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April 17, 2012


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Chris Ar

Obama will lose Florida by 2-3 percentage points. He's not doing well here. Nice try.


More BS from the MSM until Nov.............

Rory Oldham

A couple of simple and important questions. Does this poll represent the actual registered voters percentages of R/I/D in the state of Florida? Are your samples weighted on current population breakdowns?


Very welcome news in the midst of these national polls showing Romney bouncing--if Obama holds Florida it's game, set, match!

A Facebook User

Marco Rubio is NOT eligible to be on the ticket for POTUS. He is NOT a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN as required by the Constitution. One of the requirements of NBC is BOTH PARENTS MUST BE U.S. CITIZENS AT BIRTH. That requirement has been affirmed unanimously by the Supreme Court in Minor v. Happersett.

Of course that would prove that Little Barry the Usurper is likewise Constitutionally INELIGIBLE to be POTUS. But Rubio and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal are Republicans, so they don't get the free pass that secular progressive Democrats / Marxist communists like Obama get.


Not with this Floridian he isn't.


I would hope that polling firms will follow PPP example and poll only swing states. I am pretty convinced that the Gallup and Rasmussen trackers are not accurate at all and neither is the CNN/ORC national polling. Polls for each of the swing states will give us an excellent picture of where the election stands right now.

Obama 2012

I'm curious what you guys have to say about Gallup's tracking poll? (which today has Romney up by 5 nationally... while CNN had Obama up by 9!) ... obviously I'm not pleased with the Gallup numbers... I would like to hear an argument for why they are wrong... fmaklsfjaldk

Todd Dugdale

The decrease in percentages of undecided voters, along with the increases in Obama's margins, are illuminating.

In December, 10% of white RV were undecided. Now it's 4%, and Romney hasn't seen any benefit at all from this drop. Obama's gained six points with whites, while Romney's stayed the same. The GOP's barely winning white voters at 53%.

In December, 7% of 65+ aged RV were undecided. Now it's 4%, and Romney's dropped four while Obama gained six. Romney's only winning 50% of seniors.

In December, 12% of women RV were undecided. Now it's 6%, and Obama has gained seven while Romney stayed the same. Obama is winning female voters by 16 points, while Romney is only leading with men by 10. That ten-point lead with men is where Romney was back in December.

Bear in mind this poll was in the field during "Rosengate", and after Santorum dropped out. We aren't seeing any "rallying" to Romney here, nor any drop among female voters.

For a candidate relying on undecided voters to break for him, Romney seems to be failing in that regard.

Undecided Republicans are only 1.2% of the RV electorate here. If every single one rallies to Romney's, it would just be a blip in the Big Picture.

Diana Walter

I don't remember getting a call for this poll. I just cannot imagine Romney *NOT* winning Florida.

Legal Insurrection

Is this a poll of likely voters or registered voters?

Austin Bodger

Obama 2012 the reason there is a big disparity between Gallup and CNN, is that Gallup is a reliable and respectable source, while CNN is obviously biased, and has contorted the demographics

Obama 2012

Diana Walter - You may be surprised to find out: You are not the only person in Florida.

A Facebook User - Random caps = crazy person. Time after time I see this with right wingers. Very interesting.


"Obama will lose Florida by 2-3 percentage points. He's not doing well here. Nice try."

Oh really?



It is weighted for Democrats. They are slanted anywhere from 7 to 10 points.
Nice try, PPP Democrat Pollster, but NOt buying it when you slant this much for Obama. And PPP is fully aware that democrat identity voter is down and republican is way up, adding even more bias to the PPP aka Obama poll.


How many times does it have to be explained to people that being a natural born citizen only requires that that person is born here. Not their parents, not their great-uncles, just them. That's it. I thought the idiot birther movement was finally over!


Anybody, can you actually back up your slanting accusations?

Marczen Y'cousa

You're wrong Anybody. The states that register voters by party have seen a drop in both party's numbers. More people are becoming independents.


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