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May 03, 2012


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Anon DFLer

Re-do of the 2010 Gov's race, Grassley/Harkin approval, possible 2014 opponents for Harkin


Be interesting to know voter sentiment on the redistricting proposal currently gathering signatures (http://votersfirstohio.com/)

Also be interesting to test if there are lingering effects from the Senate Bill 5 (SB5) fight last year, especially among Republicans with ties to labor.


How do you value public higher education as opposed to private higher education?
1) I value public higher education (colleges or universities)more than private higher education.
2) I value private higher education more than public higher education.
3) I value both equally.
4) I see no value in higher education.
5) I don't know.


For Iowa: favorability of gay marriage, corn subsidies, caucus system, and city of Des Moines. Test a Conlin/Grassley rematch.

For Ohio: how far from the ideological median do voters perceive Treasurer Mandel and Sen. Sherrod Brown to be? Do voters consider themselves Midwesterners or Easterners? Do voters wish they could recall Gov. Kasich? How would Kasich, Sen. Portman, or Speaker Boehner on the ticket affect Romney's head-to-head numbers?


How do you feel marriage equality has impacted Iowa's reputation across the country?
1) I feel that it has had a negative impact on Iowa's reputation.
2) I feel that it has had a positive impact on Iowa's reputation.
3) I feel that it has not had an impact on Iowa's reputation.

Brian Allen

Would it be possible to see the impact on a potential Rob Portman nomination for VP on the Ohio race?


Iowa: Favorability for Mike Gronstal, Iowa Senate Majority Leader.


I would love to see polling for the 2 incumbent showdown in Iowa 3rd district (Boswell vs. Latham) since that should be one of the more interesting house races this November. Also possibly Iowa 4th with Rep. King running against former Iowa first lady Christie Vilsack.


Darn you Mizzou cheaters! I don't cheat and want that state freaking polled! Stop cheating and it will win!!!

Anyhoo, apart from the basics,

In Ohio, where the economy is going to be the only issue in the fall, approve/disapprove of Romney's time at Bain. Guage how deep that issue was absorbed.

Iowa all i care about is the horse race and approvals. Maybe gay marriage. I assume there will be 800 comments telling you to poll that in Iowa anyway. Maybe Vilsack approval?


Strickland vs. Kasich Rematch
Also Poll Rich Cordray vs. Kasich.

Portman for VP. Do people like the idea.

Poll the State Supreme Court race of Yvette McGee Brown(D) vs. Sharon Kennedy (R) (Party not identified on ballot.)

Generic Legislative Ballot.

Do people support making Ohio a right to work state?

Daniel J Ruden

Paul vs Obama in Iowa!!!

Todd Dugdale

A generic 'do over' Congressional ballot question could be illuminating.


Ohio: Seconding the idea to test the redistricting referendum. Also, another group is trying to get a measure to overturn the state's anti-gay marriage amendment on to the ballot for 2013, so maybe test that. Heh, Lee Fischer vs. Rob Portman rematch?

Iowa: Maybe ask people if they know anyone who has been married in a same-sex union in the state of Iowa. Could offer an interesting cross-tab.


Can you poll the 2016 Democratic caucus? I'd like to see if Iowans have any initial feelings about that race. Maybe include Cuomo, Gillibrand, Clinton, Warner, and whoever else you've included in the past. Thanks.


Ask about gay marriage in both states.


I'm with bww...punishing all of the noncheating Missouri voters twice in a row seems unfair...


Generic legislative and congressional ballot for both states.


Since we have been adding Third parties to the ballots for a couple times now, why not add another, maybe have Roseanne Barr on both the Iowa and Ohio presidential polls as the Green Party Candidate. Also I would suggest to add the Ohio Senate Race to the list and since Ron Paul out preformed Mitt Romney in Iowa in a couple of polls lately, maybe we should add Paul vs. Obama to the polls in both Iowa and Ohio.


Ask if voters regret voting for Obama in 2008. Both are rather moderate swing states and last time Obama ran he was running as a uniter. Would be interesting to know if they regret now that they know what he is.

Mark B.

Given the 1-vote majority in the Iowa Senate, polling a generic legislative ballot there would be a good idea.

Barry from PA

Ask about gay marriage


Ask a question about LeBron James favorability, curious if hard feelings have subsided at all.


Congressional races in Iowa. The 3rd and the 4th are obviously the most interesting, but since there are only 4 CDs in the state, you might be able to do all of them. To my mind, this would be far more interesting than anything else in the state besides the Presidential race.


Iowa: Should Grassley run for a seventh term in 2016 or is it someone else's turn?


Vilsack v. King in IA-4


--2014 Gubernatorial Matchups: Branstad vs. Culver; Branstad vs. Braley; Branstad vs. Vilsack
--Branstad, Grassley, Harkin approval ratings
--2014 Senate Matchups: Harkin vs. King; Harkin vs. Branstad

--Portman for VP?
--2014 Gubernatorial Election: Kasich vs. Strickland; Kasich vs. Kucinich; Kasich vs. Brown


Gay marriage or pot legalization ballot issues in Ohio.


Please do an early 2016 poll for the Iowa caucuses.


I know you guys don't want to waste money on a specific congressional poll, so can you just ask the generic ballot question statewide and show the crosstabs by congressional district. It shouldn't be too difficult because Iowa doesn't split counties during redistricting.


Leno vs Letterman

Fallon vs Kimmel

Stewart vs Colbert


Bradley Manning favorable ratings


The 4 congressional races in Iowa are very important this year. IA-4 and IA-3 will be watched closely by the national parties. If you can break down the state to show these numbers, it would be very informative. Thanks !

Alec Ramsmith

In Ohio, poll on voters' approval of the federal government's bailout of the auto industry. Trial runs for the 2014 gubernatorial election against Kaisch, including a rematch against Strickland and against Robert Cordray (and possibly Sherrod Brown and Kucinich). Also, approval ratings for Bohner's performance as speaker of the house.

It looks like Iowa is pretty much covered.


Do you believe appartheid would be a good policy for the United States?


Vilsack v King and Boswell v Latham! Please Please!


Same sex marriage question foe both states?


I'd love to see updated same-sex marriage numbers for Ohio and especially Iowa. I'm curious to see if, as time passes and same-sex marriage has been legalized in Iowa for more than 3 years now, support has increased accordingly. And Ohio could possibly have a constitutional amendment to legalize it next year if proponents collect enough signatures.

Thanks so much!

Chad N

I am so grateful we are finally getting an iowa poll. The race was close as it was, so I'm guess that PPP felt the cheating whatever it was pushed MO over the top. We needed a poll in Iowa FFS.

That being said the next time it comes up I will vote MO. They deserve their chance.

I would love to see a poll in Iowa about whether their exposure to the republican primary made them more likely or less likely to vote for mitt romney.


National questions: Virgil Goode is the Constitution Party's nominee. Much as I hate to take the spotlight from Gary Johnson, who is now officially the Libertarian Party's nominee, Ron Paul endorsed the CP over the LP last time.

Maybe have some fun and do a Protest Vote Poll. There is a fairly large online campaign to write in Aliester Crowley, the dead British occultist. Perhaps do Crowley, Cthulhu, Jesus, Mickey Mouse.

Trent Hill

Same sex marriage question in Iowa, obviously.

Would like to see polling for President include Goode or Johnson--maybe one in one state, the other in the remaining state.

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