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April 17, 2012


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Obama 2012

I'd love to see Hillary Clinton vs. Jeb Bush... Clinton beats Bush again! (24 years after Bill beat George Sr. in 1992)


Is this registered voters or likely voters?

Jean Hodges

I want to vote for Hillary, too! I've always loved her!


PPP Polls why don't you include Sarah Palin as a choice yet you include. Three guys that will each be 10 Years removed from the last office they held with Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, and Jeb Bush. I bet all three don't run. I guarantee there is a better chance Sarah Palin runs than Huckabee, Bush, and Santorum. Palin beats Christie in really polls done on Fox News.com and Hotair. She will run. There is no logic including three guys that won't and not including somebody that probably and has said she was open to running when she told in CNN. Palin and Christie are the Front Runners for 2012.

Austin Bodger

I find it hilariously ironic that Obama 2012 is rooting for Clinton! Haha what happened to your beloved V.P.

Obama 2012

CoolChange80 - Palin didn't run this year so when in the heck would she run in 2016?

And to your point: Palin would have quit her job as Governor of Alaska quite some time ago by 2016...


PPP you didn't include Palin in the 2016 yet you include Huckabee. Huckabee hasn't won an election in 10 years, same with Jeb Bush. Quinnipiac did a Poll and had the Top 3 if a Brokered Convention Happened Christie, Palin, and Jeb. Palin runs in 2016. Santorum is finished. Rubio and Paul are up for re-election in 2016. I think they are unlikely to run in 2016. It is Palin, Christie, and if he survives the recall Walker. No way Palin passes up 2016. Redo the Poll without Huckabee and Santorum and include Palin and Walker.


Palin is a has been. What other governor do you know who quit their governorship midterm, only to then get a reality show. She could of ran in 2012, but she is more concerned with the $$$ than anything else.


@CoolChange80 possibly because PPP isn't on crack? If there were to be a year for Palin to leverage her waning star power for a presidential election, it would be 2012. After that, unless her primary opponents are Charles Manson and a sack of moldy potatoes, the pearl will have lost its lustre, and even frothing-at-the-mouth, starburst-seeing yahoos who have helped her to continue to avoid reentering the real world will have moved on to the next shiny new thing.


Elizabeth Warren v. Chris Christie



hillary's poll numbers reflect 'name recognition' and nothing more. When scrutiny is applied to her light resume and she has a real person to run against that 'inevitability' starts to decay. What other candidate could blow the same 'inevitability' she had in 2008 and so horribly mismanage a campaign that was amply funded against a neophyte called obama? Sorry, but no cigar.


God save us from another Clinton in the white house

Obama 2012

Perplexed - Disagree. Her resume isn't so light now that she's been Secretary of State. And yes she lost to Obama, but Obama is one of the best politicians of the modern era. She will not be going up against anyone of his caliber in 2016.


first its amazing how your 2016 poll had no people of color on it, secondly hillary ain't running, biden probably won't either, warren isn't even in office yet and you've got her runnign for president, plus i don't see her as commander and chief of the military, next cuomo is highly afraid of cameras and i doubt liberal primary voters would vote for someone how took money from the koch brothers and is pro-fracking, next warner is to blue dog for the primaries, and schweitzer may not be able to win his own state in a general election.

feingold is like santorum, he lost his last election, o'malley is ok but he's is the former mayor of a very depressed city in baltimore, md. and he didn't make it any better.

your nominee is deval patrick, he is the governor of MA, a proven liberal, a close friend of the president, he can win iowa being that he is from chicago, he can win NH no doubt as well as south carolina in the primaries.

deval patrick is your nominee hell he is already visiting the early 2016 states see http://palmettopublicrecord.org/2012/03/23/two-possible-2016-presidential-contenders-coming-to-sc/

obama '12


More Dems need to look at Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley who crushed incumbent Republican governor Robert Ehrlich in 2006 and demolished him again in 2010. Maryland has ranked number 1 for its public school system for four years in a row and rates high in protection of the natural environment. O'Malley's support of Smart Growth and other progressive causes, his natural eloquence, and devotion to Celtic Rock could well ignite a national following.

Check out: http://www.omalleysmarch.com/


MDDEM, I sincerely hope you're joking. O'Malley is a joke in this state among anyone with common sense. What you call eloquence we call 'smarmy and elitist'. How many counties have banded together to fight Smart Growth now, 10? 11? Maryland may have a top-rated school system, but we're down in the lowest ranks for being business friendly, and we have some of the highest taxes in the country. AARP just told seniors don't plan to retire in Maryland - move to DE or PA, where your retirement funds aren't taxed. O'Malley's primary reason for keeping office isn't his eloquence and brains, it's a bunch of liberals in the DC bedroom counties that eat up anything he says. Only 6 counties went Democrat this election, out of 24. But the DC libs have the volume, so they get to pick the tune... even if it is Leprechaun Rock.


"And yes she lost to Obama, but Obama is one of the best politicians of the modern era. She will not be going up against anyone of his caliber in 2016."

Yes, she will. Chris Christie is a powerhouse that can leach huge numbers of Democratic votes from right under Hilary. He is no Obama, but Obama is no Chris Christie either. They are both brilliant politicians in their own way.

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