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July 11, 2012


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Ask if voters would like to give ObamaCare a chance, rather than being repealed right away (at the beginning of a Romney presidency, of course)


I want to echo Jonathan Bernstein's suggestion: If you had to guess, how old would you guess Mitt Romney is? And the same for Obama?


Do you believe a scientific commission into the affects of climate change on the economy of your state should be appointed by the next president?

Would you choose President Obama or Gov. Romney to lead the nation in dealing with climate change?

Jarryd Willis

Please ask Likely Voters (or Registered Voters) if they are registered under the NEW VOTER ID LAWS. Otherwise your sample may not adequately generalize because those polled would be turned away from the polls anyway.

Please add this item to future polls, especially in Pennsylvania, in order to get more accurate descriptive statistics.

It would be interesting if you presented the poll results with all respondents vs. those who are registered under new law. That'd inform people of how much voter education needs to take place.


Since he just declared today, Gary King vs. Susanna Martinez for NM-Gov in 2014.

Jack Rivers

I would like to know if Iowans want gay marriage overturned.


It would be great to see questions regarding the Supreme Court's health care decision and President Obama's immigration decision in both states, like you included in your recent polls.

In New Mexico, the last time we saw gay marriage numbers (legal/illegal) was December, and a lot has happened since then, so it would be nice to see an update there. And just for fun (and the anniversary was a few days ago) you could ask whether or not New Mexicans believe that extraterrestrials landed in Roswell in 1947.


Please add Gary Johnson and Jill Stein to the presidential polls, also as Romney's running mates please add Governor Martinez and Branstad to the tickets on both states. Finally, please add the 2014 US Senate race in Iowa.


Continuing with the 2014 theme, today in New Mexico, Democratic State Attorney General Gary King announced he is running against Republican Governor Susana Martinez.. Curious to see if Martinez is vulenable to a two term elected statewide officer holder (almost all polling has shown Martinez to be very popular). Would be interesting to see where the King-Martinez matchup would start!



How about asking Iowa voters what other state they'd like to see polled. After all, you ask us!


I would like to see:

For future senate races:
T Udall vs S Martinez
M Heinrich vs S Martinez

For Governor 2014:
J Bingaman vs S Martinez
H Balderas vs S Martinez
B Luján vs S Martinez


And for Iowa:

C Grassley vs T Vilsack for senate

Philip D

I'd love to see gay marriage polling in both states.

Mark Abernathy

What's this I've been hearing about conservatives in Iowa loosing confidence in repealing Gay Marriage? I'd like to see some polling on what Iowans think of Gay Marriage. Is such a statement true? Has Obama's endorsement changed anything in Iowa?

Also for Iowa: How effective are Obama's Bain attacks against Romney?

I'd also like to see the "Your Favorite Cities" poll in Iowa just as you had done with Massachusetts. That was fun.

For New Mexico:

Gay Marriage polling to see if there has been any difference in opinion since December. New Mexico is a curious state, being the only one that has made no law for or against gay marriage (yet).

Would like some polling about the recent immigration ruling as well, seeing as they are a border state.


would like to know people who oppose the Healthcare,what % support POTUS v Romney and the same for people who are for the Healthcare reform.


I'd like to see a matchup of the 2014 Senate election in Iowa, and the 2014 gubernatorial election as well. I've heard rumors of Vilsack coming back to Iowa to run if Harkin retires, and I'm curious as to how viable he'd be, assuming that the likely candidates are King and Latham.

And hey, since Gary King announced he would run against Susana Martinez in 2014, I'm curious as to how he'd do.

Barry R.

Both states: poll gay marriage


I echo Michael's sentiment: please at least add Gary Johnson as an option for the NM poll. It will be interesting to see how much support he may steal from the two main-party candidates.

Karson Kalashian

Ask if the public would like to see a third party candidate included as a choice in polls and upcoming debates.


For Iowa, approval/favorability numbers for Governor Terry Branstad and a question about which of the following statements people agree with more: Iowa should expand Medicaid to cover approximately 150,000 more people who otherwise would go without health insurance, or Iowa should reject the Medicaid expansion because we can't rely on the federal government to keep its promise to cover almost all the cost. (I'm sure there is better wording than that, just wanted to give gist of question.)


Ask about Immigration for sure in NM, ask who's immigration policy they agree with the most, Obama, Romney, or Johnson's.


I'd like to see some actual evidence one way or another for the various "Iowa Evangelicals dislike Romney" stories that are floating around, and if it's his religion or record that have the most influence. I'd also be curious to see how Leonard Boswell's latest turn towards the temple of the Blue Dog effects his race vs. Latham.

Expos Panthersdude

In both New Mexico and Iowa I ask you PPP to include Gary Johnson in your polling options. Please. Thank You.


In Iowa, look at possible 2014 match ups. For Dems, I'd do Harkin and Braley vs. Latham and Schultz, and maybe even Reynolds.


As Jarryd Willis suggested,

"Please ask Likely Voters (or Registered Voters) if they are registered under the NEW VOTER ID LAWS. Otherwise your sample may not adequately generalize because those polled would be turned away from the polls anyway.

"Please add this item to future polls, especially in Pennsylvania, in order to get more accurate descriptive statistics.

"It would be interesting if you presented the poll results with all respondents vs. those who are registered under new law. That'd inform people of how much voter education needs to take place."

Please do this.


It would be interesting to see whether New Mexicans agree or disagree with the Supreme Court's decision in Arizona v. United States, or another question about illegal immigration.


Would be great to see a 2016 Iowa caucus poll for both parties.


Gary Johnson is running for U.S. President as the nominee of the Libertarian Party. He is a former two-term Governor of New Mexico. Therefor, I think it would be very interesting to see where he currently stands there. So, please include him in your New Mexico poll. Of secondary importance, please include him in your Iowa poll too.

Also, please ask the residents of both states, if they would like for the Libertarian Party to grow into a major political party or not.

Chris M

Please include Former NM Governor Gary Johnson in your presidential polls. He is the only candidate besides the Republican and Democrat to be on the ballot in all 50 states and has a tremendous record as a former Governor of a border state.

Jay Thompson

Iowa= Would you support a law that would reverse same-sex marriage in the state. Yes or No. Would they prefer democrats or republicans in control of the Senate.

New Mexico= Would you support legalize of same-sex marriage or similar legislation. Would you vote in favor of an amendment that would define marriage as a union of one man and one woman?


Please add Gary Johnson to the presidential polls.


Be sure to include Gary Johnson and Jill Stein in both states for the presidential polling.



Yes or no to retain Justice David Wiggins of the Iowa Supreme Court.

State legislature: General party preference.


Please add Gary Johnson to your polls.


Poll Gary Johnson in both states as well please.


Please include Gary Johnson in your Presidential Polling for New Mexico and Iowa. Additionally, please query as to change from "Winner Take All" Electoral allocation to the "Congressional District Model" Electoral allocation in both states.


Please include Gary Johnson in your Presidential polling in both Iowa and New Mexico. Additionally, please query as to moving from the "Winner Take All" Electoral allocation to the "Congressional District Model" of Electoral allocation in both states.


Can you poll the house races in New Mexico since there are only three of them. I know all the three races aren't competitive but Im interested to see what the Michelle Lujan Grisham versus Janice Arnold-Jones race looks like for Martin Heinrich's open seat.


Please be sure to include Gary Johnson in your NM presidential poll.

Eric Blitz

I wonder if a value survey, directed at political candidates as proxies for values, would turn up something interesting. So, maybe only ask those who give a positive to 'In general, are you familiar with the policy positions of Gary Johnson, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and Jill Stein.' If the polling professionals believe that has to be 4 questions for each candidate, so be it.

Of that group, ask something along the lines of: "If you completely disregard your assessment of each candidate's chance of winning the election for President, and only consider how well the candidate's positions align with your values, who would you prefer among Gary Johnson, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, or Jill Stein?

The goal would be to take out horse race, game theory oriented rationales for voting, and just focus on the voter's preferences for policy positions as reflected in candidate choices. It would be great to see that in both Iowa and New Mexico.

Ethan G

Include (Libertarian Party) Gary Johnson and (Green Party) Jill Stein in the New Mexico polling. Without former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson, the NM poll will not be valid.

Matt D

For those asking, they do not have voter ID in Iowa and New Mexico. So asking about it is useless.

Chuck In Seattle

For Iowa, how about just fav/unfav for a bunch of the past governors (Ray, Brandstad, Vilsak and Culver).


Please be sure to include Magic Johnson in your next poll of Los Angeles.

Jacob W.

New Mexico:

Gary King vs. Governor Martinez 2014
Tom Udall favorables


Tom Latham versus Bruce Braley 2014 IA-Sen
Tom Latham versus Senator Tom Harkin 2014 IA-Sen
Gay Marriage ballot question


In NM, 2014 Senate -- Sanchez vs. Udall; Martinez vs. Udall, Doug Turner vs. Udall.

In Iowa, 2014 Senate -- Branstad vs. Harkin; Latham vs. Harkin; Vander Plaats vs. Harkin.

Also: Has the 2012 caucus process in Iowa hurt your opinion of the caucuses?

In both: What is your opinion of PPP polls? Do you think PPP's Democratic house effect has impacted its credibility in state polling?


I would like to see the following matchups in the survey:

1. Obama vs. Romney, undecided
2. Obama/Romney/Johnson, undecided
3. Johnson vs. Obama, undecided
4. Johnson vs. Romney, undecided

As with many above, please include Gary Johnson in the polling for both states.


For New Mexico: poll favorability of same sex marriage.


For Iowa
U.S house District 3 Latham (D) Vs Boswell (R)
U.S House District 4 King (R) vs Christie Vilsack (D)


Please poll Gary Johnson and Jill Stein in all states where they have ballot access.


Add Condolezza Rice to Romney's VP I want to see what the impact would be!

Jackie Edge

I think since GARY JOHNSON is going to be on the ballot he should be included in ANY polls regarding who could be elected for President in 2012. Thank you for not being part of the problem.


Please for NM-Gov 2014 poll also

T Anaya vs S Martinez
G King vs S Martinez

Morgan Whitacre

For Iowa:

Please poll IA-04: King (R) v. Vilsack (D)

Please poll IA-03: Boswell (R) v. Latham (D)

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