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May 31, 2012


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In Minnesota, approval/disapproval of the new Vikings stadium and how Governor Dayton managed the process would be interesting.


Bills v. Klobuchar
Marriage Amendment
Photo ID to Vote Amendment
Right To Work
2013-14 State Budget over/under ($35 billion)
Legalized Gambling


Potential 2014 Senate and Gov races, generic legislative ballot, Photo ID amendment


in MN, that is


Chip Cravaack vs. a generic Dem. The Minnesota 8th congressional seat is going to be a huge fight.

Eric Archer

You should ask approval ratings for the Minnesota legislative leaders:

Speaker of the House Kurt Zellers (R)
Senate Majority Leader Dave Senjem (R)
House Minority Leader Paul Thissen (DFL)
Senate Minority Leader Tom Bakk (DFL)

Both Bakk and Thissen ran for Governor in 2010 and could be potential future statewide candidates. Zellers has been mentioned as an opponent to Dayton in 2014 but he kind of stepped in it this past session.


Statewide name recognition and approval for Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak.


If you are doing city favorability in Florida I would love to see St. Augustine included, although I understand that it might not be large enough to qualify as a city. Key West definitely should be included though.

Also in FL, ask about the voter registration list purges, in terms of level of concern: very, somewhat, not at all, unsure.

Dennis Kalob



For Florida, think of some type of question related to the cannibal attacker.


Approvals for Amy Klobuchar, Al Franken, Mark Dayton, Michele Bachmann, & Collin Peterson.

Mark B.

MN: generic legislative ballot, please!


VP matchup in Minnesota with Pawlenty, VP matchup in Florida with Rubio.

Ryan budget favorability in Florida. That's going to be huge in November.


In Florida, do you approve or disapprove of Gov. Scott's voter purge effort?


Hernandez v. McCollum in CD4
Fields v. Ellison in CD5


Add Tim Pawlenty to Romney's ticket in Minnesota and in Florida add Rubio or Jeb Bush. Add Roseanne Barr and Gary Johnson in MN and FL, especially Minnesota which is what is considered a "rebel" state that has very differing political make-up, add Barr to Florida too because there could be another spoiler for the Democratic party!
Also do a U.S. senate poll for Al Franken vs. Michele Bachmann and other opponents. He one a squeaker of a Senate Race in 2008 and he might again in 2014!


Approval ratings for Dwight Howard in FL


Florida: Are you ready for hurricane season?


I see you are polling gay marriage in Minnesota. I'd like to ask if you can use the question that will appear on the ballot please.

"Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to provide that only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Minnesota?"


Also, can you possibly add an option on whether or not the voter will skip the question please?

Thank you in advance.


On the marriage amendment:

In MN, ballots that have no vote on the amendment are counted as votes against the amendment. This "non-vote" factor may be decisive to the outcome. It is perhaps the first time in a marriage referendum that this has been the case. Polling to date has not attempted to capture the extent to which voters may simply opt out of the question.

So I would read the full text of the amendment and *first* ask whether the respondents intend to cast a vote on the amendment or not cast a vote on the amendment if they vote in November. Then I would ask whether they support or oppose.

I think you have to do it in this order; if you ask first for a position, you will prejudice the responses as to whether they intend to cast a vote.

Nathan Dally

legalizing alcohol sales (in retail locations) on Sundays in MN.


- Same-sex marriage on both (marriage amendment in Minnesota)

- For Florida, latest public opinion on Zimmerman

- Congressional generic ballot

Thanks for the chance to give input!

Tony Petrangelo

For MN, you should also poll the Photo Voter ID Amendment that will be on Novembers ballot.


In Minnesota:

-The 1st Congressional District could also be close. Match up Congressman Walz vs. Parry and Quist.
-Marriage Amendment and Voter ID Amendment.
-How would Pawlenty as Veep candidate help Romney?
- Approval and generic party preference for state legislature.


Maybe ask about Tea Party movement favourability in Florida. Also, same-sex marriage in both states.


Include Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party), Virgil Goode (Constitution Party), and Jill Stein (Green Party) all together in both states for the presidential race.


in minnesota:
michelle bachmann's approval ratings and wether or not they think she should run again

in florida:
opinion on stand your ground law

thanks for the oppritunity guys!


Instead of Roseanne Barr, use Jill Stein for the Green Party in Minnesota and Florida!!! Since the Green Party seems to want to pick her for election, see what it does if it is Obama vs. Romney vs. Stein!!!


You should ask the respondents if they are gay, lesbian, or bisexual and if they have close friends, family members, or colleagues that are gay, lesbian, or bisexual in both states

Barry R.

I'd love to see polling on gay marriage in Florida.

Craig Berrington

Can you start asking participants (in all of your polls) who they voted for in the 2008 race?

Mark B.

It would be great to see Gov. Johnson tested again!

Dovie E.

Mack, LeMieux, Weldon, etc. general polling, plus head-to-head polling

Gary Johnson in both States

Democrat/Republican 2016 presidential primary

Dovie E.

Preferred Senate candidate (both parties) among those not running

James J.

Opinion on the Paul Ryan Budget. Congressional Race in 3rd CD. Favorable/Unfavorable of Erik Paulsen in US House (MN03).


Florida: Gov. approval rating, and views on marriage rights for same-sex couples in Florida

Morgan Whitacre

Please poll about the marriage amendment using the language:

"Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to provide that only a union of one man and one woman shall be valid or recognized as a marriage in Minnesota?"


Also, could you please poll the Photo Voter ID Amendment?



Trent Hill

Would like to see approval/disapproval ratings for or voter identification with the Independence Party of Minnesota.

Also, include Johnson or Goode in Florida and Minnesota presidential polling. We've had plenty with Johnson--lets see how Goode polls away from Virginia.

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