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April 19, 2012


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Matt D

So essentially, all Christie would do is consolidate the GOP vote, which was likely to happen anyway?


No Condi?

Bob in Boston

Interesting how you wait until the very last sentence to point out that Ron Paul does just as good as Romney. At least Romney ties Ron Paul in your poll - in Rasmussen Dr Paul beats both Romney and Obama. Based on the rate Ron Paul is winning delegates, that should have been your first sentence! Romney has been getting killed in recent delegate contests but the media keeps insisting he's winning and ignoring Dr Paul who's pulling crowds 5-7x as big as Romney to his rallys.


Pretty bizarre. All polling firms now show that Obama does better in swing states than nationally. True of polling from PPP, Quinnipac, Gallup and Rasmussen among others! This means he is either winning blue states such as MA and IL by smaller margins, say 15% instead of 25% or Romney is winning states such as Texas and Utah by over 70%!


Ron Paul is the only intelligent choice.
With Romney, you get 4 more years of Obama.
Stop doing the exact same thing over and over expecting different results.
The R3volution will not be on the MSM.


It seems counterintuitive that Ron Paul hurts Romney as VP choice. Romney is Romney, and inevitably the same people are going to vote for him. You add Ron Paul to the mix, and you would assume a certain segment would at least partially gravitate to the ticket (young, independents, anti-war, libertarians). Take for instance myself - I might have voted for Romney (perish the thought!) if he chose Ron Paul. So what am I missing?


"Registered voters".

I wonder how much of a difference that makes, and to whose advantage, compared to people (likely voters) that actually vote?

Ryon Wallace

"...as GOP voters have unified around him."
This is false. Why can't Romney draw large crowds? Because he is completely uninspiring, untrustworthy, and virtually analogous to Obama. *McCain* produced more enthusiasm. And that is what tips the scales when the average American weighs the options of either 1.) Watching Dancing with the Stars on their couch or 2.) Heading to the voting booth. Enthusiasm.

If the GOP is serious about beating Obama, Ron Paul is the only choice.


Christie is a day or a year way from a massive heart attack.


PPP Polls like NBC-MSNBC should be printed on toilet tissue so we could make good use of them !!!

Joel Davis

Ron Paul -- I love this guy! He's changed the way I view politics. For the first time ever I have a voice in the government. No matter what happens in the short term, I'll be taking Ron Paul's ideas with me for the rest of my life.

Obama 2012

The Ron Paul people are still beating that dead horse, eh? Amazing. It's over people! If Ron Paul wants to remain in the conversation he has to run as an independent, otherwise he's done.


It's interesting that Obama seems to be doing better in swing state polling now than national polling. This is true even with right wing pollsters (for example see the Fox News poll with Obama up by 4 in Ohio - same as his 2008 margin.)

Obviously if Obama wins Florida & Ohio this thing is over, there's no way the GOP can win without those states... yet the national numbers are too close for comfort.

It's an interesting dynamic.

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