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May 16, 2012


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For/against fracking? Energy issues in general, especially broken out by demographic/location would be really interesting.


As usual the first question in both should be on gay marriage. It would also be interesting to know the generic congressional ballot in both states.


In Arizona I would ask about favorability of governor and senators. Also ask favorability of SB1070


Gabrielle Giffords’ seat is sought by a virulent Tea Party know-nothing named Jesse Kelly. What are the odds of him winning Congr Dist 8?


As a followup to the gay marriage question, should the decision to allow gay marriages be left to the states or should there be a federal amendment disallowing gay marriage?

Claudia Jones

In Arizonia, I would ask about immigration & Planned Parenthood.
In PA, I would ask, who they would want to 'have a beer with' in other words, invite in their homes, for the next four years. (I can't imagine it would be Romney)


I only care about house race stuff there. I really just want to support missouri and minnesota for next week.


Ask about Bain Capital, at least in Ohio, and see how it ties in with Romney's favorability numbers

Barry from PA

I'd love to see the support levels for gay marriage in both states. Also, please ask about the fracking issue in PA.


Support for the Ryan Medicare plan (with requisite explanation)

Support for divided versus unified national government

Alec Ramsmith

Pennsylvania: How would it effect Romney's chances in Pennsylvania if he had either Sen. Toomey or Governor Corbett as his Vice Presidential Nominee?

Arizona: Do you think Arizona will be a battleground state in the 2012 presidential election? Do you approve of SB 1070 (Arizona's controversial immigration bill)? What party to you trust more to handle women's reproductive rights, democrats or republicans?


Definitely include Gary Johnson in both polls... he might do very well in Arizona because he was governor of a neighboring state.

In Pennsylvania... include both Johnson and Virgil Goode.

Goode's running mate, Jim Clymer is from PA and has run for statewide office in Pennsylvania numerous times, capturing 13% in a race for Lt. Governor and also running for U.S. Senate and local offices.... and Goode was a Congressman from neighboring Virginia.

Would also be interesting to see a 4-way race with Obama, Romney, Johnson and Goode... all 4 will be on the ballot in November. How do Goode and Johnson interact... do both poll 3% or does one significantly outdraw another?

Rich Wilkins

Corbett's approval would be interesting in PA. His approval and disapproval seems low in most polls, and I wonder if people just don't know him. I also think the PA AG race may be more interesting than the Senate one.


I would add favorability of both Governors, and add Senator Pat Toomey to the Romney ticket in PA and see how much the dynamics change. I would also recommend asking people in PA whether they support the Pirates or the Phillies!


Do voters blame Obamacare for their rising insurance premiums?

Pennsylvania: Will the new voter ID law protect against fraud? Should a constitutional amendment be added to define marriage as being between a man and a woman?


For both states, a generic legislative ballot would be good to see if the GOP's controversial legislation is producing an electoral backlash. Also favorables for the major cities would be good especially Philly: worth seeing if most in the state have a similar view of it as Michigan does of Detroit and a lot of other states seem to have for their big cities.

A similar question as you asked in North Carolina about whether their states are swing states would be fun too (especially for Arizona).


Support for the Ryan Medicare plan

Steve Newton

I'd like to see both Johnson and Goode in the PA poll. When there is one third-party candidate mentioned it often seems like the support he gets might be only a surrogate number for the "undecideds" looking for anybody else. If Johnson and Goode were included in a four-way consideration, I suspect that effect would disappear.


I'd be interested in both (or nationally) to get real data on perceptions versus reality - "Do you believe that there are more cases of people voting illegally, being prevented from voting legally, or are the two about equal?" The total number of actual verified (that is, the ones that were investigated and found to have a factual basis) voting fraud cases nationwide in the last ten years is under twenty (by the Republican National Lawyers' Association's own research - http://www.alternet.org/news/153435/republican_lawyers_group%27s_own_study_undercuts_vote_fraud_claims), while the number of cases of American citizens being denied their voting rights was in the thousands in Ohio in 2004 alone, but it'll be very interesting to see the partisan splits on that...


SB1070 broken down by racial groups in AZ

Definitely fracking in PA

B. Weber

Ask about gay marriage in both states

Mike Branom

In AZ, Steve Nash's popularity/approval. Also, if Nash leaves as a free agent, will Suns fans follow the team any less.

Also, the Coyotes' popularity. Would be interesting to know whether the playoff run is making a dent in the locals' collective consciousness.


Curious to see a cross-tab on Latinos who identify as Independent or non-partisan. In the 2008 election, this group performed at a rate of 20% lower than partisan voters.

Dennis Van Langen

Given a choice of one, which bill would you like to see Congress pass -- a comprehensive jobs bill or a balanced budget amendment?


The planned anti-Obama SuperPAC ads about Reverend Wright and race (highlighted in today's NYT) and potential impact on PA blue collar voters. Is race-baiting vis-a-vis Reverend Wright something that could drag down POTUS PA numbers or is it old news that will have a marginal polling impact?

Matt D

Generic ballot in both states.
Ask whether a Romney running mate of Brewer would change any votes.
Favorability of SB1070.
Poll PA Attorney General race.
Corbett and Toomey favorability.

Dale Sheldon-Hess

PA: A question about the new voter id law.

Trent Hill

Definitely want to see Virgil Goode polled in Pennsylvania. His runningmate has name recognition there.

Also would like to see Johnson polling in Arizona and popularity of Minutemen polled in Arizona.


I think same-sex marriage would be a good thing to poll in both states. In Pennsylvania Should a constitutional amendment be added to define marriage as being between a man and a woman? I also would like the favorability of the Tom Corbett and Toomey. If Bob Casey Jr. came out in support of same-sex marriage would you still support him in the upcoming election.

Brian F

Arizona - question whehter Obama shuld even be on the ballot -

Secretary of State Ken Bennett now says he’s not convinced Barack Obama was really born in the United States and so he is threatening to keep the president off the ballot in November.
see http://tpmmuckraker.talkingpointsmemo.com/2012/05/arizona_ken_bennett_obama_birth_certificate_birther.php

Arnold Roth

Does PPP still do National Polls of Presidential Race?

Susan G

Favorability of Governor and Governor's proposed budget (education is in the news daily). Do you think the Governor's drastic cuts are helpig the economic situation or just pushing costs (and tax increases) to local governments?

Susan G

And that would be for Pennsylvania. : )

Monster Beats Headphones

In AZ, Steve Nash's popularity/approval. Also, if Nash leaves as a free agent, will Suns fans follow the team any less.

Also, the Coyotes' popularity. Would be interesting to know whether the playoff run is making a dent in the locals' collective consciousness

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