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June 05, 2012


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Ryan Thomas

"Pro-equality side??" How can you make such a biased statement and claim to be a fair pollster?

Just because someone believes marriage is between a man and woman does not make them automatically a person who is against equal rights; more liberal delusion.


I wish you had taken my comment (in the MN suggestions thread) into consideration. It would have improved the polling on both constitutional issues.

Under MN law, ballots that do not show a vote on a proposed constitutional amendment are counted as "no" votes. Accordingly, it would have been extremely useful for you to ask whether the respondents intended to cast a vote on the question should they vote in November. Failing that, it would have been useful to ask the undecided respondents whether they intended to cast a vote on the question. Ultimately, this MN rule concerning non-votes is likely to determine the outcome of the marriage amendment.


Awesome thanks for polling the amendment!!

Barry R.

In response to the previous post: If you think PPP is unbalanced, just look at the other reputable polling companies (Pew, Gallup) and you will find the SAME result. This country is moving steadily in favor of gay marriage and PPP is just more valid (fair and balanced as well) proof of that. More and more people are realizing that denying gays and lesbians the right to marry is discrimination. It is not just the "marriage" title. It is all of the rights and recognitions that come along with it. A gay couple is no less worthy of those rights than a straight one. They work hard and pay taxes just like you do. In a few years, the majority of states will be widely in favor of gay marriage. This is the realization that many people from different races, ages and religion are coming to, not just those who suffer from "liberal delusion", as you put it.

Equality Will Come

"Just because someone believes marriage is between a man and woman does not make them automatically a person who is against equal right" ---> Yeah, just like someone who thinks marriage should be between people of the same race isn't against equality, right?!? More right-wing delusion.


1. PPP used the marriage equality advocates' own self-identification. "Pro equality" is therefore entirely appropriate.

2. "Just because someone believes marriage is between a man and woman does not make them automatically a person who is against equal rights."

Yes, it does. They must have the courage of their discriminatory convictions. They are bigots.

Greg D - Mpls

In my phoning for 'Minnesotans United for ALL Families', when I talk with an undecided person, I often say, "really this is a matter between the church and the couple wanting to marry. If the church does not want to marry them, it doesn't have to even now. If we pass this amendment and vote Yes - to amend the constitution - then to me it appears that the State is telling people and churches what to do. This doesn't seem right. Do you agree?" They usually say 'no the State should not tell churches what to do." Then I remind them a Yes vote will amend the constitution allowing the State to tell churches who they cannot marry." So I reconfirm and say, even if you don't want same-sex loving couples to marry, please let's not amend the constitution. A NO vote in Nov means you do not want to amend the constitution. ok?".... they usually agree.. I then say the wording is awkward, so a NO vote means you do NOT want to amend the constitution.
Let's hope more Minnesotans remain fair minded !

Michael Worley

Remember, polls overstate support for gay marriage by 7 points on average. Traditional marriage is still probably slightly ahead.


Can't help but notice that actual voting has yet to reflect polls on this issue. Though polls claim nationwide support for gay marriage, it's failed every time it's on the ballot, the last time by a two to one margin.
This is one issue where I think people lie to pollsters.


If the people of Minnesota wish to amend their constitution, let them vote it in a referendum.


PPP was totally wrong on Wisconsin recall polling. Follow the money....

Greg Q

Did you poll in NC? What were your final results, there? IOW, how far off were you, so we can apply that correction to your polls here?


Ryan, people believing that marriage is between a man and a woman does not make them automatically a person who is against equal rights, BUT seeking to enforce these personal beliefs on other people in manner that LIMITS another person's rights (i.e. to marry a person of the same sex) does qualify as limiting and opposing equal rights for all.

Obama 2012

Nice to see the country is coming around on this issue... and it seems partly because of the President. ... Romney is clearly stuck on the wrong side - if there's any justice it will hurt him this November.

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