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July 18, 2012


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PA: Ed Rendell fav, Bill Clinton fav.

As for Michigan, maybe a question on auto bailout or who'd be better for auto industry.


PA: Mock Gubernatorial Election between Mike Tomlin (D) and Andy Reid (R). Or maybe Jerome Bettis vs Brian Dawkins. Gotta throw some Eagles-Steelers in there.


50 TEA Party groups in Michigan named http://GaryGlenn.US (100% REAL CONSERVATIVE) as best choice for USSenate: http://Michigan4ConservativeSenate.com


Does the President's endorsement of same-sex marriage factor into your decision of whom to vote?

If so, does it make you more likely or less likely to vote for the President?

Ellen Martel

I'd be curious to hear what people in Penn are thinking about the voter ID law. Are they aware of it? Do they approve of it? Do they think its goal is partisan (i.e. suppressing dem vote)? And the breakdown of people who see it as partisan/not: Rep/Dem/Independent.


For both states I suggest adding Jill Stein to the presidential polls, the green party just had its nominating convention, there is a lot of media hype from the NYT, WashPst, and Stein has been on NPR, also Stein's running mate is from Pennsylvania so that could really stir up trouble in PA!

Also I suggest adding the three most talked about VP candidates as Romney's running mate in both states and see how they do, they would be:
Condolezza Rice
Rob Portman
Bobby Jindal

Not sure about Pawlenty

Either way adding these three to Romney's ticket in the poll would be able to show us who is the best VP candidate for Romney in these particular battleground states.


Do you have a family member or close friend who is a millionaire?

Favorables for potential R VPs

Do you think that the United States will win the most gold medals in this year's Summer Olympics?


Do you think Mitt Romney should release his tax returns? Do you care if Romney doesn't release his tax returns?

Ask the obvious Bain questions.

David C

MI-If Gov. Romney was not born in Michigan, would you still vote for him?


Second on voter ID question(s) for PA; but MI Gov. Snyder just vetoed a similar bill, you could ask for reactions to that as well.


Please provide cross tabs by area code for PA it would be helpful to understand what's going on in different parts of the state. It's one of the best parts of your NC polls.

How about running an early gubenatorial poll Corbett vs Casey, Sestak or Nutter. I think any other Democrat would not have enough name recognition to be meaningful.

Also you need to ask a question about Corbett was negligient by not pursuing allegations re Sandusky when AG.


Extensively poll PennState scandal; do you believe the football program should be canceled for a year? Favorable/Unfavorable on Joe Paterno's legacy.


In Michigan, definitely ask about the opinions of the auto bailout.
In Pennsylvania, favorability of Corbett.

It would be interesting to see whether voters in both states have a positive or negative view of Mormonism.


Two questions for Pennsylvania.

#1. Do you think Penn State should remove the statue of Joe Paterno from campus in the wake of former FBI Director Louis Freeh's report detailing the covering up of the Gerry Sandusky's sexual abuse of children?

#2. Should Governor Tom Corbett resign from office if he knowingly covered up the Penn State sexual abuse or failed to prosecute in a timely manner the crimes when he was the state Attorney General?


Should PA be a right-to-work state?
Do you support the voter ID law to prevent voter fraud?

Does Mitt and his father George's connection to Michigan influence your vote?

Will Romney's VP pick influence your vote?
Has the campaign advertising influenced you to vote one way or another?
Do you approve of the health care mandate on religious institutions requiring the coverage of abortive drugs? (the Catholic Church is the largest denomination in both states)


Man, I was really looking forward to polling in Georgia. I hope you'll include it as an option next week.

I'd love to see health care and immigration opinions in MI and PA. And in PA it would be nice to see voters' opinions on the voter ID law that the House speaker said was meant to deliver the state to Romney.

Thanks for taking suggestions.

Jay Thompson

Joe Sestak vs Pat Toomey Rematch
Romney/Toomey on Republican Ticket
Romney/Corbett on Republican Ticket
Favorability of Bob Casey Jr.
Favorability of Pat Toomey
Same-Sex Marriage Legal/Illegal
Same-Sex Marriage Legal/Civil Union/Recognition
Would you support a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union of one man and one woman in the state of Pennsylvania?

Romney/Snyder on the ticket.
Favorability of Debbie Stabenow
Favorability of Carl Levin
Auto Bailout successful or unsuccessful.
Same-Sex Marriage Legal/Illegal
Same-Sex Marriage Legal/Civil Union/Recognition


In your last PA poll, you paired Romney with Santorum, Corbett, Toomey, Ridge, and Swann as potential veeps against Obama/Biden.

Considering Intrade sees none of those former/current PA pols having better than a 0.2% chance of being picked as Romney's running mate, may I suggest, instead, including three of the possibilities getting the most press -- Pawlenty, Portman, and Rubio -- and two Republicans who could put the Philly burbs in play, Christie and Giuliani.

If you take my suggestion, please use a large enough sample to render relevant data in the 205/267 area codes.


Question about voter suppression in PA.
Question about whether MI is seen as a home state for Mitt Romney.


I work in Michigan politics and would really appreciate some polling on the ballot proposals likely to come up in November: http://ballotpedia.org/wiki/index.php/Michigan_2012_ballot_measures

Especially the collective bargaining, 2/3 taxation, and 25 X '25 ones, please.


For Pennsylvania, in adition to the habitual results, I would like to see the statewide offices polled again.

And I would like to see if there is Democratic alternative to the Republican incumbents. I would like to see:

Toomey vs Rendell
Toomey vs Sestak
Toomey vs Kane

Corbett vs Rendell
Corbett vs Sestak
Corbett vs Kane

For Michigan, in adition to the habitual results I wouls like to see if there is Democratic alternative to the Republican Governor. I would like to see:

Snyder vs Granholm
Snyder vs Peters


For Michigan, ask about support for Rick Snyder's new Detroit-Windsor Bridge! It has become the biggest issue in the state.

James Sterling

Please include Gary Johnson in your polls for president.

Mark Rosenthal

In the PA poll, ask if voters are aware of the new and very restrictive voter ID law. Or ask if they know that they need an official state ID with photo in order to get to vote...

Southwest Cook

For both states - Are you or is someone in your household a member of a public union, private union, or neither?

Also, a generic (R/D) U.S. House ballot.


I'm with SD, we could really use something from Georgia...it was tied with PA at 14% right before the poll came down...it must have lost to PA by less than 10 votes.


The latest on same-sex marriage please in both states!

Also, congressional generic in both states and whether Obama's attacks on Bane are having any effect on his business savvy perceptions in these states.


Strongly seconding polling MI ballot measures. In addition to collective bargaining and 2/3rds vote in lege for tax hikes, there's the measure to repeal the emergency managers law.

Also, please include former New York Mets third baseman Howard Johnson in your polls for president.


Include Gary Johnson when asking about their choice for president.


"When you see hopeless no-name candidates, unfunded whackadoodles, and Libertarians begging for attention in the comments section of polling company blogs to give themselves a brief pretense of relevancy, do you feel PITY (press 1), AMUSEMENT (press 2), ANNOYANCE (press 3), or a COMBINATION of any of those three (press 4)?"


Is Tom Corbett responsible for the problems at Penn State?

Now that we know that more tha 9 percent of registered voters do not have qualifying ID, should the just passed Voter ID law be repealed or postponed?


For Michigan, it would be interesting to see the following 2014 match-ups:

Rick Snyder versus Gary Peters.


Carl Levin versus Justin Amash
Carl Levin versus Candice Miller

Gary Peters versus Justin Amash
Gary Peters versus Candice Miller


2 things:

Obama/Romney AND Obama/Romney/The rest (PA will probably have green, libertarian, and constitution)

PA-Gov 2014 Matchups:

Corbett vs. Sestak
Corbett vs. Onorato
Corbett vs. McCord
Corbett vs. Shapiro
Corbett vs. Schwartz
Corbett vs. Murphy


PA - test out the downballot offices please! Kane vs. Freed for AG, McCord vs. Irey-Vaughan for Treasurer, and DePasquale vs. Maher for Auditor.


PA will not have third party candidates. Ballot access is ridiculous.

Concur on testing 2014 guv matchups, but don't think those are the right ones. Would suggest:

Tom Corbett vs. Rob McCord
Tom Corbett vs. Joe Sestak
Tom Corbett vs. Bob Casey

Favorable/unfavorables on Corbett, McCord, Sestak, Casey, Michael Nutter, Josh Shapiro, Dominic Pileggi, Mike Turzai

David K

Ask in both about which is a bigger issue; Mitt Romney's refusal to release tax returns, or Obama's attacks on Romney's business history.

I think the cross tabs would be interesting on this one.


I think you guys should start polling Gary Johnson in all statewide polls, not just states with a traditionally libertarian element. The results could be informative and surprising.


MI: Should Rep. Jesse Bolger apologize for censuring two women from the House floor for saying "vagina?"


PA -senate
Toomey vs Rendell
Toomey vs Altmire

MI Gov 2014

Snyder vs Stabenow
Snyder vs Clarke
Snyder vs Peters


For PA, perhaps do yo have a favorable opinion of Sandusky or Paterno?

Morgan Whitacre

In Michigan, there will likely be a ballot initiative in the form of a constitutional amendment that would ENSHRINE collective bargaining rights for public- and private- sector unions. In April, EPIR-MRA had it passing 57%-33%. Now the chamber of commerce and pro-business groups are opposing it. Could you poll to see where support is now? Thanks!


Maybe ask Michiganers what they think of the anti-abortion HOUSE BILL No. 5711 that has been making rounds in the state's legislature.

It would also be cool to know where Gov. Snyder's approval rating stands at and whether or not he would help Romney's chances if he were the VP pick.

Morgan Whitacre

Hmm...for the second week in a row, my blog posts aren't showing up. Am I saying something wrong?

Here is what I responded to last night:

Could you please poll the major Michigan initiatves -- the one I am really interested is the proposed constitutional amendment that would enshrine collective bargaining rights? A poll by another pollster (EPIC-MRA) found that in April 57% of the voters supported it and 33% were against. It would be interesting to see where support is now.

As always, thank you so much PPP for allowing our input!

Morgan Whitacre

Oh, and one more thing: although I doubt you guys will want to poll this, what the Michigan Supreme Court (currently a 4-3 conservative (republican) majority could be shifted this fall. There are three races this year:

Republicans: 1. Stephen Markman
2. Colleen O'Brien
3. Jane Markey

Democrats: 1. Sheila Johnson
2. Connie Marie Kelley
3. Bridget McCormack

These are elected statewide and it would be interesting to see what is going on. I know name rec. will be low and most will be undecided, but nonetheless, it could be interesting to see, if President Obama performs well here, if the Democrats can reclaim a majority of the court.

Mark B.

Please poll the collective bargaining amendment, the emergency manager referendum, and the 2/3-needed-for-a-tax-increase ballot measure!

James Ivey

For your presidential polling in Pennsylvania and Michigan, you absolutely need to include the Green Party's Dr. Jill Stein. She's achieved matching federal funding, and will be on the ballot in over 40 states.

In Pennsylvania, you might want to throw in a curveball question about the Vice Presidential candidates: Joe Biden (D), Tim Pawlenty? (R), Jim Gray (L) and Cheri Honkala (G).


MI Gov 2014

Snyder vs. Debbie Stabenow
Snyder vs. Bart Stupak
Snyder vs. Gary Peters
Snyder vs. Hansen Clarke

PA Gov 2014

Corbett vs. Mark Critz
Corbett vs. Allyson Schwartz
Corbett vs. Mike Doyle
Corbett vs. Dan Oronato
Corbett vs. Jason Altmire
Corbett vs. Joe Sestak

MI Senate 2014?

Levin vs. John Engler
Levin vs. Justin Amash
Levin vs. Dave Camp
Levin vs. Brian Calley
Levin vs. Brian Cox


Pres. Obama versus Gov. Romney in Oakland County, MI.


Please inlude Virgil Goode as he will be on the ballot in both of those states.

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