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June 20, 2012


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Bill R.

As an Oregonian I would like to know support for gay marriage and for legalization of marijuana. I would also like to know support for state based public option medical plan open to all.


MA: Satisfaction with RomneyCare.


Re: Oregon

You should poll on the ballot measures likely to make the ballot (these are going to be where the real $$$ are spent this fall) - Gillnetting Ban, Casino Measure, Kicker Reform, Marijuana (x2)

Also fascinated by Clackamas County - ground zero for the Tea Party's attempt to get a foothold in suburban Oregon (it's one of the three Counties that make up Portland Metro area). The marquee race is for County Commission Chair between current chair Charlotte Lehan (Dem) and tea-party/"Oregon Transformation Project backed John Luldow. The Transformation PAC dumped over $100K into this race in the primary to get Ludlow into the run-off against Lehan. Also in Clackamas is repeal of the Portland to Milwaukie Light Rail line which AFP collected signatures for and got on the ballot.


How about:

Is dressage a sport?

Ryan Smith

MBTA fare hikes in Massachusetts.



Favorable/unfavorable: the Supreme Court.


Favorable/unfavorable: the Kennedy family.

Do you support the new law in Massachusetts creating harsher punishments for prostitution crimes, or not?


Favorable/unfavorable: the private equity industry.

How much have you heard about the process of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking? A lot, a little, or not at all?


Favorable/unfavorable: the city of Portland.

Would you support the legalization of marijuana in the state of Oregon, or not?


For Massachusetts: Would you be open to voting for a Republican and if so what would it take?

I'm curious what a Republican's ceiling is in Massachusetts.


Why hasn't Georgia been a choice for where to poll in forever? Obama lost it by 5% in 2008, I'd like to see where he stands now.

Barry R.

I'd really like to see polling for gay marriage in the state of Oregon.

Stanz Z.

Oregon: Public opinion on gay marriage. Should it be legal/illegal?

Ohio: Obama/Romney approval.

Mass.: Public opinion on gay marriage. Also, a question about the satisfaction level with health care in the state.

Josh McG

I'd like to see how including Gary Johnson in the presidential affects the numbers. For Ohio, really interested in support for unions.


If you could add Jill Stein as the green party in MA and OR for president especially in MA where it is her home state.


Ohio: Poll Mike Coleman against Kasich. Favorability of state of Michigan. Same-sex marriage ballot measure (2013). Favorability of labor unions. Are Ohio's/America's best days behind it?


How about instead of using loaded wording to push the same sex marriage polls in your favor, you could use phrasing such as "marriage should be between a man and a woman" instead of saying "illegal." The term "illegal" has a negative connotation to it and may be the reason why your polling is so far off from the actual results when these measures are voted on. The measures usually are worded in an unbiased way like that, unlike your polling questions.


Ohio: as unlikely as it is Dennis Kucinich against Kasich, Presidential numbers if Kasich is VP nominee.

vince greco

House race pitting Sutton against Renacci in what will be one of the only member vs. member races in the 2012 General election


Oregon was not a good choice on our part--zero competitive statewide elections.


Does Oregon want a MLB team?

Tyler Read

Oregon is actually a great choice. SurveyUSA recently had Obama ahead of Romney by only 4% in OR so depending on how PPP's results turn out, we could have another swing-state on our hands.


I agree with the guy that suggested Georgia be an upcoming choice, and I would also add Indiana. Obama shockingly won it last time, but it's been dismissed as being back to deep red and out of reach this time. I'd like to see if that's true, and also get a read on the chances of the Senate seat going blue...

Jay Thompson

I know there was something about changing the marriage law in Ohio to undo Ohio’s ban on same-sex marriage. Also, I would like how Oregon feels on Civil Unions/Marriage and legal and illegal. I like both of those questions. Its interesting to see how much the support is and how it drops a little or stays the same pending on the state.

So please ask both of these questions in Oregon and Ohio. Also for Ohio please add Rob Portman with Romney on the VP candidate ticket. Also with MA, add Scott Brown see what happens?

Diane V. McLoughlin

In a general election, who do you favor for President of the United States?: Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson or Barack Obama?

Tyler Read

For Ohio, please ask about the current senate race between Sherrod Brown and Josh Mandel.


Gary Johnson and Jill Stein should be included in the presidential election preference questions.


To all three states, all parties:
Who would get your vote for president? Romney vs Obama?
Ron Paul vs Obama?
Ron Paul vs Romney?

The times are changin, the answers to this poll may be surprising.

Mark Abernathy

Ohio has made some interesting movements lately for LGBT citizens. Columbus now has a Domestic Partner Registry, and someone is actively trying to legalize Gay Marriage in the state.

I would love to find out the public's opinion on Gay Marriage in that state.

Oregon made the active decision NOT to jump into the "gay marriage" question this year. After their neighbor Washington went through a vote and are now facing a referendum I'd like to hear what Oregon's opinion on Gay Marriage in their state is.

I would of course like to know what the polling in each state for the Presidential race is. Also opinion polls for the two candidates. I'm very interested to see how favorable Romney is in Massachusetts.

Opinion on Medical Marijuna and full Marijuana legalization for the three states would be interesting.


For Massachusetts:
The legislature has been trying to pass an expanded bottle bill (5 cent deposit for drinks in addition to sodas) for 14 years, and it gets blocked by lobbyists. It would be great to know what the VOTERS think of the bill!!


Massachusetts: Do you feel you can trust Elizabeth Warren


Would MA prefer the MBTA continue with the forward funding program of 20% of the sales tax goes to the MBTA, even though it underperforms original estimates by $100 million per year, or return to legislature finding where the legislature will pay for infrastructure repairs and expansions?



1. Support for medicinal marijuana ballot initiative
2. Marijuana legalization in general
3. Warren vs Brown


Massachusetts: Would you vote to uphold RomneyCare or undo it?

Oregon: same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization. Has the President's support for same-sex marriage made it more likely or less likely you will vote for him in November?

Ohio: Are you better off or worse off than a year ago? Do you think you'll be better off or worse off a year from now? Do you think you'll be more likely to better off if Obama is re-elected or if Romney is elected?


Ohio: Whether the nation should focus research and investments on clean energy or traditional fuels


Ask about gay marriage in all three states.


For MA:

1) Has the controversy surrounding Elizabeth Warren's claim of Native American heritage made you less likely to vote for her?

2) Do you believe that Scott Brown has “secret meetings with kings and queens” as he recently said?


I'd really appreciate you asking about gay marriage (legal/illegal) in Oregon, since it's been almost exactly a year since you last asked and there's been a huge shift since then (neighboring Washington legalizing it, plus Maryland and NJ's legislature, President Obama's support, etc.). Proponents are looking at 2014 for a ballot initiative so I'm curious how much support has changed since a year ago, when it was already up 6 points.

In Massachusetts, it might be interesting to ask whether the debate about Elizabeth Warren's Native American heritage would influence people's votes or not. I'd also be curious to see how liberal Massachusetts is on the subject of marijuana legalization, since it's the most liberal in the country when it comes to same-sex marriage.

Thanks as always for taking suggestions.


Would you vote to repeal the ban on gay marriage and civil unions in Ohio?


In Oregon, try Merkley against Greg Walden/Chris Dudley in 2014 Senate election.

Andrew Riley

In Oregon, I'd ask about support for abolishing the death penalty. Alternatively, I'd ask about support for providing in-state tuition for undocumented Oregonian high school graduates.


Test to see how smart voters are. Ask if they think Obama's recent decisions on gay marriage and immigration are real proposals or just election year stunts. Let's see how many people can see through the ruse.

Evan Manvel

The Oregon Department of Transportation is considering a 3 to 5 percent statewide gas tax hike for 30 years to pay for two miles of highway expansion and bridge replacement in North Portland, a project known as the Columbia River Crossing. Do you support or oppose such a gas tax hike?


For Ohio, include Ed Fitzgerald on the list of 2014 Democrats for Governor against Kasich?


Would you like to see a debate involving all candidates, not just those from the two main parties?

Kari Chisholm

Oregon: Favorable/unfavorable on the Portland Timbers and the Portland Trail Blazers.


I don't really understand the call to poll Georgia as some other comments suggest. Obama lost it by a little more than 5% in a tremendous wave year for democrats. Nobody seriously considers it in play this year, when Obama and democrats in general are going to perform well under what they did in 2008. I wouldn't be at all surprised if that 5% lead is a 10-15% lead this year. The same goes for Indiana.


For MA:

Bobby Valentine and Tito Francona approval/disapproval

Also Too, Curt Schillings' ratings in light of the bankrupcty of his video game company.

Justin Cox

Oregon: Would you support the repeal of Measure 11 mandatory minimum sentences as a way to save the state money which could spent on education and other essential services?

In Oregon, corrections is eating up a huge chunk of the state's budget and education and other essential services are paying a huge price. While this phenomenon is well understood, state legislators can't do much to reverse it because voters approved Measure 11 which implements mandatory minimum sentences for many violent crimes and removes sentencing digression from judges.

In recent years, legislators have dared not mention repealing Measure 11 out of fear of the likely tsunami of "weak on crime" attacks that would follow. However, education funding in the state has become so pitiful that I suspect voters are willing to consider repealing these minimum sentences if they are educated about how it is affecting the budget.


OH: Gov 2014 with Dems Strickland, Coleman, Cordray, and Tim Ryan.

Supreme Court Race in OH in 2012 with Yvette McGee Brown (D-inc.) vs. Sharon Kennedy (R). Party labels not on ballot.


What percentage of registered Oregon voters are Latino? How many Latinos in each polled Oregon household are eligible to vote vs. how many are actually registered?


For MA: I'd love to see approval of a graduated income tax. Also, would you support raising the gas tax to support the MBTA?


I second asking about the Bottle Bill in MA. Also for MA: city approval ratings, Bobby Valentine, and the 1st district House race (especially).


Oregon: Legislature control (House, Senate); SOS contest between incumbent Kate Brown (D) and Knute Buehler (R); Labor Commissioner contest (nonpartisan) between Brad Avakian (incumbent) and Bruce Starr.

Arnold Roth

Could you respond to what Nate Silver has said about your House Effect?


For Massachusetts: I wish you had included a question about the bottle bill.

Do you support expanding the 1982 bottle bill to include non-carbonated beverages such as water and sport drink?

Carl Fisher

All Three:
If the 1988 Presidential Election were held today, which candidate would you vote for?
George Bush
Michael Dukakis
Ron Paul
Lenora Fulani


--2014 Senate Race
----Jeff Merkley vs. Greg Walden
----Jeff Merkley vs. Gordon Smith
----Jeff Merkley vs. Chris Dudley
--2014 Gubernatorial Race
----Kitzhaber vs. Greg Walden
----Kitzhaber vs. Chris Dudley

--2014 Gubernatorial Race
----Kasich vs. Kucinich
----Kasich vs. Strickland
----Kasich vs. Kaptur
----Kasich vs. Tim Ryan

--2014 Gubernatorial Race
----Tim Murray vs. Charlie Baker
----Martha Coakley vs. Charlie Baker
----Mike Capuano vs. Charlie Baker


In Ohio, it would be interesting to see approval/disapproval of the attempted redistricting amendment (and really it'd be interesting to see what percentage of people have even heard of it)

Chris W

In all 3

If the candidates for President this year were
Democrat Barack Obama, Republican Mitt
Romney, and Libertarian Gary Johnson, who
would you vote for?

Jim Ivey

Please include the Green Party's Jill Stein and the Libertarian Party's Gary Johnson in all future presidential polls. They've waged national campaigns to win their party endorsements, and will play a significant role in shaping the rest of the presidential race.

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