferences. Also test Condi Rice, Pawlenty, Portman, Jindal, Ryan, and how the other GOP candidates would be doing right now.
- In Missouri poll the Gubernational election and also how the vote crosses into the Presidential election. Poll the senate race too. Poll how the other GOP contenders do against Obama and poll Condi Rice, Pawlenty, Portman, Jindal, and Ryan
- Same for North Carolina. And poll how Bev Perdue would be doing if she was running for re-election against McCrory. Poll Kay Hagan's senate race and John Edwards' favorabikities and how he would do in a gubernational or senate campaign.


Do not omit third party candidates!


Considering the recent introduction of an anti-abortion measure in Colorado, it would make sense to poll attitudes concerning abortion in CO.

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