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June 07, 2012


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Josh Handell

I want to preface this by saying that I'm not at all a Ron Paul fan/cultist, but I think it would be interesting to test a Romney-Paul ticket in Nevada, especially considering the high profile Paulist takeover of the state GOP there. Also, I'll be interested to see Romney-Sandoval, even though there's no way Romney can run with a fellow (ex-?)pro-choice Republican.

Jim Mullen

Should gays pay less taxes for having fewer rights?


NC - Hagan approve/disapprove and hypothetical '14 matchups


For fun you could try what if Obama chose Bev Purdue as a VP.

has there been a nevada NFL team poll? i may have missed that one.


For Nevada, it would be interesting to see how Mormons are see the race; are there any planning to vote for Obama and why? Also, it would be good to see how Nevadans see the recovery and housing market in the future, especially in the lead-up to November.

Russell F.

Should citizens from other states be allowed to fund political campaigns in [your state] or [locality]?? How about corporations?


Romney/Sandoval obviously. But it would also be interesting to see how popular Sandoval really is by testing 2014 reelection matchups. Two possible Democratic candidates that come to mind would be AG Catherine Cortez-Masto and SoS Ross Miller.


Feelings on same-sex marriage in Nevada. They seem to be moving towards embracing the idea.. especially in the Clark County area.


why NC and not Washington(did they cheat?) or Wisconsin(had highest votes after Nevada)

Morgan Whitacre

Heller v. Berkley in Nevada! Also, could you poll same-sex marriage in Nevada?


Ask about same-sex marriage and Donald Trump favorability, of course.

And I don't think you poll it too much, but maybe a question about the legality of abortion? Don't do it like Gallup does it with 3 response choices with the muirky middle selection, do it like: All legal, Mostly legal, Mostly illegal, All illegal.


Put Gary Johnson and Jill Stien on the ballots!


Please consider asking about the generic legislative and congressional ballot in Nevada. Thank you.


Poll Nevadans about whether they support Obamacare


Can we see a question about Obamacare's popularity in Nevada?


Which candidate do you think can unite the nation more effectively?
Which candidate do you trust to repair our economy?
Which candidate best encompasses your core beliefs?

heidi Smith

How many people want Obamacare in Nevada and how are they registered ?


I'd love to see fav/unfav on Steve Wynn and Shelson Adelson in NV


NC- Presidential preference for those that voted for amendment one.


I would suggest adding a Representative Sue Myrick vs. Sentator Kay Hagan for U.S Senate for 2014, that would be a great match-up!


In Nevada, as long as the NVGOP put up that billboard, how about "Which do you think Mitt Romney is more like, George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan? Which do you think Ron Paul is more like, George W. Bush or Ronald Reagan?" (This is a rather low-seriousness question, but one it would be amusing to get answers on)

Matt D

Ask generic ballot in both states.
Ask if Sandoval, Angle, or Heller running mate would change votes. Ask if Burr or Dole running mate would change votes.


Do you think going back to George W. Bush policies are a good idea?
Do you think a 'what you need to know' president is a good idea going forward?


Include Gary Johnson, Jill Stein and Virgil Goode in the preference polling. The Libertarian, Green and Constitution Parties all got a place in the ballot in the last election, and they're all likely to achieve that again. Plus, this would show the true extent of the third-party candidates' support, rather than an exaggerated amount due to only being the "third name."

Barry R.

I'd like to see polling on gay marriage in Nevada.


I'd love to see gay marriage in Nevada, as well as favorability of Reno vs. Las Vegas.


Trent Hill

In Nevada, the Independent American Party is a third party that makes up something like 3.5% of registrants. Their ballot line is going to Virgil Goode. They also have a US Senate candidate, David Vanderbeek. Including both in polling would give a more accurate measure of the outcome.

J. James Carswell

I woud ask North Carolinians whether former governor and Republica presumptive nominee Mitt Romney's Morman faith will and/or should have an impact on whether or not they will vote for him in November.

Holly Goodhead

NV: District 3 - Heck (R) vs D field.
NV: appointed Heller vs Berkley
NV: Steve Wynn vs Sheldon Adelson (same person really)
NV: Ron Paul vs Romeny vs Obama (but only poll in Clark Co.)
NV: Oscar Goodman vs Brian Sandoval.

Doug tuttle

This should be asked in all polls, ntl especially, but let's start here.

"Do you approve of voter ID efforts being proposed in states across the country?

"Are you in favor of voter ID?"

"Should voters have to show ID when going to the polls?"

"Do you agree with the idea that voter fraud at the polls is prevalent?"

Riley S

In NV, Ross Miller and Catherine Cortez-Masto matchups against Brian Sandoval would be an interesting preview of '14. Generic "do you want Rs or Ds to control the state legislature" would be fun for us who work at that level. Various Romney VP tests would be great (especially with Latino VP choices, given the state's high Latino population). I'd be interested to see Chrisie, Susana Martinez, Marco Rubio, Brian Sandoval, and TPaw.


So many questions - so little space ;-) The obvious questions of course - Do Nevadans Support ObamaCare? Do Nevadans think the Federal Government operating without a budget is acceptable. What is the most important issue which candidates must address in order to get your vote. Is a vote for the lesser of two evils a legitimate vote?

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