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April 10, 2012


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Did you poll the favorability of Lindsey Vonn in Colorado as I've suggested?

Todd Dugdale

If every Republican in the State "rallied" to Romney after the RNC, it would only add 6.3% to Romney's side of the margin (.35 x .18).

If every undecided Independent went for Romney, it would add 3.6% to the general election margin in Romney's favour (.30 x .12).

This, of course, assumes that Romney's "favourables" don't go down further once the Republican "brand" is tied to him post-Convention.

There aren't enough undecided voters for Romney to get above water on his favourables nor his general election margin.


Why do most pollsters use Registered Voters rather than the more accurate group of Likely Voters? Everyone knows that Democrats register more voters, but Republicans get better turnout rates. Seems like taking the easy route and not screening more thoroughly introduces inaccuracies into your polls. Look at the national polls: it's as if pollsters using likely voters are seeing a much different (and closer) race than those using registered voters.


When can we see a Georgia poll? I'd like to see if Obama has a chance of winning it in 2012. He lost by only 5% in 2008.

Obama 2012

Agreed with Bob - Georgia seems like a red 2008 state that Obama has a shot to pick up (if he wins by a healthy margin...)

Dino Velvet

"Did you poll the favorability of Lindsey Vonn in Colorado as I've suggested?"

I'd sure like to poll Lindsey Vonn


Romney just finished the primary and people that regard themselves independant is at record highs. Lets wait and see how things are going to be going forward. It is pretty simple choice more government with Obama less (hopefully with Romney.

Lets look at recent events.
1) The war on woman (failed)
2) Romneys dog ( are u serious)
3) The Ryan Plan (its a lot to ask the government to balance the budget in 30yrs and by the way congress hasnt passed a budget since Obama Started)
4) Immigration Arizona law upheld. Yet another flop for ths constitional professor.
5) Educational Loans (please refer to NO WE CANT) Jon Stossel. The government like fanie and freddie has greated a bubble in education. 600 Universities host climbing walls in their rec centers. How about selling those and reduce tuition.

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