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June 19, 2012


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I am baffled as to why you didn't ask something closer to the ballot wording but rather just a generic legal/illegal question? Considering that polling consistently understates opposition to same-sex marriage (your firm included as shown by your recent failure to accurately predict the North Carolina vote), I would say that the marriage question is a toss-up in Washington State. Wouldn't you agree? After all, it was PPP who said that polls on this issue simply cannot be trusted.


Another way to interpret the results in a much more telling way is looking at the question with civil unions included. When you do that, 51% are against "marriage" (either supporting an alternative or rejecting it entirely) and 47% support it.


For the second time, PPP has failed to properly poll the gay marriage question.

Washington has an approved referendum (R74) which will appear on the ballot. When there is a specific referendum on the ballot, PPP should poll on the language of the referendum and not solely poll in its usual format. This is particularly puzzling since PPP did poll on the specific ballot language in NC and most recently in MN.

In MN, PPP commendably polled on both the actual referendum language and on your standard questions. However, in MN the unique twist in the election is that a non-vote on the question counts as a "no" vote. So it was an omission on PPP's part to not poll on respondents' intent to cast a vote on the specific question.

PPP still does the best polling on this issue of any polling organization. However, the quality of your efforts would improve if you could remember to tweak the questions to match the particulars of the state in which you are polling.

Michael Worley

And PPP ignores the historic over stating of support for same-sex marriage again...

Julianne C

PPP is a cheerleader for liberal causes, so of course they push that narrative. I predict the marriage law is defeated; in fact, I almost guarantee it. No state will vote in favor of gay marriage this year, if ever. Its proponents really need to move on and find another issue, with 35 states having shot it down by the end of this year. America clearly does not want it.


Julianne, how about we vote and pass discrimnation against you , lets see how fast you move on from trying to stop it


Okay, Julie, if you want to guarantee it, put your money where your mouth is. You go take out a ten thousand dollar bet (you know, the Republican standard size) on InTrade on that position. We'll check back in November to see how you did.

Julianne C

Lee, Give me a break, you are the ones trying to change the law into something most Americans do not want. Maybe if you had any decent arguments for redefining marriage other than "wah wah discrimination" more people would support your cause. Won't ever happen.


@Michael Worley:

Sorry to disappoint you, but PPP has the best track record of polling on this issue of any polling organization. They call it right, regardless of whether the result will please a "liberal" or a "conservative." They accurately called the ballot measures in CA, ME, and NC.

That having been said, I reiterate my point above that PPP should poll on the actual ballot language, as it did in NC and as it is doing in MN and ME.

Frank Riese

Julianne, you little hypocrite: when people are denied their rights, they fight for them! "Wah wah"? Is that what you call women's fight for suffrage, the end of Segregation in America or ending laws against interracial marriages? You obviously don't care about other people than yourself being denied their rights, so try to put yourself in our shoes and imagine to not be able to marry the one you love. Let's hear you "wah wah" for your rights, you stupid piece of shit.

Frank Riese

Referendum R-74 has been APPROVED! Thank you, Washington! Thank you to everyone who stood in for what is right, who stood in for equality!

Opponents of the measure, watch closely: let us see how none of the lies that have been spread about equality will come into being.

- There will be no religious groups coerced into marrying same-sex couples.
- There will be no change in curricula (I trust whoever wants to will continue lying to their kids).
- There will be no lawsuits (we will take our business where we know it is appreciated).

But there will be one thing: EQUALITY! DOMA IS NEXT!!!

Eric H

I just wished I could see Julianne's face today. I hope she gets over her archaic views and stops hating people and denying their rights. I'm not gay, but I think it's great that our state has made this great step and shows how progressive we are.

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