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June 13, 2012


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It would be great to ask about Referendum 74 in Washington. In Colorado, it might be interesting to look into the Nov 2012 ballot question on legalizing marijuana. Also, the gubernatorial race in Colorado in 2014 and Udall's senate re-election bid.


Ask about Fracking. Activists are working to ban it in multiple cities and towns. Would be nice to have a sense of how Coloradans feel as a whole.


1. both states: same-sex marriage
2. [CO] Michael Bennet job approval
3. [CO] Mark Udall job approval
4. [CO] Hickenlooper job approval
5. [WA] Murray job approval
6. [CO] Tebow favs
7. [WA] marriage equality repeal ballot initiative support/opposition


CO: How favorable is Tebow these days?
WA: How favorable is gay marriage?


Agree with previous poster about Fracking and also....
Are you better off now than four years ago?

Della Dalaney

marijuana legalization both states


I tweeted you an idea to ask re: WA-Gov what would happen if McKenna changed his position on same-sex marriage (he currently opposes it) and since then I've thought it out a little more. It would be good to ask a precise question on R-74 finally. I guess the same goes for I-502, but that's... eh, I'm lazy. Ahem, wonkishness on blast right here:

(All voters) A bipartisan vote of the WA legislature recently legalized same-sex marriages and added protections for religious organizations that refuse to perform/recognize them, but the law was put on hold to be considered by voters through Referendum 74. Would you vote to APPROVE, which allows the law to take effect or REJECT, which would prevent same-sex couples from marrying and would suspend the added religious protections?

(All voters) Did President Obama's announcement of support for same-sex marriage change your position on same-sex marriage? YES or NO?

(Yes, support changed) How much did President Obama's announcement of support for same-sex marriage change your views? Do you now SUPPORT A LOT MORE, SUPPORT A LITTLE MORE, WAS OPPOSED NOW UNDECIDED, WAS SUPPORTIVE NOW UNDECIDED, OPPOSE A LITTLE MORE, OPPOSE A LOT MORE?

(Dem/Ind voters) If GOP gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna announced support for same-sex marriage, would it make you MUCH MORE LIKELY, SOMEWHAT MORE LIKELY, MUCH LESS LIKELY, SOMEWHAT LESS LIKELY to vote for him or make NO DIFFERENCE in your vote for governor?

(GOP/Ind voters) If Dem gubernatorial candidate Jay Inslee announced support for charter schools, would it make you MUCH MORE LIKELY, SOMEWHAT MORE LIKELY, MUCH LESS LIKELY, SOMEWHAT LESS LIKELY to vote for him or make NO DIFFERENCE in your vote for governor?

(All voters) Currently both gubernatorial candidates oppose I-502, legalization of a small amount of marijuana for adults to be sold at state stores then sending revenue to the state. Would changing their position to no position or support for the measure make you MUCH MORE LIKELY, SOMEWHAT MORE LIKELY, MUCH LESS LIKELY, SOMEWHAT LESS LIKELY or make NO DIFFERENCE in your vote for governor?

--- I would only suggest that we get as much precision in the initial R-74 question as we can. As far as the other questions go I'm sure you're inclined to simplify.


Add Gary Johnson when you poll for the presidential race please!


CO: Do you pray as part of your voting decision process?

Benjamin Anderstone

Major Washington measures likely to make the ballot:

1. Referendum 74 (gay marriage)
2. Initiative 502 (marijuana legalization)
3. Initiative 1240 (Charter schools)
4. Initiative 1185 (Two-thirds tax vote)

I'm happy to post ballot text if needed.


It would be great to see numbers on same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization in Colorado. I'd also really love to see generic legislative ballot in Colorado, considering the GOP, which controls the state House, blocked a bunch of bills at the end of the session. Gov. Hickenlooper's job approval rating would be great too.

For Washington, I can't wait to see the gubernatorial numbers and it would be nice if you ask whether voters will vote to approve or reject the bill legalizing same-sex marriage in Referendum 74.

Thanks for taking suggestions!


In Colorado, what was the question that passed Amendment 2, the amendment that got Romer v. Evans? Asking that to see how history changed might be good. or possibly how phrasing a question is potent.

Could do a Miller v. Coors poll....

If doing a Washington cities favorabillity, i'd include vancouver.

Morgan Whitacre

Washington Attorney General's race between Regan Dunn and Bob Ferguson! They had a heated debate the other night, and many expect this to be close.

Colorado: civil unions and same-sex marriage.

Kellen Donohue

WA: R-74, I-502, and the gubernatorial race.


I suggest that you poll the special election in Washington. And then I would also use Jill Stien or Gary Johnson in Washington State's presidential poll. Washington does have a large Libertarian "like" force in voter idenitification when it comes to specific values. I would also suggest polling next Colorado senate seat.


If you need more space for more interesting polling in Washington, just skip the Senate race! It's not even a race!

I'd be more curious about some of the other statewide offices, because it's the first time in ages that several of them are open seats:
Secretary of State (open seat)
Attorney General (open seat)
even Lt Governor (where the same dip**** conserva-Dem Lt Gov finally has a few real challengers from better known moderate Republicans)
Even State Auditor is an open seat.


Justin Leighton


Gay Marriage
Legalization of Pot
2/3rds requirement on raising taxes

Doy ou like mountains?


Big issue in Seattle these days is gun violence. Do we need tighter gun laws?


CO: Amendment 64, regulate marijuana like alcohol,

WA: I-502, marijuana legalization

Both states have marijuana legalization on the ballot, you should ask about both measures.

Noah Reed

Same-sex marriage in both (phrased as Ref-74 in WA,) marijuana legalization in both, approval of new NBA/NHL stadium in Seattle for WA


In CO, check out Hickenlooper's reelection prospects in 2014 and also what people think about him running for President in 2016.


marriage, marijuana, charter schools, gov, senate, and support/oppose port expansion proposals across WA state in order to ship more coal to China.


--2014 Gubernatorial Match-ups
----Hickenlooper vs. Jane Norton
----Hickenlooper vs. Scott Tipton
----Hickenlooper vs. Cory Gardner
----Hickenlooper vs. Tom Tancredo
--2014 US Senate Election
----Udall vs. Jane Norton
----Udall vs. Scott Tipton
----Udall vs. Cory Gardner
----Udall vs. Tom Tancredo

--Redo Patty Murray vs. Dino Rossi



- Frank McNulty approve/disapprove

- State legislature party preference

- Approve/Disapprove of CO Senate

- Approve/Disapprove of CO House of Representatives


- Referendum 74 - Use actual referendum language

- Starbucks and gay marriage - Recently, the coffee company Starbucks announced its support for gay and lesbian couples to have the right to get married. Does this make you more likely to purchase Starbuck's products, less likely, or does it make no difference?

Peter Peirce

Gary Johnson should be included along side Obama and Romney. In order to debate those two in the fall, he has to poll at 15% nationally. I know it's not likely, but he's shown around 6-7% support in all polls he's been in, which is huge when you compare it to past third party candidates. Thank you.


In Colorado -- other states' favorables. California, Utah, New Mexico, maybe throw in Texas. Coffman favorables. Right track/wrong track. Also Udall vs. Norton in 2014.

Washington -- Do you support Rob McKenna's decision to challenge the constitutionality of Obamacare? Christine Gregoire favorables.

vince greco

Colorado CD-6. What are Mike Coffman's odds in the wake of his birther rant?


Please include Gov. Gary Johnson in your polling in both states. Thank you.


Actual ballot titles for WA's I-502 and CO's Amendment 64 (marijuana legalization).

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